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What's behind Millennial's failure to launch? You had decades to invest in tech, crypto, gaming, etc. Is it just because they've spent all their money on Funko or is it something deeper?

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Boomers are privileged, narcissistic retards that think it’s still the 60s where cars cost $5k and you could buy a house as a shoe salesman. They don’t live in the same reality as any of us and are not interested in helping anyone

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Where are zoomers on that chart though?

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cars do cost $5k if you dont buy a brand new one like a retard

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They bought into the high wage meme as their tunnel vision focus for success. The result was insurmountable debt, eternal renting, and demoralization. They're so demoralized that the idea of saving and investing to make it is written off as a pipe dream when in reality its most people's best chance.

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It looks like they're simply following the trend of doing worse than the previous generation.

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If the Boomers are sucking up all the wealth, then how come Gen X are doing pretty well for themselves?
Most Zoomers are still in high school or college, meanwhile the youngest Millennials graduated high school a decade ago and have probably had their bachelors since 2018. The oldest ones are well into middle age.

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Unfortunately millennials also have no garage or tools or knowledge to fix anything so they need a perfect vehicle or else a tire goes flat and they can only cry.

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not anymore
t. shitbox connoisseur

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>2008 crash
If you weren't around for it you wouldn't understand. If you were gen x or a boomer at the time, then you were insulated from the long term consequences of it by a quirk of a combination of assets continuing to appreciate and being further along in their respective career tracks. I've seen an economist explain it before even though it's counterintuitive as fuck at a glance.

tl;dr: the 2008 crash uniquely fucked millennials.

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I bought a astrovan for $3k in october
cheap shitboxes are out there. might depend on location though

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That's because crypto isn't showing up in those statistics boomer
t. millennial crypto millionaire

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I've been driving the same Honda since 2017. I can maintain a car better than any fucking boomer. Eat a dick faggot.

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Everyone goes through hard times. Boomers had to live through the 1970s economic shitshow at roughly the same age Millennials went through the Great Recession, but that didn't stop them.

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You're underselling it on two points. First, they are willfully delusional and not just dumb.

A boomer will tell you all about how a bottle of coke used to cost a quarter and came in a glass bottle that you could recycle for a 5 cent deposit back, and shake their head at the price of a bottle of coke now and how it comes in plastic instead of glass. Asking them to apply the same logic to wages, houses, the cost of education, or a million other things results in immediate head in the sand denial because they simply do not wish to apply what they already know to how it affects their children.

Couple that with a very large media ecosystem designed to shift blame for the economy onto millennials. Movies with a theme of "the younger generation is entitled and naive" aimed at a boomer aged audience. Infotainment media explaining how millennials ruined xyz. The whole avocado toast fiasco.

Stagflation was a radically different animal than the 2008 crash, and you're leaving out that plenty of boomers at the time made it through stagflation just fine because they were being drafted into Vietnam and collecting military paychecks during that period, effectively subsidizing the people who were drafted and subsidizing those who were not drafted by reducing competition for available jobs.

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Cutoff date for zoomers in 2012, start date is 1997. So the oldest zoomers graduated 9 years ago, what's your point?
(Also I doubt most of them are in high-school)

Also Also, I think the dates for zoomers are retarded. The real cut off should be 2008. Because after 2008 smart phones began proliferating.

Also the cutoff for millenials should be 1993 because that's when the internet was made public.

Gen Z is the generation born with the internet
Alpha is the generation born with smart phones. Those high schoolers are gen alpha. A man born in 2002 would have common with a man born in 1994 than a man born in 2010.

The man born in 1994 and 2002 would have both played flash games, and browsed the internet when it was the wild west.

The man born in 2010 would grow up with the modern walled garden internet only accessible with smart phones.

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invest what?

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not where I live. It's all $10-20k before repairs. Boomers from up north and west ruined Florida.

