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>be me
>work from home
>invest mostly on memecoins and shitcoins, trade using dextools, etc
>make about 22k monthly altogether
>never go outside
>have no friends
>almost 90% of my day is spent inside my apartment
>technically "middle or top-middle class"

why doesn't it feel like the dream anons? why am i so alone? i tried going to the gym for a year and manage to make space for different activities and courses but i didn't get close with a single person. i thought with freedom i would be better, happier but i never felt to alone. I tried to ignore it, but i can't.

what should i even do to fix this? to fix me?

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give me your life, i'll do it better for you

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you're stuck. do you get along with your family? or at least used to? do you have contact of old friends or people you used to hang out back in the day? or did you try using tinder and shit? hell even facebook, twitter and instagram are good options

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idk man, maybe just kys

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i was about to say cap but all of this sounds realisitc. my condolences anon, you're fucked.

do this

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have you ever considered talking this with a psychoanalyst?

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could you share your earnings and what coins you're investing on currently, for no reason in particular?

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Damn that sucks
anyway, any of y'all have any coins you recommend rn or upcoming ones that will blow up?

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i understand that feeling anon... way too much...

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imagine relying on one faggot to tell your problem instead of telling your friends
OH WAIT op doesn't have any TOPKEK

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By a BMW, drive around, drift, talk with newbie gold diggers

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You’re already rich so just give us some tips on trading.

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I was in a WoW hole for 5 years. All of high school and first year of college. I started taking my nutrition seriously and worked out every day. I put myself out there when I transferred and was able to find a woman who's now my wife. Honestly, my best advice is get a health addiction to /fit/, join a cross fit gym, and start meeting girls.

Cross fit people seem to be more open and supportive than those at a regular gym. I haven't spoken to someone in a regular gym in a decade.

Are you still in Uni?

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already graduated but i've been thinking of studying again on a different field to just get a reason to do anything, but i'm not sure if i could given my lifestyle

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he just needs a bitch in his life that will force him to be more social and make him seem more socially acceptable to normies around him

unless you've been through severe trauma therapy is a fucking meme, stop posting this gay shit

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>Cross fit people seem to be more open and supportive than those at a regular gym. I haven't spoken to someone in a regular gym in a decade.
if you treat cross fit like a social club this might actually be good advice. obviously cross fit is dumb, but that isn't what we're talking about here.

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Your activities are immoral and disgusting, you're just a money changer and hated by God and men alike, because you're not actually productive.

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you can also buy memes on eesee bud, at least it's a fun way to spend your shit, also there's quite interesting stuff there.

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Your are me but Im 29 and have friends, not chatting regularly. Better catch-up to them before too late and it will be awkward anon, don't be like me. Keep the good ones close, just chat heaven just asking how are they are and hang out like monthly or smth

Got gf tho, but different religion feels bad

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>and men alike
I find your prideful lack of self-awareness degrees more loathsome. At least he doesn't play the arbiter of man.

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I'm just trying to help him see that his way of life is what is causing his misery.

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No, I know your sort well. You're just trying to get your dopamine fix shitposting as you always have, only now this causes some guilt as to the time wasted, so now you psychologically trick yourself into having your cake and eating it too by spending your time shitposting under the false pretense of educating and decrying lack of "productivity". Your sorts are by far the most tedious and fake of all poster types on this ridiculous site that we can all never leave, and you need to tongue my asshole immediately.

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This is why being a techfag doesn't get you laid.

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No, man. Yes, I support producerism, and I am anti-parasitism, like all people with normal moral sentiments. OP is a parasite, he sucks. He sucks wealth from the system without actually being productive, without being engaged in the animating contest of liberty and the movement to fix the world. He is living a fundamentally immoral life and is coming to understand, that pointless money-changing does not bring happiness, it destroys both his life and the society around him. The sooner we all realize this the better. My posting is actually productive, because we're engaged in a war of ideas and fighting for a good cause.

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> why doesn't it feel like the dream anons?
it’s not a healthy lifestyle. if you just would go outside for a walk every day that would lift you up

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You will always be here farming that (You) fix. The lies you tell yourself are so pretentious; the elaborate mental gymnastics you cling to. You cannot accept that you enjoy the immediacy of this forum, and that chan posting has gamified things in a way that is addictive. You could be posting about these ideas in some other area and skip this one entirely - but that isn't as fun. You like to have fun and fuck around doing dumb shit, being UNPRODUCTIVE (gasp), but you're too much of a try hard pseud to accept this about yourself.

This is the problem with the average nu-poster: they are fundamentally boring, uninteresting people, yet insist on "serious" conversation.

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You need a wife and kids to be happy in the middle, upper middle class. A long term girlfriend at least. You aren’t sharing your life with anyone anon
>why does it feel so empty?!?

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Nothing is as important as the global conversation and education and participating in it with seriousness and honesty. Anonymous message boards are the best option, because there's no selfish gain involved, no possibility for building a reputation or getting money or some other kind of gain from posting. And even if there's no interaction, no (you's), I would still write my posts so that others might see them. And even if no one would see them, I would still write them just to let the thoughts unfold, or I would write them to a journal that no one ever reads except myself or maybe some person in the far future who might benefit from my thinking.

