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Ever since I’ve graduated in January I’ve been applying to Job offers left and right and all I got is ghosting and refusal, I see my peers getting good jobs in huge companies every day and then there’s me.

I have a bachelors from the second best university in my country and I’m extremely passionate, every time I take an interview I get the impression that I did well because I answer all the questions well and everything goes so smoothly only to be surprised that they chose someone else eventually.

I’m starting to feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong with me as a person or that I’m just not cut out to work in the field that I chose to get my degree in.

All I ever wanted in life is a good career, that’s all I’ve focused on my entire life, I don’t have any close friends, Im not lucky in love, and the fact that I can’t seem to find a job in my field now is making me think that I’m gonna end up living an extremely lonely and unfulfilling life with my parents until the end of my days with probably a dead end job that sucks the little bit of life I still have in me now.

This morning I woke up to a rejection letter for a job I took 3 interviews for, and thought I did so well in, it would have been a dream job, I’m so discouraged and depressed and I only see darkness ahead of me and I don’t know what to do moving on.

I’m so depressed that I can’t even bring myself to apply to more jobs and put on a smile in an interview and lie about how motivated and excited I am to work

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Life only gets worse fren. Ever since i graduated its been all downhill

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Hit the oil rig nigga

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Ive been thinking about this or FIFO shit more and more. 2-3 years of 15 hour days and youdbe rich but probably fucked up mentally

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Many having the same problem. There's just way too many applicants largely due to failed immigrant policy and layoffs. I have a CS degree, multiple certs, professional experience, and many years of self-taught programming/personal projects and still cannot get a single interview. Not sure what's gonna happen but it does not look hopeful.

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Have you considered that youre just a dumbass faggot? Back in ‘16 i was a freshman majoring in CS. Noticed all the kids in the classes were autistic freaks and jews and mongrels and the classes were hard as shit and gay as fuck and required actual effort. Moved to business major and was in easy classes with chads and stacies and got a job right after college with zero effort whatsoever. Got 2 internships and now on my third job wfh comfy as fuck making bank doing nothing.

You fucked up so bad bro. Shoulda read the room

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I dont aspire to sit alone in a room doing nothing all day in a pointless job like you do. Nice try though, 1/10.

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Cope lmao

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>he still needs fulfillment from "contributing" to "society"
Holy shit lol, NGMI.

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Just unbelievable KEK

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been in both roles at interviews. If you ask me, its 90% personality that makes the fit. That is, once you seem qualified on paper and get invited. Work on your '''''vibe''''''. Have a chat, ask the potential boss some questions that make you relatable and all that shit

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Dont forget to talk ya shit get on ya knees quick and work that dick!

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don't fret anon
unemployment is part of the system.
there are even indexes on it. think about this anon, as long you are healthy, had all your limbs and organs, you have plenty of opportunity.

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>>58270893 (OP)
don't fret anon
unemployment is part of the system.
there are even indexes on it. think about this anon, as long you are healthy, had all your limbs and organs, you have plenty of opportunity.

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Redpill me on this fifoshit you refer to. 1-3 years to be "rich" or at least get paid GOOD for those 15 hours a day doesnt sound that bad.

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That's exactly what you should aspire to do. What you want to bring value into fucking society or something you stupid cunt? You deserve this shitty non-future you built for yourself.

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soooo youre making bank doing nothing intership left and right but >>58270940 you are also looking for some shitty job that will mess you up to get paid well...? which one is it? forgot to switch proxies or something?

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All you need is a mouth and a tongue to start sucking on some cock. Plenty of opportunities if you aren't some disabled freak of nature op you can do it.

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EVEN if he was disable, theres a market for those things

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Well, tell us your career. Maybe you can study some more and expand your curriculum on something similar that may have more demand or something?

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Oops, that was me. Haha, sorry. New proxy here!

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>Ever since I’ve graduated in January I’ve been applying to Job offers left and right and all I got is ghosting and refusal, I see my peers getting good jobs in huge companies every day and then there’s me.

That's how it has been when you start off a job with 0 years of experience. They all are looking for people with 3 years of experience to fill a junior role. ONCE you get through this step and you get your 2+ years of experience things get A LOT easier when you switch jobs for higher pay.

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can confirm

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>second best university in my country

I'm just curious what school that is, in Op's fucking etarded opinion.

It could be MIT or Harvard, depending upon which ranking used. Is it one of those? Or perhaps Stanford? Certainly not some other fly-over-state shit school...

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stopped reading

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Shut your fruity ass up faggot these jobs pay 150k a year with hlf the year off and you can live in bali or wherever the fuck on your time off. Im just bored and have no frens is all and would like to do real work with men like i used to. Miss rippin percys with the bros in the company van after robbing wendys and shit

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I went through two whole years of that shit my brother.
then, once I started to finally get my foot in the door, covid happened and every company shat its pants and withdrew every job offer, sending me back to square 1.

it's hard, it's just tough as a motherfucker.
I have no reservations about admitting that several times I got back to my car and sat there for half an hour, just crying in the driver seat.

but you'll make it.
you'll make it, dude.
remember to lift, and channel the rage.

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Years ago I graduated in May with an Economics degree from a very good US school. Couldn't find a job for months. In September I got a job doing really shit data entry stuff with a very big name company getting paid shit. I stuck there for 6 months, then started applying to real jobs with the big name on my resume but the actual job description pretty much a giant lie. Got a great full time position and now I make 6 figures. Just have to find you way

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Have you tried not being a striaght white male?

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> 2nd best
Think I found your problem.

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Just get a good factory job. I press buttons on a machine and sit in a chair for $38hr. Plus OT. Sat 1.5x sun 2x. Comfy as fuck.

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Keep trying anon. Giving up is easy, pushing forward is much harder. Nothing worthwhile in life ever came easy. Remember that a lot of those other candidates may have been in a similar position to you, so the decision may have been a difficult one for the employer to make. Keep trying, the more interviews you go to, the more chance you will have of getting a job. The less interviews you go to, the less chance you will have. Good luck anon, I believe in you.

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Damn nigger what kind of factory?

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Brewery packaging.

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I will my chemical engineering degree and move to Texas, and I don't think I could even get a job on a oil rig as I failed to get even one internship at university for the least desirable positions reserved just for my class
I am antisocial and hate talking or reaching out to anyone, if this is what it's like then I will have to kms

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find something easy you can do and invest on stocks and some coin

that's pretty much what i did
i work from home, comfortable, no issues, not many hours , 4 times a week while getting passive income from a department i bought way back. i was even one of the initial vinu investors and i still am.

be patient you'll find your equilibrium eventually