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You can select from any of the following and then choose to turn it into your own crypto coin!

Trollface: Also known as "Coolface," this is a smug, grinning character used to represent internet trolling or humorous mischief.

Forever Alone: Depicts a lonely character with a tearful, exaggerated face, often used to represent loneliness or social awkwardness.

Me Gusta: Features a character with a pleased, somewhat creepy expression, used to express enjoyment in an odd or perverse situation.

Y U NO Guy: Shows a character with a look of frustration or disbelief, usually accompanied by text addressing a situation or person, e.g., "Y U NO FIX BUGS?"

Okay Guy: A resigned-looking character used to express acceptance or passive resignation in the face of an undesirable situation.

Rage Guy (FFFFFUUUUUUUU-): Depicts a character screaming in rage, often used to express extreme anger or frustration at a situation.

LOL Guy: A character laughing out loud, used to express amusement or laughter at a situation.

Poker Face: A character with a blank expression, used to conceal emotions or reactions in awkward or uncertain situations.