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I Panic buy in MEXC a newly listed cryptocurrency at 0.67, but within just 10 minutes of its listing, it dropped to 0.15. I fear I've lost $1000.

Now, I'm left with only $11,000.

I impulsively purchased $1000 worth of a random shitcoin

It took me 6 months to turn $6000 into $20,000, but now, after this fall to $12,000, I've lost $1000 in a worthless coin.

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kek. can't say i'm sad anon. you fucked around and found out

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Sounds like the casino is working as designed.

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Thanks for playing

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put $2,000 in now at the bottom dumbass, buy the dip. then when it goes up you can recoup even quicker.
>Verification not required

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Name of the coin?
Btw anon is a new coin, so just hold

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Surely the best financial advice is to double down on your poor impulsive decisions to invest in pure shit. This anon gets it. Ur so early OP!!

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I usually buy the dip, but this time it's a random shitcoin, and I don't believe it will pump again. I'd need a 5X increase in this shitcoin's value to recover my investment.

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why didnt you just buy apu like we told you ?

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>newly listed on mexc
That's the absolute tippy top for so many tokens man

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I want to avoid others knowing it's a shitcoin. If they buy it and it pumps, I can sell it to try to recoup part of my investment.

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Do you believe APU will have a pump similar to PEPE, 1B and then 2B MC, and is it worth buying today when it's listed on MEXC? Or will APU dump like this shitcoin?

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Tokens always dump when first listed on Mexc. You need to wait it out for a day and buy the dip. Mexc demands tokens in exchange for listing a project and Mexc dumps their tokens first day. Shitty exchange so you need to know how to play their game.

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snipe shitcoins on dexscreener vs cex listings you left curve nigga

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Try a better coin next time, I havent that issues with my AGRS

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MEXC is sht anon

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Sell and get something better

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Same, it gives 10x, so I love it

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apu will flip pepe

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Isn't this where you "slurp the dip"?