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>plenty of boomers at the time made it through stagflation just fine because they were being drafted into Vietnam
Millennials who served in the 2000s or 2010s got the exact same benefits with the added bonus of being much less likely to be crippled or killed. Also, the vast majority of Boomers didn't serve in nam so the point is moot.
You cant get into the semantics of it all you want, but the fact is that Millennials are all out of the nest, meanwhile most Zoomers aren't. Even if we go with your cutoff for Zoomers at 2008, that means that some Zoomers are still sophomores in high school, and the oldest are in their mid twenties. A typical Millennial in their 30s-40s has no excuse as to why their decades in the workforce hasn't yielded them anything.

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$20 worth of BTC circa 2010

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Boomers are more knowledgeable and capable than you'll ever be, stay mad loser.

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That's not my main point. My main point is that stagflation was a fundamentally different animal than the great recession. Also far more boomers were drafted than the number of millennials who volunteered for the military.

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you mean to tell me people that have been working for 50 years have more money than people who have been working for 10 years? yeah right

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>My main point is that stagflation was a fundamentally different animal than the great recession
I'm sure it was, but it wasn't easy either. Unemployment peaked at 10.8% In December 82, compared to 10% in October 09. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/unemployment-rate
Plus, before the internet, finding investment opportunities was much harder. Millennials have had much more information at their disposal to make informed financial decisions.
>Also far more boomers were drafted than the number of millennials who volunteered for the military.
So you're saying that Boomers are more successful than Millennials due to the military service gap? Its not like military pay is that great accounting for the risk. And even if the military is so lucrative, Millennials not volunteering is their own fault.

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Keep in mind that unemployment as a metric measures those looking for work but who cannot find it. People dropping out of the workforce en masse during their prime working years is a relatively new phenomenon.

>So you're saying that Boomers are more successful than Millennials due to the military service gap?
I'm not saying that accounts for it, but I think it's an overlooked factor. The larger factor is that inflation hadn't utterly destroyed wages yet, but stagflation was the beginning of that process.

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No one told me about investing and I wasn't interested in it until my late 20s.
>your fault
Yep, and I'm not going to try anymore because of it. I'm tired.

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Did you not add zoomers to the legend? or are things so fucked up that they didn't bother to include zoomies? Also most of those niggers should already be dead. How are dead still counting their assets? Do they all have white pickett fence suburban pyramid tombs and are buried with their fully loaded ford/honda chariotrucks?

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>People dropping out of the workforce en masse during their prime working years is a relatively new phenomenon.
isn't that mainly a post-Covid phenomenon? Millennials have been in the workforce since the 2000s or early 2010s when that was much less common. Also, wasn't welfare easier to get and more plentiful in the past? Workfare only came around in 1996, so Boomers had a greater incentive to welfare leech than Millennials have/had.
>I'm not saying that accounts for it, but I think it's an overlooked factor.
They had to use the draft for a reason, military service was shit so nobody wanted to do it. Plus, college kids were exempt, so the ones who actually got drafted were mainly working class, meaning they lost out on years of real work experience, and probably contributed to fucking up their bodies. Millennials who served had it a lot easier.
>The larger factor is that inflation hadn't utterly destroyed wages yet, but stagflation was the beginning of that process.
I just think there were fantastic investments available to Millennials with minimal effort compared to a Boomer who had to rely on TV and word of mouth to find opportunities.

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Most Zoomers are still in high school and college

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I had dotcom crash and 2008 crash and they made me paranoid about markets and investing

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>I just think there were fantastic investments available to Millennials with minimal effort compared to a Boomer who had to rely on TV and word of mouth to find opportunities.
It's true, there were fantastic investments available and it all seems so obvious in hindsight, but there were also fantastic ways to lose your money

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Alpha is already starting to be in demographic news bs and Z latest are already starting to enter the workforce. I can already see the headlines "Generation Z does not want to work!"(no fulltime worth working tho lol). Also I wouldn't be surprised that with inflation they starting lowering age work requirements. In short no excuses time to get real :^).

