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I asked my neighbor to stop drivingthrough my yard to get to his house when he has perfectly fine access to the main road and he called me a faggot queer and threatened to shoot me

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Stand up for yourself and maybe people won't walk all over you.

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>bought house that has neighbors
citybo citybo he never learn

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Ok, but how do you profit from this?
Financially, I mean.

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Put some buckshot in his hood next time he does it.

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Sell your house to a nigga

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spike strips

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Take him to Kleros Kourt

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He threatened to shot show bait him to draw a gun and shot him first then loot his house and corpse

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Oh, good idea.

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Sounds like a legally actionable threat

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That sounds like a threat, why haven't you shot him yet?

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Tell him you'll shoot him if he enters your property again.

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i hope you told his wife he was being naughty

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rent a bobcat and dig a big hole where he drives on your yard

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Your neighbor sounds based, shut it queer

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He may be right though anon.

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He might be coming onto you. He wants to "shoot" one into you. Better sleep with a frisbee taped to your ass, OP

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shoot him first. he literally threatened you for no reason. now you have a justification to retaliate any time.
literally everyone on the thread agrees

still i really don't get retards that become an inconvenience to others and act high and mighty
like what is there to flex? that you're a douchebag?
like man, i've seen people brag about money and shit "oh i've made X amount with vinu, even i didn't expect it, dude." but none are aggressive or faggots that need to put others down to feel better about themselves.