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Dave Ramsey is laughing at us again bros...


How do we respond without sounding mad?

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>you disagree with me?
>you live in your mom's basement!
Boomer moment

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Didn't watch because I don't care what Dave thinks but the reality is all boomer financial advice is to be their exit liquidity.

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like this

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Dave is 100% correct. His entire theory to build wealth is making sound investments and not having stupid debt. Why does this board disagree with his advice?

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Southerner accent is awful

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Dave got rich starting a business, not being an employee, and lives a life of luxury by telling dumb, poor "salt of the Earth" people how to get "rich" by living off bread and water, praising Jesus, worshipping their employer and dumping money into their 401k so they can retire when they're 65 and dying of cancer. Dave also feeds people a lie that they can withdraw 8%+ from their retirement every year which is fucking insane, 3-4% is very commonly accepted (Google the videos of him losing his shit about it). He does this because it makes people falsely believe they are more financially free following his advice than they are.

Once you know how to budget and how finance works the amount of money you make is the only thing that matters. Dave will not tell you this because his brainwashed cattle employees cannot learn to leave the hivemind and go out on their own, which is exactly why he's "not broke". Budgets are important, but you cannot free yourself or become rich pinching pennies the rest of your life if you make $30,000 a year with no health insurance.

Dave's whole shtick with debt comes from the fact that he got employed by a family member in some dumpy ass crooked Tennessee bank and was handed irresponsible/illegal amounts of leverage to buy real estate with. He had a huge portfolio but was leveraged out his ass. A real bank (with a proper risk management department) bought his dumbass redneck bank, realized what he was doing, called his loans and he got fucked in the ass. He somehow equates this with taking a loan out on a dependable car with 50% down as if they're the same. They're not.

So why does Dave Ramsey suck? Because he's the worst kind of grifter - there are elements of truth in what he says, but he isn't giving you the whole picture. Dave Ramsey appeals to lazy people who don't want to think about their finances, they want someone yelling at them exactly what to do.