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Gen Alphas are literally newborns, retard. Wtf are you talking about.

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You have to have money in the first place to invest.

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Yeah, that's fair. My point is that Boomers had to go through real effort to invest in some scam compared to Millennials who could get in on the ground floor of crypto or sit on some tech stocks with a couple clicks.

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millenials didn't make money until they hit their 30s compared to the previous gen which had started making it in their 20s. Add in distrust of jews plus the nonstop propaganda of "being frugal" meant that millenials decided to spend their money instead of investing it, so now they are in their late 30s early 40s and they have almost nothing to show for it

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Most Gen X are NOT doing well for themselves. I'm Gen X and know several of my former high school classmates who all live with their parents, never had children or got married, or they're already dead. Boomers absolutely would not leave the workforce, often with both husband and wife working full time, so when their kids went job hunting good fucking luck. Keep in mind a lot of the Gen Y racing around are change of life babies from Boomers who kicked their kids out of their houses and then cried about their empty nest syndrome, so they gave birth to more children to kick out of their houses, only with round two they were GLAD to kick their children out.

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>gen x
>doing well
Look at the chart anon
They barely got anything going until 2016ish
That's averaging mid 40s almost 10 years ago
They got fucked as well

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>unemployment peaked at 10.8% in 82
Good thing they used less fake and gay stats than today
We're at 20+% unemployment RIGHT NOW

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These are the grapes of socialism.

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This. 2008 was wild.

Dish washer jobs on craigslist demanding 11 YEARS of experience. I found a job in a factory doing menial labor. Four of my coworkers had STEM masters degrees lmao.

2008 was fucked and people forget it.

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It's AT LEAST 20%. And setting unemployment aside, we also have to look hard at what we mean by the term "employed." Are we speaking of being GAINFULLY employed (steady pay and self sufficiency) or of simply holding down any job? Right now the media is batting around a figure that 50% of workers under the age of 30 cannot afford to pay rent on an apartment. They have to share an apartment or live with their parents. As a Gen X, I remember my friends in college going to college and holding down part-time work that paid apartment rent and they had extra cash for hobbies, or to go out on dates, or to save. I've revisited some of those same apartments (still standing, still the same) and the rent that was $200 in the early 90's is now anywhere from $1,400 to $1,800, depending on the unit. Minimum wage when they were in college was $4.25. Today it's $7.25. There's just no fucking way to even survive on that, much less plan a future.

>2008 was fucked
And things have STAYED fucked. Federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009. It blows my mind when people unironically wonder why younger people are poor. A fifteen-year-old looking for part-time wage work is applying for wages that haven't been raised since before they were born.

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Jews. Also, checked.

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Pretty much this, but instead of YOLOing all my money, I held on to it like the stingiest jew in existence. I didn't have $10k saved until the month I turned 30, which is more like $15k today.

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They are waiting for their hockey stick moment.

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In the graph
>Boomers born in 1950 were 42 in 1992 when they owned about 25%
>GenX born in 1965 were 42 in 2007 when they owned about 18%
>Millennials born in 1980 were 42 in 2022 when they owned about 10%
>Zoomers born in 1995 were 42 in 2037 when they owned over half of all wealth because they had 15 year stakes of HEX on Pulsechain and yes this is possible with current inflation rates

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underneath it

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We weren't told to invest we were told to get jobs so we did that and it sucked so we quit and now we lurk /biz/. Most of us didn't figure it out.

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>minimum wage
Don't work minimum wage jobs. Ever.

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The 1970s was a real crash which fucked everyone. This is actually way better than the fake and gay crashes we've gotten since through the use of advanced kikenomics. Since everything was dumped, there was new room for growth, and the growth in the 80s and 90s was unreal.
During the dotcom crash, boomers turtled and fucked X.
During 2008, boomers turtled and fucked X and millennials.
Currently boomers and X are turtling, and are letting millennials and zoomers eat it.

