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Remember that time jannies got fucking assannihilated by lobo?

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How? They deleted the lobo threads for advertising, forcing the lobo devs to pay them for an ad.
Who assblasted who?

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Jannies always winning. Fuck this gay coin. At least use the DC Lobo for meme potential and not some gay furry shit.

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That's completely untrue, there was nothing "advertising" about the LOBO threads anymore than all the other threads about specific coins which are allowed, jannies have a clear bias against LOBO and literally can't keep it down

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The ad hasn't displayed.

The shekels were burnt frivolously.

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yeah it was I saw it like a day or two ago

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ahahaha you fucking losers

jannies are employed by 4chan so when you buy ads, you are directly funding jannie salaries

janniechads cant stop winning

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>he thinks jannies get paid
uh lol

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how new are you

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fuck off you dumb nigger im significantly down on your literal poop coin if i had just bought APU instead i would be alot richer

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>didn't buy both
I got 5 mil lobo and 5 mill apu, it's very nice

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no because it never happened

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this thread proves you wrong

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not seeing any assblasted jannies itt