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Chop chop janny, time to clean up another thread for FREE


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lobo bros are absolutely shitting on jannies non-stop, this is wild, have we ever seen anything like that before?

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How did this back and forth even start?

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Probably cause jannys delete on topic threads

I got a thread deleted for asking if the dead traffic on /biz/ was indicative of this being early in the bullrun

Its why i dont feel bad about shitposting here about blacked porn and stuff

You shouldnt feel bad about making jannys life worse

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Jannies are openly bias and only allow coins they're invested in, it's wild it's allowed to go on but that's why we fucking hate them, I'm not touching LOBO but god damn I love seeing them fuck with tranny jannies

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i want to fuck the wolf

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okay the ads thing is kind of amusing

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me too
top or bottom?

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yeah made me smirk when I first saw it

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Alright fuck it I'll buy a bag, gotta respect the tenacity of these furry niggers

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So they're all linkies? It would explain a lot

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i boughted this shit cause i thought to myself
thats a stupid dog meme
and then i thought
hey every time i think that and don't buy i regret it
oh also i got in at 50k market cap
so theres that, took out $1k when it hit 1m and now have ~1200 in LOBO last time i checked.
not selling despite it being a gay furry coin
mainly cause of the jannie harrassment
idk how LOBO threads deserve to get deleted, seems on topic

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I really like the energy of LOBO and BPS, it's what inspired me to launch IHOB soon. Hope to see some of you based anons in there at obening.

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There's no good reason for it, jannies just don't allow threads they're not personally invested in.
Despite the mascot it really doesn't feel like a gay furry coin like AVI does

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furrys think there is still anyone interested in paying any attention to their shitcoin crap when there are alternatives with a promising future such as XRM or LRDS which is soon to be listed.

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If it wasn't a threat jannies wouldn't try to oppress it

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>Great buy in price right now
>isn't a generic pepe recolor
>Dev seems really active, liquidity burned
Why do people have a problem with this coin again?

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look at whats happening in SOL kek, the new meta is shitcoin

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Literally no volume anymore

Yet dev is still here at least... bullish or just hopeless? I'm still up but more and more I see my gains going down lobros...

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Something about this coin is just comfy, can't explain or defend it, just a gut feeling

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Just bought a fat bag, you're welcome

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if it sticks around and dev produces some stuff then could do well in proper bull run and if base keeps taking off
the biggest danger currently is that most of the community is from biz and are openly extractive and racist
everyone gets that memecoins are gambling but shoving that in everyone's face and cynically talking about dumping it on normies is not a wise approach

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no one is buying this narrative lol

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>and are openly extractive and racist
they shit on jannies and niggers? holy based

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Bought about 60 bucks worth just as a fuck you to jannies

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Actually fucking based

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Yeah it's complete dogshit, they openly manipulate trends by only allowing shit they like, LOBO has basically become the face of being against that

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>Yeah it's complete dogshit, they openly manipulate trends by only allowing shit they like
You need to pay seven shekels to the janny to advertise here.

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Funny you should say that