It's clearly become a ponzi, and I'm excited to be here to watch all boomers fucking die and for X (who have sided with boomers) get outnumbered. Maybe we can have a real crash finally when they're all in the ground or pleading for the youth to not wreck their shit. It's the most compassionate thing we could do for poor Alpha, who have been mindfucked by boomer and X built maximum engagement machines since the moment they could hold a phone. Crash everything. Burn the temples and the castles. The village people live in neither.

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7 years ago I lived with my parents in my mid-late 20's. Now my household income is $177k. Average household income in my area is $99k. I believe I'm about 90th percentile now. I have no degree. Keep going bros.

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Not like 2008 pal. The ladder got pulled the fuck up with that shit show and the world is now falling apart because young people with no stake in society other than waiting for their parents to die are fed up of it.

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>boomers die
>gov expands death tax
>almost all that wealth is robbed from people who might inherit it
>markets collapse
So that's what's going to happen, isn't it?

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Always happy to hear the success stories of other anons.
Jesus bless ya lad and I pray other anons succeed as well.
Thanks for sharing.

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that is a score
from what i see $5k or less has lots of repairs required or doesnt run and needs “easy fix”.
drive away shitboxes are +$5k in PNW

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You guys remember when the silent generation threatened to disembowl and murder boomer teenagers if they don't go to school with niggers?
I think that broke something in them.

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I'm about to turn 30 and I don't even have $10k

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I’m 30 and worth $100k in leaf dollars which is essentially nothing

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>You had decades to invest in tech, crypto, gaming, etc.
I ignored crypto threads on 4chan for about 8 years. Boomers are narcissistic, but I am also very, very retarded.

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39 year old millennial. The ones who got ahead and got a house had a ton of financial help from their parents. Those of us who were left on our own struggled to get great jobs

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it's been rugpull after rugpull. Nowadays the only jobs that pay are
- working for government (FBI, etc)
- starting your own business, hopefully somehow win with the algorithm
- already be working in that field for 3+ years
- go into a meat grinder job that destroys your body
All the rest there are hundreds of applicants for each individual job, then if you get it through to the interview process there is absolutely no room for error whatsoever. Even if the interviewer makes a mistake it is still your fault you get blamed for their error. Meanwhile government imports millions of illegals driving down the wages further, driving up the expenses, etc. It is grim in 2024

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Americans got brainwashed into believing that giving as much money as possible to the rich is good for the economy and that everyone will benefit from the trickle down.

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Now post the chart showing wage growth vs the influx of latinx spicniggers.

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>the 2008 crash uniquely fucked millennials.

Mainly because this was the year Millenials graduated college and began entering the workforce, and then after struggling and finally.finding some stability for 3 years, COVID happened as they were entering their family starting age....

Its pretty much over

>> No.58283454

38 millennial here. I didn't get help and I got a house.
>college credits during high school + community college -> 3 years of private college for B.S. + M.S.
>house is in flyover country

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hindsight is 20/20 the market had just crashed and most millenials didnt have much to invest in the first place

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not my problem
capitalism failed just like everyone predicted, a minority of elites gets all the benefits and opportunities of society while (You) bust your ass just to keep up with bills, rent, inflation, shrinkflation, debt and everything else
fully automated gay space communism will win in the end

>> No.58283972

retard, that trend didn't start with Reagan, it started in '71 when the USA went off the Gold Standard, and all of its consequences

>> No.58285162

>fully automated gay space communism will win in the end
nice reddit meme, faggot

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This is bullshit millennials grew up watching Fast and Furious and a lot of them can do basic wrenching

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DePIN, AI and RWA are the way to go offering the best of tech. If you're not investing in any of this you're already loosing.

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>cars do cost $5k if you dont buy a brand new one like a retard
They don't and that kind of proves his point.

