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Market is dumping and copium is strong. What's your cope of the day?

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Telegram up 200 members over the last 24hrs, oh it's time

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still coping with the fact that i used my btc @3 usd to buy ephedrine and clenbuterol to get shredded back in the day, i was shredded for about half a year

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Car got a puncture. Thankfully was able to get it to the mechanics and get the tyre repaired. All thanks to cope

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Picked up a pack of these bad boys on the way home

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need more green ids in this

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coping with the fact i didnt buy more cope

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Muhst bee thuh meemz

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Kek did it shrink your balls?

Is it good for your gums?


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Oh god biz is going to miss another one isn't it?

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Seeing FUN dump just enough for me to scoop a pretty amount whilst riding the moon wave

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being alive. live laugh cope. $cope bag keeping me up tho

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Feels good. Feels better than biz will miss out on another gem.

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the there's lots and lots of new coinz and tokens and projects releasing this week, on april 4 there truflation releasing their token, crypto is growing out of btc, and that's good.

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whatever happens happens, as long as I make it.

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My gains in gold and silver did more than offset my crypto losses for the day. Remember, no matter what the faggots on this board say, you can hold both precious metals and crypto, you don't have to choose one or the other.

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Make sure to grab a bag of IHOB on launch. Food meta is coming back hard, also grab some PWIF.

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my cope is that I'm long KEYDOG

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Hell yeah was listening to green velvet all last week

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all you have to do is cope, simple as is

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Steele yourselves!

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super's injective protocol partnership + 100mil from some capital investment fund kepts the voices at bay. just keep dcaing into it like a good little boy while i wait and see if btc will actually hit 55k again so i can fucking buy and not get sidelined again. might bite the bullet and buy for 60k.

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Meh we have a strong floor I think right now looks like we are trending up higher 11th trending. If we keep up growth In the telegram we should start gaining faster momentum. Then it's going to be a crazy rise all the way to 10 million. What more do you need to know?

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My nostrils are filled

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This can't be said enough. If you're not bullish after seeing the organic telegram growth over the last 24hrs I don't know what to say

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Not to mention the chart itself. It's definitely got a solid foundation that keeps rising

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It's crabbing hard af though. Glad all the early fags are out soon.

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>Market is dumping
not for me it isn't

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Crabbing upwards. Every day it ends with a higher high and higher low

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Would be crazy to not get bag desu

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It's time for take off boys

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The chart is actually looking pretty good and copium in the air rn.

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Cope is about to fly boys! Where are the doubters now??

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one 50k buy and everyone will fomo

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Don't say I didn't warn you

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My cope stack doin' a lil summin summin

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Sillance you heretics!

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CMC incoming. Get ready to cope

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CMC incoming. Still fading?

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What happens then? do you think the whales waiting on the side will rocket us up to 10 milli? Yeah probably will.

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Shit so fucking comfy in this shit I'm not even looking at the chart sleeping pretty well too.

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Our Cope, who art in the Blockchain, hallowed be thy token name.
Thy whitepaper come, thy meme case be done, on Earth as it is on the decentralized ledger.
Give us this day our daily minting, and forgive us our FUD, as we hodl those who FOMO against us.
Lead us not into bear markets, but deliver us from rug pulls.
For thine is the liquidity pool, the market cap, and the blockchain, forever and ever.


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Hahaha holy shit!! Lamo!

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Last chance to buy in under 2 million mcap

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Copes blowing up lol. All over Twitter too

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Soon chads soon. bullish as it can be

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i’ve never felt more comfy than now, keep on coping bros

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What a lovely chart

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>have 71k RSR sitting in coinbase wallet
>cant seem to swap it

CB wallet wont, uniswap wont... wtf do I have to do to get rid of this?

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Rosa will make me rich and I can quit the wage cage this summer…

Nothing else like it. The design lead has connections in the fashion industry. Base tokens are going to be swappable by normies

The graphics are slick af - it’s going to send once people wake up to the fact that the team is not leaving

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>Rosa will make me rich and I can quit the wage cage this summer…
That's exactly why I refuse to buy your bags. Now stop shitting all over the board.