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You there. What's your occupation?

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crypto 'trader'

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full time neet working overtime

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Overpaid consultant

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I'm a potter, sir

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I can save her

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software dev working on hvac simulation app

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I'm unironically a Walmart Team Lead

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Good. I am legitimately jealous of the NEET life and applaud anyone who actually achieves NEETdom.
>t. Wageslave

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Do you do the dance?

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Based wagie

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financial advisor unironically ama

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That's pretty niche, any specific software you use for that?

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No they stopped that years ago

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Overemployed software dev

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Disappointing my parents

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anyone "working" in software is a faggot literally yet to meet one who wasn't an insufferable maladjusted child / drug addict

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Is self-checkout ever coming back?
How easy is it to steal Pokemon cards from the front?
Do you get stock options?

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You're just jealous because you'll never crack 6 figures per anno lol

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I'm just gonna say it. There is nothing wrong with dating a Walmart girl

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NEET, entrepreneur, writer, chairman of the board, father of 4.

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I use DLLs provided by component manufacturers for our computational tasks. Occasionally, I also rely on coefficients from real measurements taken in climate test chambers. Regarding specific libraries, I'd tell you we frequently use CoolProp, which is very useful for calculations of physical transformations.ions

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Pharmacist (overpaid) :)

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>NEET but doesn't have to interact with her parents

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SWE, bootcamp grad at a startup about to have our first big integration. learn to code meme was real, but very difficult to find first job in the last year. i'm 32 with two kids and the career change was difficult financially.

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Fund Principal at a web3 focused VC firm

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Funemployed. :D
I also help young dudes pick up chicks for a couple bucks and free beers.

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>opened my forth low effort slide thread with food pepe pic
I'm on fire rn

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automation engineer doing production simulations, virtual commissioning and robot programming(plus all kinds of documentation related to automation like functional descriptions, customer requirement specifications etc.). doesn't even feel like work cause I like that shit so much lol

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Any advice for pitching woo?

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I've done my internship in this but it isn't my field of study. What should I know if I want to get into this? Esp. functional descriptions and/or robotic programming?

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Jackin off, shitting, and shittin up the internet.

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Police officer cadet

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Poet. Pote. Potet. Poteto. Potato.

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IT Helldesk Manager

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Gem spotter

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Starting a new job as IS QA monday

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lab animal

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I drive trains.

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I'm a merchant

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>Is self-checkout ever coming back?
What do you mean? There's lots of self-checkout areas at my store.

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a parasite

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Vac truck technician mostly septic refurbs on new builds

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What’s up my fellow S65 bro

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Data mining glowie on a Uzbeki Cornhole forum

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Mid-level paperwork jockey.

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Consultant, paid six figs to do nothing and go to lunch.

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Sales Engineer for a company in the electric power/energy industry

basically a paid subject matter expert without the insanity of consulting who works under 35 hours a week giving product demos to people who already want our software but need to convince their managers. pretty cushy job for 115k a year + commission %age of new logo sales

could see myself doing this for a good while honestly. maybe not my whole career but it's a great niche and pretty immune to broad economic downturns. happy to answer questions about sales engineering generally or my sector as long as you don't make me doxx myself.

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Gardener, inventor, investor and pool player.

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I'm a blogger who is focused on Web3 opportunities. I learnt about hydro online to make my blogging experience better as I Monetize my content without reliance on ads.

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I understand that the project TGE is close and currently migration from GTH to Hydro will soon be ongoing from the 9th?

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Hansard reporter.

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>What's your occupation?
government watchlist stress tester

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>functional descriptions
idk I guess it's enough if you're somewhat good with words and grammar plus you've got the technical know-how/knowledge about the process/sequence/whatever it is you're writing about.
>robot programming
basic programming knowledge+probably some level of understanding about electrical/pneumatics diagrams and a fuckton of manuals is enough to get started lol. also helps if you're familiar with fieldbuses/their configuration, and maybe signal scaling but for everything else there's always a manual.
I've had to deal with machine vision, force sensors/force control, external axes configuration/programming, safety configurations and other shit, but it's always nicer if the applications are simple and none of that shit is needed lol

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So my study is in process engineering
I've got quite some programming skills
I've done a bachelors in physics so I know basic ideas on electricity and pressure but no electrical engineering skills. I've done some signal/control stuff but not a lot. Like 1 course.
I actually did my thesis on computer vision so machine vision is probably not far off.
My verbal iq is pretty high, I'm fairly good at bullshitting. Thanks man. Any real important skills that are fundamental to the field
I guess I should go over some electrical diagrams, fieldbuses (I've got a vague notion as to what they are, used in control I think)
Maybe I can do this. Thanks senpai.

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sounds like you're good to go then, robotics shouldn't be too hard with that background. here's a promo photo for the last big project I was working on, three relatively large robots on tracks assembling/disassembling process pump test setups

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I work for a top 10 crypto project, unironically

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Oh damn I'm mad jelly
If I didn't go into my current field I'd have gone toward electrical engineering. I've actually been thinking that automation should be taking off a lot more. I once worked at a company when I was 15 or so doing manual labour. It was literally someone putting a box on a conveyor belt, it moving ten meters, and me taking it off again. Hurt the shit put of my back having to do that 8 hours. It was 20 people working there for jobs that could've been done by a few machines. No idea why that industry isn't automated yet. So much potential.
Thanks for your advice buddy, I'll keep this in mind.

