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I want something that will do a 20x atleast but do not want to buy a shitcoin that can rug at any given moment. I also do not want to buy anything that already tripled or more in worth. Looking for something less than a month old.

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You're gonna have to DYOR, but you can find sub-10k shit on Solana that launches literally every few seconds. So long as:
- lp is burned
- mint is disabled
- dev is actively promoting

You can get out with 5-10xes all day long. That's what I've been doing for the past week and built that part of my crypto port from 5 sol to about 60sol.

Just take small bets (.1-.5sol each time), carefully target exit points, and watch the 1s chart like a hawk until your exit is realized. It's literally the easiest money in the world right now

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I do not want to gamble like a degenerate, I want to put my money into something and forget about it for months. If it were that easy everyone would make it within months only starting with 1k.
If I make more than 20x in this run I would be more than happy even tho I would still be far from “making it”

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easy choice, RISE

>ponzi cult mechanics designed to create viral growth
>deflationary tokenomics via weekly auction/burn events
>cool website
>liquidity recently locked for 360 years = unruggable
>great token distribution
>gorgeous aesthetic, original logo and branding

take 2min and see for yourself

tg: risecoin_io
ca: 0x9b9f5604Eb8Ab3A1160029B6F05553E994398218

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I second this, holding rise has been very comfy

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Kek Baggies. about 5 days old, 150k mc, very active community and dev on telegram.
Hits all the points in >>58287380 but is on Base which is trendy rn.
DYOR or just lurk on the socials for a while but I have a very good feeling about this one.

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we are unruggable. sleep well with us. $cope on base

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wTrump on ETH
Pretty new, found its base, ready for an easy 10-100x.
widetrumpeth , com

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You posted it

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LANDSHARE (LAND) 20 mill mcap some RWA shit dno if legit or rug but fuck it..if it hits it hits available on gate and some shit defi swap app prob

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Quick before i get silenced

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elephant pepe has an extremely autistic community pumping out memes constantly, you cant go wrong with that

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$COPE. the anti-rug

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can you fuck off with this AI scamcoin bullshit

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You will have to wait a couple weeks, I know a RWA project that is planning to launch with a doxxed team, former engineers from big firms, and already has demo of their products, again it's RWA so there is a physical thing to show case, I will post it here when they are about to go live

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Smart money goes into digital ivory

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Help me out. I have $300 USD in base right now. But I'm retarded. What sources and targets do you use for your Base shit coin hunting?

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$Halo 2 on Base. Its at 10k marketcap and launched today.

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sounds like cope to menm

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>200k mcap
>Cummunity coin
>Rug proof, biggest holder has 1,8%
>website coming in the following days

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Just get shark cat on sol and forget it for 2-3 months

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Look at the $8k buy on the coin w early apu bag holders / twitter shills and then take a minute to think

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on base dot com slash wp dot pdf

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Cope on base is the obvious choice. Go take a look at the TG and see what's been accomplished in just over a week

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$COPE is a no brainer. Just ask $Coperah Winfrey

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>4exc Utility and swap platform for any coin with cash back in any coin
>Contract renounced
>21% of supply burned
>Buy it on swap or Lbank
>$1 bln marketcap is fud, it's going to $4 bln because nobody selling and it's 4chan
>Jannies like to delete $4chan threads and posts
>Make money from something jannies don't want you to have

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if you're patient, EarnFi will easily 20x (would still only be $50M mcap) in the coming weeks and months - and as a bonus you'll earn a bunch of free ETH just for holding it in the meantime

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You've not even seen the main pack of AI scam coins yet! It's mostly just a bubble. The only AI tokens you should be interacting with are those with solid utilities. Find them; they exist

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Reminder that the dev behind this token abandoned/slow rugged a token with similar tokenomics on AVAX called $PAYDAY, and refuses to acknowledge it.

They have since deleted a twitter space and the twitter account after their voice sounds remarkably the same. This twitter account was inactive up until this event unfolded a few days ago. Here's a vocaroo an anon saved. Then listen to an EARNFI space.

I hope you can see what I'm getting to.


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Digital ivory? WTF is that??

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Care to name a few? Let's see if you're not going to name a horde of scam coins too

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It’s pomping hard and was shilled on 4chan first. Buy now before it gets to a 100k mcap

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$KEKBGS on base
Still at $100k, active dev and good chance for 100x+

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Fetch AI

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You’re still early to get handsome, fren. Strong community. $200k mcap. Amazing holder distribution.

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Best community to join on TG. It's a mix of /b/tards, /pol/acks, /g/ooners, ,/biz/raelies bordering co-operation and board wars. Join it for the dumb assery, stay and profit along the way. Sometimes it's not about the trip, but the retardation along the way.

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Can confirm lulz and profits to be had. Netflix doc on 4chan dropping. Expecting interest in the Bitcoin of memes $4chan.

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Is $14 million marketcap really that low? There's lower stuff out there.

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Elephant Pepe on Base. Pure /biz autistic shitlord posting. Good liquidity. Great community. The ticker is keyword banned by the Jannies, so you know it has to be good.

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All of these are too big to get a 1000x from. Halo 2 is probably the best one out of all of these with the smallest market cap. Gonna get a sui stack for Pennies on the dollar if it gets anywhere and if it doesn’t who cares I lost 30 bucks that I was gonna spend on weed anyways

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No low caps?
All of these seem to have peaked already

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Catgirl coin
Look it up its being shilled by bnb chain itself. Its a meme around 25 mil mcap
Also Elon and Apple will be tweeting about catgirl robots at home

Active reddit, dc

This going to be 10 billion mcap

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BAPU on base chain launched yesterday
>white dev, posted hand
>airdropped 4% to bizraelis at $70 per wallet
>airdropping to APU holders later today to build trust between communities
>128K MC

If this isn’t what you’re looking for I don’t know what is

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byteai, mindverse, tensorscanai

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Buy some scratch cards.
You know instantly, one way or another.

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You obviously stopped reading at "Fetch".
Everything else is low cap; Nuklai hasn't even launched their token yet. How can you be so dumb?

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Still at 20K mcap. It just doesn't get the shilling it deserves given the meme potential here

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$truf on ERC20
good data index aiming to implement AI in their algorithms. Good shit