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Somone who can explain this in simple terms as if I was retarded, and why it's apparently a big deal?

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TLDR is Void is deflationary based on time, Circle is deflationary based on trading activity; in addition, they are synergistic with Void being the first of possibly many other projects that are part of the Circle ecosystem.

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Bullish if true

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dunno either, but looks sick

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the only thing that deflates is the price

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you missed statera

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again, tldr

if its not related to $SUPER, or any web3 games, im not paying attention

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Anyone with time in crypto or an above room temp iq should recognize the potential of circle. If void is a synergistic product within the circle ecosystem then I'm picking up some Void and even more circle. Sounds like there is potential or plans for additional products which could further enhance both.

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circle burned like 8% in 40 days while this burned 4% in 4 days or something isn't that too fast and also liquidity is like almost 2 million but market cap is also around there wtf is wrong with it and whats the catch?

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Two words: it's a scam

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I read the whitepaper of both coins and i think void is better and it covers circle's potential issues while having no issue on their own, is a cabal running this how did it have 16 million volume in the first day but now its just so calm? it's gonna go 10x isn't it

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it was made by a circle whale who saw the minor flaws of circle and who was annoyed by the circle dev being lazy in terms of not marketing

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website looks like it was made by a 5th grader

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Somebody already tried this with TRI (triangle) all it does is pay off circle holders. Not even worth buying circle because people that are dumb-smart don't have money. Good luck.

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bullish desu

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Is this only on base?

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its literal gobbledygook

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This should be posted on the website as well as the twitter, it's awesome stuff and easy to follow.

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TRI is nothing more than a, well three pools connected it has nothing going on for it, i think void will surpass circle as circle will never do marketing and will be super manipulated by whales in the liquidity pools whereas void can be independent of circle if necessary and will only slowly accumulate more circle in the void/circle pool perhaps even taking over lmao