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early millennials came of age during the 97-2002 economic crisis. late millennials finished college during the 2008 economic crisis. then they gt hammered by a crippling amount of student loans. plus boomers pulled the ladder out from under them.

>> No.58285546

>then they gt hammered by a crippling amount of student loans
Just dont go to college

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Many of my peers are unironic communists that see investing as tacit endorsement of the system.

>> No.58285821

Your graph shows it. Boomers.
Crypto was a wild fucking gamble. Nobody saw that emergence coming.
Millenaials also got lied to about the mandate of an (((education))) and were the most gullible generation to buy into faggoty identity politics. It's how we ended up electing King Nigger.

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thank y'all for throwing shit at boomers i needed to see more of that for quite some time now, Seriously i just don't get how come a generation full of revolutionaries and visionaries became a bunch of retards with no awareness of current society or self-awareness.
Seriously, it's such a pain in the ass when someone in a position of power is a fucking boomer, they'll do ANYTHING to get away with shit and fuck you over for no reason other than their own enjoyment and do ILLEGAL shit while at it, plus sexual harassment cuz WHY THE FUCK NOT?

jeez, thank god i got away from them, i can't believe these creatures are the same species as my granpa's god blesses their souls
i wish i could've bough them gifts with all the cash i made trading with solana and dextools these months...

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millennials like me cant get high paying jobs because all the positions of managemnet are gatekept by crusty boomers who refuse to fucking retire

>> No.58288098

non-existent that there is no category for them, if you think millennials got it bad than zoomers will have it much worse and nothing will change since their too busy twerking on TikTok

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No one is more socialist than downwardly mobile children of middle class families

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You're an idiot. Gen A starts in 2010 they're 14 at the oldest.
Gen Z is as old as 26

>> No.58288229

Checked. If it exists, than the government wants it. Even your shitpost kek

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Just hang in there. We're probably going to get another round of easy monetary policy. If you buy inflationary assets, you will likely make it. Also, brush up on scientific notation.

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you're a boomer that didn't buy a car for the last 10 years

>> No.58289965

>people who have had 60+ years to accumulate assets have more assets than people who have had less than 40.

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Fake money favors those who already own assets.

The money's been fake since 1913 and became faker in 1971

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>You're an idiot. Gen A starts in 2010 they're 14 at the oldest.
The youngest Gen Alphas havent been born yet
>Gen Z is as old as 26
Yeah, meaning that most are still in high school or college

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I'm born in 91 europroor, and 55m2 commbieblock flat in city edge costs now 250 000$, something not terrible where I can have second child costs 500 000$, on IT salary of ~6000 eurobucks per month, and average joe earns here 1500 eurobucks

Since 2015 the cost of flats were just above any of my means, also buying flat when fresh out of college is retarded, you don't know anything.

Only saving grace is me being able to put money from IT into crypto, otherrwise I would be screwed.

My parents got commieblock for free though

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I didn't learn about investing till I turned 30.
Many of my peers still have no idea investing is even a thing or if they do, it's something people do in a building in London where they all shout at each other across a big room.
My boomer parents opinion of investing is "you will lose all your money if you get involved with stocks and shares" as if it was a slot machine or something.
In school I was made to remember Shakespeare not what to do with my finances.
We didn't stand a chance unless we stumbled upon it.

>> No.58291322

Millennials were kids for the dotcom boom, and the oldest ones became adults in time for the 2008 financial crisis
I was in grade school when BTC became a thing. I did own some BTC back in the day, but I didn't think it was the game changer it was back at 14, it was just cool. And the vast majority of BTC conversation was not going on in the literal-child/teen space.
Early millennials literally never recovered financially from the impact to their earning potentials in 2008 and late millennials will never recover from Covid, that generation just got sandwiched between two slices of shitloaf.

