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Is this dude like the most elaborate troll on Twitter? Tons of his coinposts seem legit but then you have shit like this where he's clearly taking the piss but both normies and shitcoiners seem to fall for the bait equally and I'm not sure what to think anymore

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Stop using shitposts to farm twitter engagement fucko

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no, you are trying too hard to look cool and unique but deep inside you're insecure and unsettled.
you will probably kys in a span of a few years.

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do you niggerfaggots not know what the Twitter UI looks like? Why would my screenshot look like that if I'm him?

I came across the profile after the fake Salazar BAYC tweet last week (https://twitter.com/vydamo_/status/1773491625957924883)) and I've been trying to figure out which side he's on ever since.

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he's a troll, he used to be funnier before he started slobbing the BITCOIN dev's knob every 5 seconds though

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>do you niggerfaggots not know what the Twitter UI looks like?
Unironically no. I don't have time for TWO internet cesspools in my life.