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Self-funded NEET. Like a boss, only slightly less cool.

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I've been unemployed a year after graduation
t. CS

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I play the millionaire at parties

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Weak pay, but I get lots of pussy

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I am a SDR for a fintech company right now with 60 base and dismal OTE. I want to make a change. I hate cold-calling and prospecting so much that it makes me want to kill myself. How does sales engineer compare overall (besides pay)?

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Sanitation technician

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Legal assistant or paralegal, though i was laid off on monday as the law group i was employed by decided to break up and separate or retire.

So. Unemployed.

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no problem man always happy to help if I can. I used to work as a TIG welder before getting into engineering, mostly stainless steel and alloyed steel pipe welding for power plants etc. it was nice and paid relatively well but somehow I still ended up an automation engineer (mechanical engineer specializing in machine automation, my thesis focused on functional safety/machine safety in robotics) fiddling with robots
and yeah, automation should be taking off way faster than it actually is, and we've been getting more and more inquiries/RFP's/RFQ's about robotic solutions for the past year or so which is nice, and the trend def seems to be upwards.

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Builder and Soldier.

I'm a fucking legend.

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Air traffic controller

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is that the same as a google tech lead?

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>How does sales engineer compare overall (besides pay)?
It's a lot less pressure, for one. I don't even have an OTE component, it's literally just "percent of percent of all new business the company generated this quarter" thing which is nice because it doesn't put any specific targets on me other than "close this deal", and even thing indomt have like a decelerator or anything; if a deal slips to next quarter, just means I get my bonus later.

You have to be decently technically capable. Not sure if you want to stay in fintech and do SE there but having a free cloud cert or some DB systems background is always nice for 75% of saas companies these days. The way my boss explained it to me was "you're basically the front lines of our product" and it didn't make too much sense initially but now it does. the product team is too busy wanking off thinking about backlogs and hackathons to be able to communicate features and capabilities on a regular basis to people who aren't already customers, and the account executives are too retarded to learn anything other than superficial stuff about the product. So it's up to the sales engineers to be the bridge; you build collateral, you get face time with cumstomers doing off the shelf and bespoke demos, you understand their pain points and use cases, and you speak directly into their soul when you tell them how many late nights you'll save them. Because that's the real secret: analysts don't care about operational efficiency, they care about not having to spend all fucking day and night wrangling some other vendors useless POS solution, or god forbid - a homebrew solution - so they can go home and relax.

And when you tell them that, they will do your work for you in convincing the rest of their decision-makers.

That's sales engineering.

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I just took on an SE role at my SAAS company after working product side for the past 4 years. currently make about 180k/yr tc

am i under market or is this a good salary for a new SE? not sure how easy it is to find a new job at a new company, but id definitely like to look as soon as i have enough time on the resume to jump ship with

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chemical engineer - turned EHS
4-6% salary gain like clockwork at a job you don't hate is way better than stonks boys

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Fudding link.

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>am i under market or is this a good salary for a new SE?
Depending on your COL id say that's solidly above average salary. Top end SEs won't max out above like 440k TC but moving to a new company will probably get you a 20-30% bump immediately

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Memecoin shiller, spartan

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>the target price for halo is $39.9
The seers have spoken, kek blessed us.

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nice post anon, now I want to be a sales engineer, sounds comfy desu
> t. engineering consultant
> pic not related but you might recognize it

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I'm no joke a special agent.

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I clean cum and blood stains off hotel sheets and towels.

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Aerospace software engineer

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You know, we're not so different you and I...

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Idk bro, they don’t allow me to carry a badge and gun for my job.

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It's also not a felony if somebody slaps you.

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I drink.

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Land acquisitions manager for a homebuilder.

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Toncoin dev?

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I assist schools with their cafeteria operations.

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It honestly is comfy. Makes me feel like I can make the upper middle class dream happen. I have significantly more free time than most of my friends and it's still pretty fulfilling because your customers know what they want and you have to match their energy which leads to lots of natural "talking shop" kinda conversations even during commercial discussions.

The account executives will always get the public credit for ultimately closing a deal but you'll know they signed because of you. You know exactly why your product is great and your discovery/demo/implementation plan are really what decision-makers remember when they put down a John Hancock.

I don't know much about industrial sales engineering but might be something to look into

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Wheeling or dealing?

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Are you any good at it?

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>Memecoin creator sir!

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He's here

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neet that works from home and invest from time to time, to the point that crypto making about 50% of my income. Although i mostly save it i do give myself some luxuries whenever i feel like it.
recently made a x3 thanks to jizzlord and i've been thinking of buying a new computer case and graphic card

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shitcoin daytrader SIR. professiona eesee and opensea burger flipper SIR. part time gooner SIR.