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How do I find a house to buy that isn't a McMansion?

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I guess they are more like mini McMansions

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You could buy a shit shack in the red neck woods, attached living in niggerville (highly advise against), or build a small one out in the middle of the desert.

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(you) don't
>t. starter home owner2VNX

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This is the worst thing ever

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Nice bit of standard grey. Mm. Nice.

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It's fine provided you don't ignite any bbqs with a prevailing breeze.

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marry a third worlder like Malaysia or Philippines.

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Buy some empty land in a flyover state (at least an acre). Then buy one of those premade boxables and 8 to 16 solar panels.

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Buy an apartment in Europoor

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Live in a Victorian house, there are many. They can be pretty big. Maybe not as big as a mcmansion but still sizable. You might have to fix it up as a lot of them have been let go.

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house hunting is a test of patience, one that only rewards those who don't mind waiting years
although I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't make me want to get rabies and go through the milwaukee protocol, or use all of my MUMU to buy junk

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Just filter on anything that is built pre 1970.