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>turned OG bizbros into millionaires overnight
say something nice about this little fella

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100 percent on-chain

Like EVERYTHING on icp

DKP will easy get to 8billion market cap grab at least 1 million to make it

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I never follow these game projects because the game always looks like steaming dogshit. Look at that, looks like Sims2 but with construction blocks.

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Illiquid millionaires mind you
The game isn't even out, you're literally setting a barbone pre alpha

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mmm how to buy

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ah yes smegma has arrived. TING TING TING! what say you smegma?

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The coin that was promised, the bear case is a 10x from here

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Daily reminder that Adam Powell sold Neopets for 160mm in 2006. He became obsessed with bitcoin in 2013, became an ETH whale and one of the largest uniswap LPs, and is currently one of the largest anchors in ICP. DKP is fully diluted and fully funded to the tune of millions of his own personal money. No VCs. It is a passion project of the highest order, his legacy and gift to his wonderful family. He will not profit directly from DKP, rather the coin will be used to fund the massive cycle burn and it will bring the masses to ICP and pump his absolutely LEVIATHAN ICP bags.

I would not fade Adam...he is based as fuck

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not on coingecko yet, but the ticker finally changed today (still showing as SNS1 on some IC dexes idk why)

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it is simply true.

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Still early and Adam is based

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dragging these nuts across your face lmaoo gottem

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Make is stack for DKP is 8 million? 1,840k here, this illiquid shitcoin I got for a few hundred so I might as well hold.

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>this illiquid shitcoin I got for a few hundred
it traded 10k-20k icp per week back in feb 2023. you had plenty of opportunity to buy 10 fucking sns-1. would have cost you 500 icp / 2k usd. no excuses. you fumbled the ball but at least you didn't drop it.

>Make is stack for DKP is 8 million?
are you a child or a third worlder? can't make decisions on your own?

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Shits about to make me a millionaire no cap fr fr

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What should I be expecting if I have between 30 and 25m DKP

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dollar parity is inevitable. can you hold that long?

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Sorry what's the circulating supply?

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$3.6 billion mcap.

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oh it crossed a penny earlier.

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I don't see why thats not possible if the whole crypto mc is going up.

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OMG I LOVED NEOPETS! <<<3 Adam/Borovan and Donna were my childhood heroes ^~^ Where can a fellow Neopian buy the coin and join the Discord/Reddit etc?

t. Only ever bought SOL, ADA and SHIB lol pls help me...

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>these are the "people" that are going to pump my SNS1 bags
I'll take it, desu.

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??? Man... I hate cryptobros... Entitled dungeon dwelling incels... Bleh >_< Maybe I can convince Adam and Donna to move away from blockchain and just host the game on AWS? Scrap the token and fuck over all these pathetic cryptobros latching on to them for success

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Transparent. Try harder.
Are you part of the theatrics, or just retarded?

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Why is the price 50% cheaper on ICDex than on ICPswap?

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it's not. ICDex shows price in ICP

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it is still less expensive on ICDex than on ICPswap

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I’m confused - should my ticker now be dkp or still sns1? Also I had an lp of sns1 & icp from ages ago on sonic that says it’s worth 3k but when I try to remove a portion of liquidity, I barely get anything back… what have I missed? Anyone able to help my understanding of this?


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orderbook dex so people can set limit orders. barely any bots on ICP to arbitrage this.

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F. you were supposed to remove all LP's when the split happened. your $3k got split in 800,000 pieces so you got nothing left. knowing how incompetent sonic is they have let this happen without closing the pool properly

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what's mcap?

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fucking kek. im never trading anything there. wouldn't be surprised if i get rugged because of some retarded bug in their code.

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LOL how the fuck did you miss the token split news

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my sns-1 position is now valued at $1.5mm

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LOL just wait for cex. I love how we've been shilling this since early 2023 and biz still sleeping on it pursuing the pump and dump sol shitcoin scams while we actually hold a token with organic growth and a real project behind it

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correct. i expect nothing less than $100 million from this fucking thing. it was shilled hard. and then all the /biz/ bros dumped at 200 icp for muh 5x because "muh neopets is gay". many will rope from missing dkp

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This Adam is a rich crypto Chad and dragginz is literal just a passion project that he wants to change the gaming industry with by setting a new standard with ICP.
Dragging will be first popular web.3.0 game and will do what Neopets did for web.2.0 gaming.

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geezus, please do not dump when we get liquidty. wait until at least 1 billion mcap.

t.180k position small fry

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no fucking way dude. dkp is the most valuable collateral in crypto. no way im dumping this shit. i'll use it for LP and lending once icp defi is up and running. i have a real job and real income...no need to dump

if you sell your dkp you will be rich...you can manage to keep it you will be wealthy

know the difference

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This thread is pure cope lmao

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and here they come! oh look a butthurt faggot

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i have 1 Full unclaimed sns1 from the openchat airdrop. unclaimed as in, i saw to late that i have that so i didnt get that one. Still bought 2 in the sns but the free one from openchat drop still hurts

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if it makes you feel better one of my sns-1 (800,000 dkp) is locked in a 100 year old neuron.

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kek, but you can sell it on idgeek for 80% of value most likely

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Idk if it would be worth much. No voting rewards