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Yet another failed bet. Once again I end up being the one who is wrong for no discernible reason and am the one losing money.
BCH did not pump at all. On the contrary, it actually went down. I should have sold on friday (and I did before buying back in 15 mins later) like everyone else.
This is my fifth failed bet from march and eight overall since this bull started and began buying back in. Haven't made a single dollar yet. Not once.

I'm watching all these memecoins pump while all the top stuff always, ALWAYS starts to dump within 4 hours of me buying. Everything that I bought pumped:
AVAX pumped, started dumping the next day after I bought in.
ICP pumped, and is even pumping right now, started dumping the hour I bought in.

I've been watching APU pump for 2 days now and beating myself over. I should have bought in at 20 million, especially considering on what I'm working on right now in the industry. But I'm too scared of taking my money out of Skrill and into a wallet in order to trade on Defi. Now it's gone to 75 million mcap and I know, I just know that even if i manage to get over myself and buy in it will dump on me. Just like everything else does.

I'm so fucking tired, man. Why am I wrong all of the time? Why am I a sell signal...

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What is your trading strategy? Are you trying to swing trade?

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>from march
The bully started last year around September..... THAT was when you were supposed to buyd


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Stop buying high mcap garbage. If you're going to buy high mcap shit just stick to Bitcoin otherwise gamble on low and mid mcap alts (not the shitcoin casino)

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Stop chasing pumps it rarely works. Ignore what people say on here they don't know shit

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That's it. I sold. Can't watch this shit dumping any longer.

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I won't deny that at this point I'm only here because I'm obsessed with my MUMU making it, but sometimes I miss the illusion that I could get rich with anything, I still want to do something big enough so that I don't have to come back here

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AGRS never fails me

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Thats happens when you follow the spam here

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You problem is not searching for AI

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Tau is the AI who partnership w/Nvidia, and have the best project, try it

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Because you are scared money. You trade like scared money. The market eats scared money. Stop being a pussy.