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Is going long on old magic cards big brained right now? They seem to be lagging the bullrun, but always seem to pump with crypto hype

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>They seem to be lagging the bullrun
They went full tranny and anti consumer. Alot of players and stores are done with their bullshit and have been dumping their bags. If you like Magic then I guess go for it but from a pure investment view you're probably best staying away.

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Pokemon is still a better option for the collector.
Magic is for egotistical nerds and trannies.

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didn't everyone quit over ai art and the prices tanked hard

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Isn't this the card game with the black Aragorn? It's doomed to die bro. Appealing to the black and trans community is when you are about to be forgotten and need that last pump of fuel.

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Gem mint waifu Japan Pokemon cards that you think look good. Also gem mint alt art English cards of umbreon, Lugia etc is the way to go. Plenty of 10x potential. Moonbreon PSA 10 will sell for 5k+++ once crypto guys have sold high

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I have a large amount of pokemon, magic, yugioh, FAB, Weiss, Sorcery, Metazoo(rip) sealed. I don't invest in singles

Magic 30 did a lot of damage to the vintage market and the subsequent overprinting of all modern magic sets. I don't have alpha beta shit but it begs the question will the younger generation care about vintage magic?

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What are the kids obsessed with today that will be worth mucho dollars in 20 years?

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Judging from the current tcg market, Pokémon is at the top for me

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are random common magic cards from the early 00s worth anything or is it trash? and used rather than mint condition

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>Pokemon is still a better option for the collector.
>Magic is for egotistical nerds and trannies.

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I hope it's a gud investment. I lived beside a comic book store as a kid. I bought a bunch of card packs in the early 2000s and just put them away. I still need to get muh boosters graded.

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unironically pokemon. every gen x parent I've talked to has kids that very much into pokemon cards, and they're of varying ages (4-15). they haven't even played the games (!). they just seem to like it for any reason you can think of (the art, the collecting, the availability, it's just popular in school, etc). I learned this more recently - years after building my sealed jp pokemon booster box portfolio and hobby business. fuck I love pokemon bros

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Magics the first though, most historical value in my eyes. I can at least cope when I buy Alpha cards that I’m buying a piece of history

Buy when it’s low though ya know?

Nice collection bro, I’m jelly

Yeah my nephew loves Pokémon, I’ll buy him Pokémon only if he plays magic with me though to turn it around

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>I’ll buy him Pokémon only if he plays magic with me though to turn it around
why not nurture the thing he currently loves and make the most out of it now? let him pursue pokemon until he gets bored of it and moves on. didn't you hate it when adults restricted you as a kid for made up reasons? yea, they remember that

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Zekrom full art PSA 10. They love Pokémon black

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who /fusionstrike/ here?

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Because I want to play magic not Pokémon. I’m not buying him free cards every week so he can get spoiled, he will be earning his cards by feeding my obsession

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No. i wouldn't go long on vintage MTG at this time. Consider the cycles of nostalgia - vintage MTG has peaked. While WOTC/Hasbro is actually making record breaking money on MtG products (all you fags crying about wokeism shit and secret lair can stfu, look at sales) currently, the competitive side of MTG has shifted a lot to commander. Not many people playing Modern or Legacy. I would consider investing in sealed product that supports competitive commander.

Only thing i would buy in TCG's right now - sealed Pokemon (ESPECIALLY Japanese 151) and Sorcery Alpha/Beta sealed.Those two are about the best chance of substantial appreciation. Also, would recommend scooping the sw/sh era hits in PSA 10 now.

One Piece speculation bubble going strong. I would worry about longevity though. Still lots of money to be made here.

V nice collection

Love sealed Japanese product

I'd rather just buy BTC but i understand, i love TCGs. Also, RIP Metazoo - honestly my fav TCG the past few years.

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I have a case and some other stuff

When this shit came out it tanked to like $80-$90, everyone said it was dog shit, pull rates trash etc

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>while WOTC is making record profits, vintage has topped
I think any interest is good interest for vintage though, is my thinking. Baseball cards are still making new record highs to this very day, people still collect them. If there’s a market for magic there should be a market for vintage, and all this FUD around reprints and M30 seems like a good time to buy

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Yeah, you're probably right. I personally wouldn't go into vintage magic when vintage pokemon is so much more appealing (and relevant with today's youth), your argument has merit and i bet it plays out that way.

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>Because I want to play magic not Pokémon
MtG is nasty. You're probably a tweaker or obese wearing all black clothes every day.

Fix yourself and go play Pokemon with him.

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>Love sealed Japanese product
me too! here's jp 151's aggregated price data from sites preorder prices to today. not sure if you have access to it or not. interpret it however you want, to me it has dipped due to the "reprint" news

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you sound like a tranny

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I’m being honest with him is all and teaching him people will reward you for doing things that please them.

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>ruins the thread by mentioning those creatures
you have to go back

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MTG is being pushed by the jewtube algo with no related search input on my part. Make of that what you will.

