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You know what’s great about meme coins? They do their own thing and aren’t completely tied to the rest of the market.

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Yeah but has not a real value, is just that.. a meme

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Some coins like MAGA helps veterans... thats a value anon

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Thats a fking lie anon

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Get BTC boys, you need to grow up

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i like to use myself as a market indicator

and i fucking hate the orange coin, and i hate even more altcoins. trying to con me with their "Tech" bullshit like i havent been through 2 cycles already. fuck off

thats why i'm a memecoin maxi

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Your savings aren't safe, cuck behaviour

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Newfag you will be crying blood when you miss the top of whatever shitcoin you're holding. Look at the charts of every 2021 memecoin, they all begin flatlining exactly when the BTC bear market starts.