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>is trivial to spam attack allowing 100% deanonymization of certain rings
>bad price action and performance even in bull markets
>constant regulatory pressures
>low interest from institutions, hampering price action
>new fork has 100% of its hash rate in less than a year

So why are people holding this? If I need privacy, I'll buy some and immediately spend, but hold most of my value in BTC, a currency that was actually designed to be a good store of value that doesn't bleed against fiat.

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monero is a fed honeypot

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A possibility too, considering how the legit developers have lost interest and the project uses very outdated and broken tech. Monero-chan is cute though so I will give them that.

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What a cuck take. The attack accomplished pretty much nothing it seems, the block size scaled as it should, and something like 1% of rings were deanoned, so just a few rounds of churning were enough to avoid being deanoned, and churning is almost free to do. Bad price action, won't even go into that moonboi. Just go gamble on something else and leave us alone. Low interest from institution becuase of regulatory pressure along with having completely replaced BTC on dark markets is THE proof that Monero is working as it says. And if by new fork you mean WOW, they have a different hashing algo so you are comparing apples to oranges. If I am not mistaken you can easily mine WOW on a botnet or even on smaller devices while XMR needs 2GB of RAM to mine it.

>BTC, a currency that was actually designed to be a good store of value that doesn't bleed against fiat.
Oh really? You think this is part of the design? My fucking god, you people are so deluded.

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All midwit points. Monero has the network effect for digital currency, everything else will take care of itself.


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>but hold most of my value in BTC
yeah, see how that works out the next few weeks, lmao

anyway, get wownero.

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Ah yes, forgot that it LITERALLY has an infinite supply.

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>pic related
Nice store of value.

>everything else will take care of itself.
Yeah... Just like the evil BTC maxis say BTC will?