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Thanks for sharing, fren. Japanese 151 is about as sure of a bet as it gets. It's 1000% going to be the ES of the SV era.

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Born in 1990. I wanted to get into MTG all my life because my uncle had a bunch of the cards when I was a kid and left them laying around his house, always loved the art but the game was too complex for me at that age and pokemon was made for kids and popular so I would get those instead obviously.

Had a few opportunities to get into MTG throughout my life, one group of friends from another school played it in high school but we always did other stuff like played vidya or hung out outside together.

College roommates started playing together the year after I moved out, I would go back to visit and chill with them and they all had card collections, played my first game with them at age 23. Played with a group of work friends with their cards a few years later and really liked the game.

I played some MTG Arena and finally decided to buy some of my own cards during COVID, and I like it, but I only play with my fiance, fuck if I'm going to friday night magic and playing it with weird gender bent freaks. Honestly we could just make proxies and play with them but I also like them as an investment opportunity, and I like the "real thing".

However, problem with that is that modern magic cards just look and feel so much dumber and fruitier and just lame compared to the old stuff. Really wish I would have gotten into it younger. Now WOTC/Hasbro is ruining the game, secondhand market is dogshit. The old cards are cool but fuck if I'm going to buy some boomer's sealed product and be their exit liquidity. I KNOW the old stuff is better but because I only play with my fiance I don't want to spend the money on old product that there will be no demand for except people like me who have very niche MTG journey and desire for old product.

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This game is for trannies, faggots and s0igoys who paint their nails. Invest in something real, like Pokémon.

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That’s almost word for word how I feel too anon. Grew up just a little too young to actually play, but was always super intrigued seeing the cards in displays when I went to game stores young. Tried playing when I was in highschool but no friends wanted to play. Found out my younger brother and his brother in law plays commander last year, so I finally sprung on a precon again and we play whenever we get together these days now.

I do enjoy playing, but mostly I just like the idea of collecting. I’m building up slowly because I like investing in assets more, but have about 5 cards from alpha that are 9/10 beckets, and some random cards from the occasional collectors pack. want to eventually complete the whole alpha set with 9/10’s minimum. I really don’t care that it’s low liquidity, I just like collecting. Of course I know it will probably be a poor investment, but I like the idea of the history and completing a set like that, something older than me.

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I sold all my Pokémon cards for $50 when I was a teen to some Mexican mom. Hope the kid who got those took good care of them, I found an unopened pack of like the second set in the US at a run down hobby store and made a deal with my dad to buy them. Can’t remember what I had to price it these days.

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>I really don’t care that it’s low liquidity, I just like collecting
why not try to build a LP-MP or DMG collection to satisfy that? not sure about the prices for what you're going for, but raw is usually much cheaper. especially in MP-DMG

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the best time to sell any collectible like these is right now

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LOL don't listen to this tard, best time to sell is to wait for a bull market for collectibles. Which won't be for another 2 - 5 yrs

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I like modern MTG how I like modern comics. Rotting unsold in stores' basements to ultimately end up in landfills.

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>a tweaker wearing all black clothes

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Everybody feels like you fren, greedy kikes utterly raped & tainted the license to an unfathomable point.

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>What are the kids obsessed with today that will be worth mucho dollars in 20 years?
they are mostly mutt minorities 2nd/3rd generation mexicans, they seem to be in anime and things that they can buy that single they are "one of the good ones" minorities. Something I've noticed being around them in general im white and we are minority only make up 20% in my city. Anyways they love to pay out the ass for shit they cant afford. They always try to live in a luxury apartment/house, expensive car and luxury products or services. Spending 40-50% on rent, 20-30% on car, dining out, drinking, massively over crowded events, whatever normie mainstream thing is they are doing it. Lie on taxes for huge returns, filing for bankruptcy multiple times, divorce, they have kids but not a lot but more than white people. Ib4 racist, I know a lot of "good ones" but Im talking about them in general. The good ones are dragged down by their poorer family members that constantly need help or they cosign loans with.

> the future is brown and living paycheck to paycheck trying to signal how they are one of the good ones

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This. The psa 10 waifus are the way to go.

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Investing in cardboard? In this economy?

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unironically japanese pokemon booster boxes are the cheapest they've ever been at $30/box with the current exchange rate of 0.0066 usd/jpy. they still cost the same in japan so there's a really nice investment opportunity there atm

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the real play is to make fakes and sell them to soibois. Those cards are laughably easy to replicate, not like they come from some currency printer.

