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>your workplace
anon. I...

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that's a 10/10 in bongland

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i dont have a workplace
enjoy wasting life

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why =she doesnt wash her hair?

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our work places refuses to hire incels
it's bad for morale and they're lazy

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Im programmer, all hate live in my work, one guy has back pain, and diabetes, the other is from Venezuela, hr is an old lady and her husband was set on fire.

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Anon, that scks, play GRAVITY w/me and get some happiness

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New game? Playing lol right now

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Yes, but thats a p2e

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I would sniff every chair she sits on in that office

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in the last one I was in, I got a Karen, she was so fucking annoying, entitled to everything, and she was also fucking the chef, stole food, blamed other for her mistakes and sure as fuck she was lying bout her experience, when they promoted her to sub manager I fucking left. 10 years in that kitchen wasted, now I own to foodtrucks and just manage from the phone.

Started investing in crypto and got some foodtrucks. I'm just wating for blocklords to fucking release their token cuz I made my first k's in gamefi... but those fuckers still in beta, ffs

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How often do your trucks break down? Do you do repairs or do you have another company handle those?

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another company, they get discounts on food orders I get discounts on fixes and spare parts

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>I would sniff every chair she sits on in that office

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And so in essence is p2w

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like if anyone would hire incels

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wtf anon!

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I wanna be there too.

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Pirates of Penzance lookin ass

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>her husband was set on fire
by an illegal spic from Venezuela?

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>your brain on porn

have sex incel

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It was actually me who did that and I'm not Venezuelan

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British stock

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Mister bean lookin ass

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lol no, but they managed to already lose 1/3 of newly hired in the first quarter, and i fuck off next month

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Source? My friend wants to know

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my job has a meeting with me next month to discuss the terms of my contract. ruh roh

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if i saw something like this when i'm having a shit day i would go full ape tard rage and smash their face against the wall 45 times before being arrested and put on the electric chair once again.

but i have self-control now so it's not gonna be an issue i guess. plus i haven't worked in a while, all my stuff i get it trading with dextools and part of my father's inheritance (i'm not in the red, i'm barely spending most and i make a x2.5 per month, so it's not an issue)