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I still search $7m/day

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oh yes le stock down man so have to invent som bullshit to pump stocks

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remember when he said people could do that with their model 3, 6 years ago? and he said you'd be stupid not to buy a model 3 because the taxi income would more than offset the price of the car? funny guy

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buy the rumor

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scammer says something

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saw all the articles shitting on elon and tesla the last couple weeks so i bought some shares I wonder if i am actually a genius

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I member when he used to say that we'd go to Mars in 2024...

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people hate EVs. look at the resale value, dropping like a rock, and sales are down a lot. GM is freaking out and bringing back hybrids

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If you ask the robotaxi to go slower it tells you to go fuck yourself.

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I suffer from amaxophobie and I hope I can see the day all cars are autonomous

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>only accepts doge as fare payment
so gonna make it!!!

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Why did he choose 8/8?

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I work with local Ford dealership and they say all their EVs are selling like shit. Hybrid is the way to go unless we get the infrastructure for mass EV adoption

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Elon musk, snl, doge.
>never forget, never forgive
If i ever catch that autistic faggot on the streets imma wedgie him in front of his wife

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last i saw ford was offering a $15,000 rebate on the ford lighting, which is funny because when it launched that's how much dealers were scalping them for

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Elon predictions are worth nothing.

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Resale value SHOULD be tanking when Tesla is cutting the price every other week. Elon is a retard

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farming "muh dogwhistle" outrage

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I stoped pay attention to what tesla stocks do since I started doing 50x on eesee lmao, fuck shares and fuck stocks, crypto is the new meta

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>uber but more expensive and more likely to kill you
>but doesn't need a tip and won't rape you when drunk
WOmen love it!

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Teslas are popular in rich areas like the DC metro. Lots of charging stations there.

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Self driving cars suck balls and don't work.

t. San Franciscan

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honestly, we should take any rumor or thing that comes out of Elon's mouth with a grain of salt
plus that shit is from a news source that i never heard about
it might have the golden check-mark but that doesn't really mean shit at this point.

well, meanwhile i'll just head out and continue trading with dextools and such. i'll keep focusing on memecoins and other small coins

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Elon cope announcement #69420.
How's Hyperloop going?
FSD was supposed to be ready years ago.
How about them rockets?

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petrol doesn't cost money. you just have to claim the petrol and say it was work related travel.

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why is jupiter coin tweeting info like that?

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sorry i mean orca coin

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they already have that in san francisco