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>While WOTC/Hasbro is actually making record breaking money on MtG products (all you fags crying about wokeism shit and secret lair can stfu, look at sales)

You sound like a disney shill and you'll fail just the same

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Alpha Beta Arabians Antiquities and Legends bought my house (cash, no mortgage), but then they did Magic 30 and knocked 60% off the CE sets I still had left. Luckily I don't "Need" the money from those and they have been just sitting there for 5 years, but it was enraging as they will likely not recover to their pre Magic 30 prices in this decade at least, if ever.
Now I'm effectively out of Magic I will very likely never buy back in, shipping these things is risky, unless you want to pay hefty taxes and insurance (Hint: Nobody insures and nobody declares these, if they get lost it's often a total loss).
I'd much rather go with Crypto or Stocks or some other thing that I just have to click a button, not physically ship.
Plus you have to factor in condition, authenticity (when selling some people demand hi-rez scans and so on, it's just such a fucking hassle.
I raised £200k from my cards in 2020 and by then end of it I never wanted to see a fucking Magic Card again.
So no, I do NOT reccomend unless you want to hold a really long time, like 15 years or so and you accept that getting money out of them will be an absolute ballache.

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My cardboard holdings

Pokémon booster boxes
Tag team x6
Unbroken bonds x12
Cosmic eclipse x12
Brilliant starts x12
Sun and moon base x2
Evolutions x2
Burning shadows x2

Yugioh booster boxes
Magical hero x10
Toon chaos x10
Rage of ra x10
Secret slayer x10

Ultimate masters x4
Modern horizon 1 x4
Commander ledgends collector x4
Modern horizon 2 collector x2

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Are the jap cards different or more lewd?

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Also can someone aware me a little of Pokemon these days from investing? I have about 2000 og cards back when I was a kid and just played my sibling. I don't know anything about the current whats good etc

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Jap cards are much higher quality over all. Just buy some booster packs and compare. Better centered, better holos, better feel to the card over all. Some modern English cards look good though, giratina v 186, umbreon 215, Mewtwo gx 78 all look great irl. Buy PSA 10 so you don't end up with some uncentered crap. Buy once cry once

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Also the reason why Jap waifu cards are expensive + increasing in price is because of Japanese men of course. It's like longing Jap male virginity

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Just look them up on pokedata. Put any holos in penny sleeves + card saver. The TCC thread on /vp knows a lot but are elitist asshole that will never give you a clear answer. Do you remember some of the holos?

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I only have WoTC first Gen pokemon cards, with a few R/S picks sprinkled in between. I've also got a lot of first edition first Gen yugioh cards and a ton of those blue background old school Digimon cards. None of it is graded though and with current grading costs it's not even worth it, I'll probably just hold onto them until I die

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>Is going long on old magic cards big brained right now?
Braindead, the speculative market was bouyed by Mt. Gox which set prices high, now long time fans have accumulated collections at exorbitant prices whilst Hasbro rough rides WoTC into the gravel. So little new money entering or interest by old hands.

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>While WOTC/Hasbro is actually making record breaking money on MtG products
Yeah, it's the rest of the company that's burning dragging down MtG with it.

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I have a $40k yugioh collection but no one ever seems to care about yugioh
>MTG fans: conceited nerds and crusty 45 year old SWEs
>Pokémon fans: soibois and literal children
>Yugioh fans: dudes who you can tell smell bad just by looking at them

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I still have a bunch of mtg cards from back when I played it. They've been sitting in my closet for over 20 years now and I completely forgot about them until seeing this thread. I'm seeing all this association with trannys and mtg. What happened?

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Wizards of the coast got acquired by Hasbro who then chased the DEI investor dragon leading to a grossly overinflated MC, piss poor financials especially liabilities and board inaction. They then started experiencing problems generating a profit, they've always been a heavy dividend yielding company, so they decided to try and monetize their IP's more aggressively (which worked for MtG, going over a billion a year, but has obviously had DEI consultants on the case plus no idea how actually profitable it) which has stuck D&D in limbo (would've been insanely easy to monetize a new 5.5E version post BG3, instead you have D&Done which looks like shit and is kind of hated due to other reasons) and a bunch of toy lines that are 100% losing money on as they had a combined loss of 1.2 billion last year leading to them ditching assets. They keep fuck all money on hand etc etc.

Basically they chased bloat, presumably under DEI directives, and kind of fucked themselves by doing so.

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>how actually profitable it is
If you know the story of how TSR (the original D&D publisher) fucked up it mirrors that fairly well just on a bigger scale. Suits fucked it up.

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Idk man. Just hold them for 40 years.

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Go get the cards and see if you got anything good

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>so little new money entering
Maybe into vintage magic yes, but the money is pouring into new magic with the universes beyond stuff. I think this will ultimately be good for vintage though, more interest means more possible collectors

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I have psa 10 1st ed yugioh packs.
The booster boxes that i invest in are the 2001 harry potter boxes

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I have hundreds of these cards stuffed away in a box. What’s a quick way to check if any of them are worth a damn? Maybe not now but at least I can know which ones to put to the side when/if they go up in value

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Get the app ManaBox, and just search up all your cards. It’s helpful for quickly determining price by set, should only take 10-15 minutes per 100 cards