>> No.58291695

>What's behind Millennial's failure to launch?
Both early millennials and late millennials entered the workforce into a recession so no single part of the generation actually has been able to compound capital

>> No.58291823

After stagflation Boomers had about 10 years of steady growth ('82 recession to '91-92 recession.) After the great recession, Millennials had about six years of steady growth and then covid hit. On a broader social scope, after stagflation Boomers got to see their biggest fears (Cold War going hot) evaporate in the span of a few months, where for Millennials things are just lurching from one crisis to the next

>> No.58291947

this - how people still dont know this is the result of a very powerful psyop carried out over generations.

>> No.58291963

Problem for those of us graduating in 08 was that it WAS the right decision to go to college just before that. Those a few years before us managed to get into jobs and were ok, those who came after were warned - dont bother - so it was us who got the really raw deal.

>> No.58292036

A better question is why do we live in a society where wealth is concentrated in the oldest and most useless people? The people actually contributing to society should be the ones making the most money.

>> No.58292039

Came here to say this. My boomer parents got burned in the stock market in the 80s and always told me to stay away from it. Never had any investments until the pandemic and now I'm up 70%+ since I started. They didn't really encourage me to get a credit card, and when I finally did some research on my own and got a secured Discover card they tried to discourage me because "I'm not sure how many people accept Discover..." Now my credit score is 800. They also passed on at least a dozen opportunities to help me buy a house between 2010 and 2020 because "we're too old to cosign a mortgage." Just endless shit like this that adds up to a huge disadvantage.

>> No.58292114

That would be fine, if the law was that only that who pays taxes is able to vote what to do with them.

That would mean no bailouts, no zoning laws hyping up house prices, no inflation, no welfare, no infinite penison bonuses. That would work just fine

>> No.58292153

Turned 18 in 08. Went to university. Graduated in 2012 along with literally every one else. Got nowhere in jobs so went to get my MS. Went to get my PhD.

Went to do a post-doc.

Still getting paid 60k a year. Enough to support a family (with the help of one of my parents. The other was a feminist and we no longer speak).

Boomers are ghouls turned evil by jewish vampires.

>> No.58292223

By the time I had enough saved for a down payment in the desert, the Fed and Treasury decided to bail out the most despicable types of people with ZIRP, PPP, and stimulus.

The houses I wanted to buy in early 2020 for $500k are now $900k. My net worth is $1.25M. Instead of stretching to buy these houses I'm just going to NEETfire and live in my boomer father's giant house indefinitely. Literally doesn't matter because I don't get any pussy outside escorts anyway, so might as well avoid the mortgage trap and just do what I want.

>> No.58292245

Dude shut the fuck up, you have enough money to buy a house outright in so many places. You're talking like a fucking boomer.

>> No.58292341

>Millennials were kids for the dotcom boom
So? Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc. are still around and seem like pretty obvious, safe, lucrative investments.

>> No.58292344

Not any place where I can actually get a job. My situation is only possible because I get to WFH and live rent-free.

Why the fuck should I want to buy some overpriced shitbox when I can live rent free with a family member? What's my motivation.

>> No.58292358

No he should do the his-dad's-house plan. If he moves and overpays for a house somewhere else (even if it's within his own spending limits) he's going to just be the same problem he describes for somebody else that was saving to live where they grew up.

>> No.58292368

Nothing is a good investment if a couple asswipes from the Fed can jawbone on live TV and cause the entire market to shit itself into one of the worst red days in a year

>> No.58294228

God bless. I thought I had it bad but you got absolutely fucked.
I pray that it will work out for you. Post-doc is pretty badass, so you've got that.
t. fellow Millennial who got an MS in 2012 because nobody was hiring; now only making 90k

>> No.58294289

how would that prove his point? just buy a POS with 4 wheels off offerup or craigslist for like 2500 and you have decent transportation.

>> No.58294315

>A functioning and safe vehicle secondhand goes for over 5k
>Well get a POS rust bucket.
Again proving the point.

