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I love gold and silver. I own gold and silver mines. The problem with gold and silver is…the higher the prices go, the more gold and silver is found. Same with oil. I own oil wells also. That is not true with Bitcoin. No matter how high the price of Bitcoin goes there will only be 21 million ever. That’s why I love Bitcoin,” Kiyosaki

For all critics...

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The gold code can't be copy and pasted

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Can be stolen

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GRAVITY cant be stolen, and you can play with it...

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You can have a Gold toilet to

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There's nothing like a little gold on gold

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And despite that Gold doesnt crash 10% in a day
Bitcoin is horseshit, its illiquid as fuck
Only mentally ill horseniggers care about it

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There wont be enough of anything when people realize what is about to happen with that bond market.
Thanks for playing everybody, good luck. See you all at the end of the history textbook!

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Whats going to happen with the bond market?

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The total US debt is skyrocketing. When the US borrows money it issues a bond, a piece of paper which is purchased by normal people and companies and also countries, which pays an interest rate over time + your money back at the end of a certain period of time.
Inflation makes owning bonds extremely undesirable. When people sell bonds, the interest rates go up.
The outstanding balance of the US treasury market is 27 trillion.
What we are about to see is 27 trillion dollars get dumped from the bond market and into the real economy (people will sell bonds, collect their cash and spend it) and that will also make interest rates shoot up.
That's what's about to happen.

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wait til you hear about asteroid mining

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How's that going?

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2 more weeks and we'll be asteroid mining.
Meanwhile the US bond market is imploding and gold is trying to get to $3000 by next week on 'no news'

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It's already happening. You think the S&P and everything else is pumping 30% because the economy is strong and bidenomics is building back better by printing 50% of the currency overnight? Buckle up

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You won't want to own US assets for this next part of history.

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>I love gold and silver. I own gold and silver mines.