Anyway, we have to think like Genghis Khan who was just a child when he found out his brother was hoarding and hiding food while the rest of the tribe was starving. That visceral hatred of the parasite and the traitor (global finance and everything involved, including shitcoins) is what humanity should be focusing on the next 100 years. This is why Jesus Christ attacked the money changers with a whip. "You make other people carry heavy loads, but you do not carry them yourselves!"

So as for OP I would say that going to the gym is just the same kind of selfish, pointless and narcissistic activity as money-changing. There is no human dignity without manual labor. You need to go out there in the fields and get your hands dirty and work until exhaustion in nature, doing something that benefits both yourself and others. Then you will become happy.

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There's nothing to fix. You're just a normalfag in the most disgusting sense of the word. Simply go to work. Like all the other NPCs. They can't imagine a life without working and seeing and socializing with their coworkers. You're one of those tryhards.

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>Nothing is as important as the global conversation and education and participating in it with seriousness and honesty.
That is the problem, though: you're not honest. You're not being honest about the more addictive relationshit that you have with the gamified nature of chan posting specifically - which is why you insist on always posting here and not some other, blander forum - and you need to salve your guilt about this with high-minded invectives, constantly assuaging and assuring yourself of your Goodness.

If you were truly honest you could admit this duplicity about yourself your nature and still make all of the points that you're currently making and that would be just fine. Ironically at that point you'd be actually be interesting and insightful to speak with. Even wise. But you cannot bring yourself to do it. You would seem too flawed, too human. And so anon have to deal with you awkwardly vomiting out all these rote speeches that you tell yourself again and again in your internal monologue, because you're still too young and precocious to be real.

I'd rather spend my time shitposting in this glorified toilet with other retards instead of naive paternalists who insist that they above reproach.

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>>never go outside
This is your problem.
we live in a society that push to isolation, my advice is you should move in a small town or a village so for everything you need to go out from home and socialise with people

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Hey, far from being above reproach I am the greatest sinner. Maybe that's why I'm here, in this hellish limbo of a website, as a kind of penance for my sins. I too have traded these shitcoins and looked at the charts and that's why I have to be here to warn people about how bad it is, which is basically what OP is doing also whether that's his purpose or not.

As far as being stuck on the internet goes, yeah I've been basically talking to strangers on the internet almost every day for more than 20 years now on all kinds of websites and I don't see that I'm going to stop that. We have to contribute. Internet gives humanity a chance to unite like no other time in history. We have to be here for this age and do our sacred duty by posting. There is no other way.

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find good gf
touch some grass
simple as quite literally
you're very close to making it, im jealous anon. just missing that simple ingredient.

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And besides, chans are the least gamified of all the forums. Twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. if you have an avatar and a personality and followers and likes and what have you, it's always distorting the conversation. Only anonymous boards with no permanent personalities and avatars can be places where humans come to co-operate in conversations and information sharing voluntarily and nobly without expecting some reward, whether that be attention or affection or whatever else.

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You are miserable because the whole financial market and especially crypto casino shitcoins (memecoins and to a slightly lesser extend the "utility" coins) are essential a satanic (i.e. pointless waste of energy) zero sum game, which is designed to make everyone - winners and losers - suffer equally.

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living the life bro, just meditate and find nirvana

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talmudic stained claws wrote this post

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Same except I invest all my money in VTSAX. Not sure what to do with all my time

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What the fuck are you talking about you retard. An anonymous imageboard is the LEAST socially gamified public communication medium. It's addictive because despite being nothing but a sea of blank faces, it somehow feels far less fake than anywhere else.

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Because you don't have a baby momma or a child, and no friends
I have all the above @ 27 and life's great working from home with my own family

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sorry but past the age of 30 it is pretty normal to not hang around with other guys of you are not gay.
it is just another chapter, trying to find a woman, to have children and so on.
you missed out on a girl in your teens and early 20s or could not keep one around? yeah many of us too.
still try to meet girls through hanging around with a bunch of guys in their 30s? lmao
it got harder for us and society and women act harder too, but on this journey everyone is alone. all you can do is keep trying.

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>because you're not actually productive
please describe what you call being productive in todays world so we know from what position you are arguing

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Give up. Losing all hope is freedom.

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I'm also working from home on my blog which I monetize via Adsense and Hydro Online, but I always do make out time for family and friends because being a loner is a bad thing

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another humblebrag thread, if i was a janny id be deleting this shit on the spot

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oh wait i just realized this is yet ANOTHER cringe 1/2 pbtid thread. please stop replying to this demoralization bullshit boys, its not worth it

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went back at 26, best move i made in a long time, girls will like you if you like yourself + ur interesting by default because you are older

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I'm also looking into on-boarding on that Hydro Online.
My Admob revenue has reduced significantly since the beginning of this year

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Are you playing here because wherever scores are kept, you loose publicly?

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Production of raw materials, farming, growing food, picking food, forestry, animal husbandry, carpentry, etc. are productive as opposed to all forms of money-lending, money-changing, investing, trading, etc. which are unproductive. The sweatier, more physically dirty and exhausting the work is, spiritually the more pure and satisfying.

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>telling your friends
>OH WAIT op doesn't have any TOPKEK
you may have fewer friends than you think young buck

eagles fly alone "friends" usually don't exist