>> No.58294521

Are you married?

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>Systematic economic destruction and enslavement by their governments and international bankers
They are lazy and buy too much avocado toast lol haha

>> No.58294679
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1. Alot of them got fucked by 2008 recession
2. All of them got fucked by offshoring/ globalism
3. All of them got fucked by boomer pyramid scheme real estate
4. Alot of them are fucking pussies who want shit handed to them

>> No.58294705

Retarded monetarist

>> No.58294746

>cars do cost $5k if you dont buy a brand new one like a retard
Extremely rare occurrence, my two thousand and FOUR crown vic was 5k and it was a godsend everything was in good condition, not every one is like that
The standard is not the rarity

>> No.58294758
File: 29 KB, 538x297, Five-Causes-of-Wage-Stagnation-in-the-United-States.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>has no excuse as to why their decades in the workforce hasn't yielded them anything.
From the moment Millenials were born, wages have been stagnant. And a lot of millenials that make six figures live in cities that eat their wages. 100k/year is nothing in California or New York. And good luck trying to find that wage in bumfuck Iowa. Ohio maybe, but cities in Ohio still have expensive housing. The cheap rural housing in Ohio would be over an hour from your job.

>> No.58294805

They just need to shop for cheaper options obviously.

>> No.58294853

Now let's see how much debt those boomers had.

>> No.58294926
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We need to go back to land ownership dictating the right to vote. 5 years minimum permanent primary residence to apply for voting rights
Urbans that rent can get fucked. If you *own* a condo/apt whatever thats OK. You have skin in the game and can vote reasonably.
>the system of basic trade from before written history
>somehow 'fails' after we just diverge further from it
>the farther we stray the shittier it all gets
>we just need to be even bigger retards to fix it

>> No.58294950

>They're so demoralized that the idea of saving and investing to make it is written off as a pipe dream when in reality its most people's best chance.
Most women aren't even wired to think like this. They won't do any research. It's like their brains won't allow them. Investing is basically a form of time delayed hunter-gathering, her wiring is telling her to let her man sort it out, but she's a proud careerist girlboss with no stable man in her life.

>> No.58295004

You dumbfucks had like 4 years to buy Bitcunt at sub $100.

4 YEARS for a 1,000X. You had 4 years to multiply your money by a factor of One Thousand. GTFO retard.

Oh and by the way, you aren't getting shit when I die. Fuck you lazy faggots.

>> No.58295042


>> No.58295059

the inevitable consequences of central banking/fiat currency. People blame boomers but the average boomer is not even aware of their country’s fiscal policy or politicians being corrupted by banks, corporations, mic... Central bankers will always fuck a country for their own ends, see Japan in the late 80s

>> No.58295066

How can you blame millennials for not jumping on bitcoin? They were born before the internet was even widespread, before widespread cellphone use. Why would they invest in some obscure internet money???

>> No.58295098

K then. What's going to be your next excuse when you miss out on Chainlink cryptocurrency token?

>> No.58295128

I still don't know why anyone would be genuinely confident in crypto at this point, it's been around for a while and still mainly comes across as gambling

>> No.58295160

>bitcoin is too new
>chainlink is too well established

Skill issue.

>> No.58295230

You aren't making an argument for it's value, which is why millennials are skeptical of it

>> No.58295467

>i missed out
>others were just "lucky"

lmao cope loser

>> No.58295490

>i fell for the "study what you love" meme
>went to school for a bunch of worthless pieces of paper
>only make 60k/year after being in the workplace for 10+ years
>its da boomers fault

this thread makes me feel much better about myself

>> No.58295651

>he's going to just be the same problem for somebody else
>"refuse to win so that a stranger can avoid losing"
It's a doggy dog world my nigga. Never let that kind of thinking influence your decisions. Do what is best for you. Fuck or get fucked.

>> No.58295788

found the boomer guys