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Anons, what are your preferable gaming genre? and what do you think would translate perfectly to the world of pay to earn games and nft games?

i've been playing a lot of them lately, grinding at hand or using bots, recently got very into ether orb. BUT i had this thought and now i can't stop thinking about it.
gacha is the first choice, since the mechanics and ways to get shit works the same way: RNG. But that's not a genre itself. So what needs a lot of grinding? RPGS and MMOS, so those would work well. but what about other types? like platformers or shooters, etc?
idk i'm not very creative, what do you guys think?

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rpgs and mmos would be the norm, so thet would be about it, man
i cant imagine anything else with a grindy nature like that

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why not something like wakfu or dofus?

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You just made me unlock memories i didn't know i had holy shit

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WAIT, what about something like ELSWORD?

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how would that even work dude, what would you grind for exactly?

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you would know if you played elsword

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i love hack and slash games, so something like dmc5 but with multiple characters and such would be nice

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isn't there a DMC gacha now called peak of combat if i remember correctly?
i heard it was kinda ass

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Do you think p2e game devs care about making actually enjoyable games anon? You're too fucking naive for your own good

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a fellow sorcerer i see
based idea
i enjoy games i can grind AFK since i barely have time to do anything besides work and shit

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Finally someone asking the real questions

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Something like Tarkov is ideal for an NFT game because each "stage" is like opening a pack of cards. You would pay a fee to drop into the stage. Any NFT items that are collected could go into your wallet. Issuance and gas fees for moving these items could be settled with the fee you paid to play that stage or map. Then you would be able to sell the NFTs for ammo, weapons, armor, etc in a marketplace. Or maybe you could smelt the NFTs for a resource. If it were a crafting game then you could use the material NFTs to make scopes, walls, bullets, whatever. The NFT gaming future is going to be incredible and micropayments will need to be very cheap. Maybe BCH or some other Bitcoin chain would work best and ordinals could be the NFT protocol. Obviously ETH and EVMs would suck ass for any of this.

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A card game. TCG’s are already pay to win largely, a really good game could take off with huge NFT’s. If I wasn’t so lazy and a loser I would have tried to make one already

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>pay to earn

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Gears of War its the perfect shooter pvp game. But you need quality devs, then you can sell good skins

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>perfect shooter pvp game
>slow 7th generation console kiddy 3rd person cover shooter
How old are you? Genuine question.

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Arena fps with weekly tournaments like halo2token.com

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stick a cock in your throat until you die nigger

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Make a game like yotsuba exchage that uses real tokens. Mmo trading sim

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I want an FPS game where you hunt /biz/ chuds. Said /biz/ chuds follow around the sol jeet scammer mini-bosses. An ideal way to gain the upper hand on a jeet boss fight is to lure out the jeet to an area with high /biz/ chud concentration, since the chuds will all run towards the jeet in an attempt to fellate him and distract him. Jannies will be that brutally strong enemy that you cannot defeat in battle but have to constantly evade. They'll always be lurking, occasionally attacking other /biz/ chuds or co-operating with the jeets. About the final boss it should be something with the cabal, but I'm not sure.

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I want a really awesome rpg with monster collecting and battles. something similar to siralim ultimate for team building and stuff.

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my idea better.