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i'm ready to admit it... link = not good investment

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I'm ready to hold for years and buy more if it goes down

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I just bought more

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2 more decades

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LINK purgatory is unpleasant desu

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uh oh stinkies

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Graduated, got a job, got fit, acquired gf. Holding is actually pretty easy when your life doesn't suck. Fuddies should try it.

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done all that yet you're still poor

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not as poor as if he'd held BTC or ETH in that same time period. sounds like he's doing pretty well.

fuddies use this meme like it takes years to grow a beard. telling.

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Not poor at all. Plus I'd rather be poor and happy than poor and unhappy, but that's just me. Seems you fuddies run on pure seethe and butthurt.

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I was there for that get. good times.

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Cope. If you held $400k worth of LINK in 2020, you have $400k in 2024. You could've had $10-20M if you sold for ETH, SOL, AVAX, SHIB, anything else. Coping is not healthy, anon.

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Another one falls to the fudside.... advosisters better step up and do better...
Your shilling attempts are futile... all will eventually turn into fudgods, this is the singularity, the bottomless black hole that turns all your gains into nothing.

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oh god that's depressing

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heh in fact i've held even longer than that

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Your pic related doesn't mean what you think it means.

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I wonder if that Anon realized how many lives he ruined with that post.

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It was, in fact, not worth $1000 eoy

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Pool's closed.

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Its just april retard

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ooh trips of truth wagmi

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It's 2024 fucking dumbass, its been 6 years since that post was made

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Why didn't you make it Michael?
Too poor and retarded?

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Pool's still closed. If you didn't care you wouldn't be here crying about it every day.
I love how he tries to use trips, like it isn't just a paper trail of what a deranged and seething idiot he is lmao.

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Nobody ever thought that LINK was a good investment but it's a great shitcoin to short while I wait for LRDS to go public

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What's wrong advosister... forgot to dilate this morning?

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Why did you swap id Mike the Chink?
Nihao kiddo!

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I regret not buying more last year when it was so low.

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Thatas the point of trolling on 4chan XD

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Holy shit!

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i bought almost all my link from 5-8
its been one of the best investments I've ever made
i had such high conviction that i was willing to spend alot on it..

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pretty much yeah, i don't understand the level of copium linkies need to inhale to believe in this shit like this blindly
and they shit on everything else, like nigga you can call jizzlord whatever you want, it won't make my x5 profit disappear

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Why don’t you ever have an argument? Prove you’re not a bot or pajeet advocate who knows nothing about the token and explain with proof why why the 7 year opportunity cost for a 4% pool of an underperforming token is worth it

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due to aids
always forgetting this little detail, right?

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>But please, the argument saar!
No lol, I don't care about or need to convince anyone of anything. Tormenting brown trash outsiders sent here to spam biz with fud all day trying to get people to unstake / sell is just funny to me.
Pool's closed

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>pools closed
I abuse you bc it’s fun and you deserve it :) just like the price chart abuses you :)

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>cries when told that the pool is full
>"i-i'm abusing you honest, please read my thousandth post crying about link"
pool's full lmao

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You’ll be Chainlink Advocate Employee of the month soon with this pools closed spam hahahahahahahaha

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>copes by claiming that 'pool's full' posts are just me
pool's full mindbroke you so bad that you actually need meds now LMAO
pool's full

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You seem really neurotic

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At the end of the day I know if we met i could kill you with my bare hands and make you beg for mercy as I rape all of your holes with dildo machines. You’re 0 threat to me :) and if you doubt it, let’s meet

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>calls other people neurotic and then proceeds to post about his fuddie revenge fantasies because people just "pool's full" in response to his fud spam and laugh at the tantrums he throws afterwards
pool's full

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hey congrats buddy it only took you about a decade or so of humilliating bagholding and pledging being sidelined to some rnadom russian 5'10 overweight dude. proud of you. hope you didnt post this while still staking all your money for 2 more years in the link piss pool haha. super, bch, ltc, so many coins with infinite potential, would be kind of a waste if you stayed here :)