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How do we feel about LOBO? Seems like a great time to buy in, I have a feeling this will explode once base goes retail

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it is a biz memecoin which means its fucked
you need the right type of feel for a memecoin and biz just doesn't do that
look at stuff like toshi which is all happy and reddity, that is what you want

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>it is a biz memecoin which means its fucked

Like Pepe and Apu, amirite?
Also SHIB started on 4chan.

You sound new, friend.

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Also the dev isn't even associated with /biz/, it just got shilled here a couple of weeks ago and that's it.

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also like the other thousands of shitcoins that were rugged

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I sold my Lobo after it rugged.
I should've known not to trust furries

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Oh yeah, that one thread a couple of weeks ago, and then nothing since. I remember it well.
Fuck off. Buy more ads.

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The LOBO general keeps getting deleted by jannies with stubble on their legs.

Also why waste time in a thread you don't want to be in? Don't you have anything better to do? You realize your time on earth is limited, right?

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Well LOBO has been around for (relatively) awhile now and the dev has stuck with it even when given the perfect chances to rug, also liquidity is burned

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He doesn't know what rugged means. He just bought at the ATH and now he's venting

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There's been tons of threads, jannies just keep deleting them

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> Don't you have anything better to do? You realize your time on earth is limited, right?
This is the universally applicable response to every single /biz/ post, ser.
Nonetheless, may your scamcoin burn as the dumpster fire it is.

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Yes see, they did the right thing buying an ad.
Alas then they made a post about buying the ad, thereby negating the net benefits to society.
But I'm sure they'll try to do better next time.

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>This is the universally applicable response to every single /biz/ post, ser.

The dev could've dumped when it was 8 times higher and he didn't. He is still working on shit every day.

LOBO is one of the rare sub million tokens on BASE that ISN'T a scam.

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Also here's an example of an actual rug compared to LOBO. (sorry DOOMER bros, I bought a bag as well and I got dumped on)

Do you see the difference?

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forgot pic

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>Nonetheless, may your scamcoin burn as the dumpster fire it is.
I've asked this a few times and strangely never get an answer, but how is it a scam exactly?

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Probably because he lost money on it lol.

I mean meme coins are kind of a scam, but why single out LOBO? Why not DOGE, SHIB, Pepe, etc?

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Yeah the rugged shitcoin will fly again for sure.

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Literally just making stuff up, why are you so mad? lol

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>furry coin
no thanks i rather spent my money on medieval age shit, like $LRDS once they are released

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Wouldn't you be mad if you bought the literal top?

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Still not buying your bags, retards.

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Shit, whatever will we do without your 35 bucks?

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It is obvious, you will be bagholding as usual, lol

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>I-it's a scam
>o-okay well it was a rugpull
>w-well you're holding bags!
How does it feel to not have a single legitimate point lol

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You know what, that's a great point.
This is the first such effort of its kind, and it's deserving of everyone's careful scrutiny lest we make any hasty judgements.
Wait right here, I'm going to go audit the contract in detail this instant, and shall get back to you promptly with my findings.

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That's a lot of words for "I pulled it out of my ass"

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no, they were a lot of words for "we've seen a thousand variants of your shitcoins already, you're not special, you're not unique, and you're not worthy of anybody's time or effort."
But close enough.

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Notice how you can't go into any actual details or back up your claims? Literally all you do is pull conclusions out of your ass, you're mad, you're actually mad.

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>and you're not worthy of anybody's time or effort

And yet here you are.

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may you and your kind dip in the river ganges and make the world a better place