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You are the bottom now. Bend over, altboy

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Oh, so now you want an alt that performs well?


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remember my posts that i kept repeating for the psat 2 months saying the top is in the top is in the top is in. well guess what. THE TOP IS IN. retard. now watch the retrace to support levels at the $35,000 mark

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apu is doing fine sir
thanks for asking

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The boomers are dumping.

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everything is dumping
this market is so damn rigged

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Sell soon, maybe youd better save some shit on sol based alts like anything coming from Satoshisync printers.
Idk man its just a matter of creativities and alternatives.

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keep holding op, dont listen to this retard >>58273651

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what alts are you holding op?

is controlled by an ai so yes

sell just before the halving?

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>Idk man its just a matter of creativities and alternatives.
in these circumstances one can only gamble and expect the worst.

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I'd rather spend all my money on alcohol and spend the rest of my days as a bloody drunkard

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>Solded BTC at a minimal, near insignificant loss, because I'm not a clueless faggot that "just forgets about it vro it'll keep growing lmao!"
>Hold no shitcoins because I'm not a desperate brown faggot looking for crack cocaine money
>Only alts I'm interested in are unreleased and actually useful (Truflation got me into real stock trading a few months ago, their index is invaluable)
>Ethereum is sinking because of its retarded inflationary model specifically designed to fail
Life is so good to me bros.

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throwing money into a bunch of shitcoins is the exact reason why nobody profits except a few extremely lucky degenerates and scammers who create those shitcoins. alts owners can only hope their project will somewhat follow the Shitcoin (BTC), but that rarely happens and most of the time it just keeps bleeding slowly. there's not enough money to propel them at levels seen during previous bullruns.

with shitcoins you lose.

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a-are we back?

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Should've Tether up the fake recovery

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No. 69k was last cycles top and this cycle will only be in the high 70's or low 80's. Fucking lower highs are real.

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Suspect true. Also suspect this cycle will actually just be one big curve as opposed to peak(s). Obba.

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>he didn't buy APU
Kek. You had one job. One fucking job.

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>with shitcoins you lose.
or you can win? worth a shot if you are starting with a small amount in crypto.

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or you can lose, multiple times? you don't even understand how unlikely it is to make a decent return with hopeless shitcoins. it's like a real life casino with a house taking like 50% of your money. shitcoin creators are the house here and they're making money, not you.

instead, you can just buy something promising at least, as fucking linkies did. they're all insufferable bastards, but at least they haven't bought complete shit and were heavily rewarded for that. if you bought LINK early, x100 was a reality. with a random shitcoin scam, that's a pipe dream.

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No bottom

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at this point my MUMU is just shining, we will hit the bottom when btc goes back to 16k, meanwhile let's enjoy it while we can

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My AGRS still good, what are you holding?

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You re holding alt or sht?

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Im fked to

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Look for Tau

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That sht didnt move since 2017

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Jokes on you. My alts never pumped and I can't go much lower.

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depends on your definition of a shitcoin. I'd argue that I bought and held a promising project over the past couple years, which did alright, but I would have been better off buying doge

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Hopefully the bottom is 100 day MA, where I will buy.

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Don't be a dull fool mate. Sell off and get ready for Hydro online IDO. It's coming soon.

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Stop wailing benzofag, you've gat MEMEMON, a Solana Memecoin to dive in on and slowly make high on profits. https://mememon.io

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you mean memes....
i warned y'all to stay away from these shitty coins. its a fucking bloodbath out here

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Hydro on Sui is a better option. TGE is coming soon

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Memes are how money is made before the post halving pump. High risk, high reward.

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>Ethereum is sinking because of its retarded inflationary model
it's been deflationary for about 2 years

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well not that it concerns me, rn i'm taking a break from trading and such and just focusing on pondering my orb and gather enough magic to defend my fortress from trespassers.
Any other wizards here up for a duel on ether orb?

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what always happens when BTC goes up for no real reason, the market needs to stabilize, give it a couple of weeks and everything will be back to normal (unless you bought BRC20 tokens).

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What do you anticipate when you're holding onto a shit coin? My Krest is still performing well on the PeaqNetwork canary chain, and I have faith that Peaq will excel as a frontrunner in the DeFi world. What investments do you have?

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if this bothers you then someone should either arrest or kill Ken Griffin but nobody near him seems to be willing/able.

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Check out $squid it looks right.

$SQUID @ 250k mcap
100/100 On token sniffer
Owner renounced
Community takin over
Website in development
This project has legs
You will regret if you miss this one!
t (.) me (/) squidwardeth
X (.) com (/) squidoneth

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The dip keeps dipping but those who buy a big narrative like DePIN aren't crying.

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Peaq is going to be a massive hub for DePIN. Not a hub for shitcoins like solana and ethereum

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This looks like it has potential to go to 2.5m market cap, which would be 100x. You got me convinced...

But do I sell my APU or SHIBA for this?

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>On ethereum
Yea stopped reading there. Make it on sol and I'll consider buying

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Kek are you serious? You must be jeet? Ethereum is where the big boys play, its where the money is at. Let me guess, you want it on Solana because of gas fees? Yeah, gas fees hurt if you play with pocket money

Thats just another reason why SQUID looks so good to be honest. It being Ethereum means there wont be so much jumping in and out due to the fees and there will be bigger stacks at play. It could really go big and with 250k market cap its tempting

Looks like I am talking myself to ape in here, now I really want to do it lmao

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Jeet detected.

This handsome motherfucker doesn’t let a $15 gas fee stand in his way.