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You guys scream and yell about how Twitter has the alpha and this place is just a jeet dump fest. What are some good twitter accounts to follow then HUH?

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everyone seems to be following that negroid gentlemen ansem

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Depends on what ecosystem you want to focus on. If ETH then smaller autistic milady type accounts. If Ordinals smaller autistic bitcoin puppet type accounts. Then you look who they follow and start from there.

Avoid six figure following "trader" ref link shillers.

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what about solana?

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so /biz really is dead?

why are you fuckers doing this to me?

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Solana is way overplayed now, sure you can still make money but it's way too saturated already with countless solana shillers.
The risk reward isn't there anymore with SOL unless you pinpoint some very specific niche early on like the recent boden type shitcoins

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I think solana is still better than base volume wise, but as of right now there is a lot of tx failing with solana so there is that..
what about friend.tech and warpcast?

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Not an expert in absolutely everything, read my first post better focus on one or two ecosystems than 10 things at once. Friendtech was already farmed a fair bit a while ago, haven't kept up with warpcast

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Do you have any initial accs to follow on twitter? I dont use social media much

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it's too late for you

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Look for yourself and find 15-20 interesting accounts in any given ecosystem. Watch their "alpha" closely. After a month you'll have at best 1-2 accounts that consistently post good plays and you can just follow them. A hint, most good accounts barely post plays, like a couple a month. If someone is shilling something different everyday you can instantly discard it as shit

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don't spoonfeed these fags, they don't want to put in the work

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just give the account now bloody bitch bastard

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I tried last summer but you guys were all
I now just come here to dunk on wagecucks

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All twiter acc scks, biz is much better.

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Biz better than X? All shilling shty coins , at least on X AGRS receive the value who deserves

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right... how's the Indian Scam Bonk, Discreet and Link doing? kekaroni

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Don’t group me with those trannies, biz is just exit liq at this point

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Finding alpha sources takes time.

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These accounts are good. Also look at who they're following, retweeting, and liking to add more accounts to your watch list

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The ones I know of are locked and not taking new followers (particularly if you don't have alpha yourself).

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thank you fren
finally some accounts that dont push the same bullshit AI/gaming coins that have already pumped
fuck alex becker and elliotrades btw

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thanks for being the first non faggot ITT and actually answering OP