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Just bought a house and my neighbor has a dirt road on my property running next to my house back to their property when there is a dead end main road the length of their property but theres no entrance along it because its wooded for a few feet.

How do i tell this guy im closing his little road and he can go fuck himself? Will i get killed over this? Idk why some hick retard thinks its okay to have his road on his neighbors property right next to my fucking house

Whats wrong with these people? Do i just tell him roads closed time to clear some trees?

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You typically aren't allowed. That said make friends with the dude. The friends we made along the way is worth more than a dumb road.

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Its literally 10 feet from the side of my house bro i dont want to listen to cars driving by when were innawoods. He should have built a road 500 feet down at the end of the main road

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you need to check the records with the city and or county. just because it's your property doesn't mean you can remove a road. they might show up and tell you the road is necessary for fires and force you to pay for a new one

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But that's the thing, you have no recourse because it's an easement, he's allowed to access his property through yours.

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How does that make sense if its my property? It isnt even an official road its just a dirt path

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Shouldn't you have clarified this issue with a survey and a title search BEFORE buying the house? Good luck with the adverse-possession lawsuit.

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Why cant he access his property from themain road likeeveryone else? This dirt road goes several hundred feet out of the way driving through my land just so he doesnt have to clear some trees. What the fuck? Easement my ass its trespassing because hes a lazy nigger

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The dirt road literally goes through the fucking lawn. The guy probably just saw a clear path to his property and started taking it while the house was vacant.

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get the county's survey or have a survey done to see the property lines and any easements (but this is probably unnecessary).
regardless of the title, it's going to be better to talk to him about it and figure out a solution that you can both can agree on without mediation.
and yes it's a shitfest to deal with but probably should have been more careful before you closed on the house.
don't instigate bad blood with a neighbor in a rural setting, you'll end up wasting a lot more time and money over the next few years dealing with eachother than just solving the problem on hand.
tldr probably going to have to clear a new road if that's the only access to his property, do it with a smile on your face otherwise that neighbor is just gonna fuck with you

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Get a surveyor out there to mark your property line and make sure it isn't an offical easement, sounds like the dude just made his own road next to your house thinking you won't do shit, do something or stay a pathetic victim.

Go to your local big box hardware store and buy a big box of screws and put them in the dirt road, use a magnet on a stick to get them after he gets the idea.

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This kind of shit is the worst. Godspeed anon, whatever you decide to do you’re in the right. Set the right precedent regarding this dispute, don’t let him dictate it. This is (((America))) and (in theory) private property is taken seriously.

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>regardless of the title, it's going to be better to talk to him about it and figure out a solution that you can both can agree on without mediation.
think of relationships (especially with close neighbors) as an investment OP.

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also, as a newcomer you are already on thin ice and your initial interactions with neighbors will set the tone for the rest of your time there. it would be in your self-interest to make a good first impression, as a team player who is reasonable and open to working together to find solutions that work for everyone.

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1. Get your hands on the latest survey/Plat of your property. County records office should keep copies.
2. Determine if there was ever an easement agreement (legal document signed by a licensed surveyor)
3. If there wasn't an easement agreement (which is likely) then hire a surveyor to mark the Metes & Bounds of your property and plant flags.
If you road does in fact violate your property boundary then send your neighbor a letter explaining that the road violates your property according to the survey, and that he has 6 months to construct a new driveway. At which time the road will be closed to him and his traffic. If you have an attorney friend that can draft the letter for you even better, but not strictly necessary. You need to structure your plan of action such that if the county judge ever has to look at what you did you come off as a reasonable and fair guy.
Go talk to the roasties at the county clerk's office and complain about how he keeps you awake and drives 60 mph down the road feet away from where your kids sleep. This will turn them against him and you will have an easier time if he tried to resist legally. Local gov offices are staffed by mostly clerk women and if you play your cards right they will gossip about how you're a good guy trying to take care of your family and he's a dangerous dickhead.
This should cost you around $10k for the survey and probably another $5k if it goes to county court.
Godspeed, anon. People act like owning land in the country is a dream, and it can be. But it can also be another form of hell.

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This thread is how I can tell this board is all boomers at best

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I forgot to add that if you think he's okay and not some chip-on-shoulder backwoods retard and can be reasoned with, explain that you don't want to pay for the survey and would instead help him pay for his own driveway and tree work if it would get him to respect your property. If that doesn't work do what I said above.

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and you bought the house anyway knowing something like this would bother you? are you fucking retarded?

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>private property
>in America 2024

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Great point. Anon fucked up.

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Check if the road was there before the lot became vacant from older google map pics. I mean everyone should know this already at this point that you can go back in time. Check that, then you will know if this nigger just decided to do this or it was there already during earlier occupants time. If it was i would say shit will hit the fan when you start to mess with it and you will get angry redneck nigger neighbour who will stir up shit all the time because muh road, muh freedom!. Good luck anon

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kill his ass and make it look like a disappearance or accident and problem solved
don't leave fingerprints or any biological residue and even if it's tempting do NOT piss on his corpse, DON'T FUCK IT OR JIZZ ON IT. leave your jizzlord energy on the coin and online, not irl
there's actually a manga that shows hot to dispose of a body and it's getting an anime soon!
it's called my home hero, it's actually great, check it out or wait for the anime.

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OP can't into due diligence lmao

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If that little road is the only way they can access their house you’re screwed. Your realtor should have clued you in on that.

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>Bought house before asking why the road is there
Good job retard. You don't deserve a house if you can't ask the right questions before committing to it. Good luck with pissing your neighbor off as the outsider.

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You're asking 4chan so obviously you're a pussy irl. Just punch yourself in the face until you stop caring.

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>Get your lot surveyed and record the new survey in your local registrar of deeds office.
>Talk to an attorney about any adverse possession laws or permanent easements your neighbor could use on your land.
>Afterward, decided how to approach the issue with neighbor.
Simple as.

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Not a good sign that the dude would rather drive through somone else's property for years than get his own driveway. People who see nothing wrong with this arrangement will fuck with you nonstop, even if it is sorted legally. I'd suggest just selling before you get settled in.

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There is a solution anon.

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Set his house on fire while he's at work.

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>Destroy neighbor's property and intimidate him with violence
Not very neighborly, anon.

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I wish you guys would go tf back. You've ruined all our redneck freedom and lives


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Most people right when they bought property to ruin our local economy put up signs that said "private property do not enter". People ran over the signs until they put up logs that you can't go around.

If you move in and change the people's way of life, you're gonna be an enemy. You might as well expect it. But enemies can coexist peacefully esp white people just live quietly leaving each other alone.

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help him build a new road

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Best advice in this thread.

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This is the safest course of action. Having a pissed off neighbor isn't worth it. Especially in a rural setting. Accidents happen out in the woods.

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Have you tried not acting like a stinky little ass turd and being neighbourly? Wave as he goes by and maybe he'll help you out in the future

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Wait a minute. Did I just read that your meddling with property that isn't even yours?? Mind your own business!!

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Its not his property. Its the guy next to him who has the road

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Did we ever figure out if this was an easement or not?

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No, OP is a fag.

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It probably is. I doubt there would be a dirt road so near a house if it wasn't an elaborate easement.

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This is why you always get a professional recorded survey of real estate before you take ownership.

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Go Google the GIS maps for the county your property is located in. Look at the GIS map to see if the neighbor guys property even boarders the road where you say he could just build a driveway. On the GIS it usually tells you the legal description of your property, the legal description may tell you that he has an easement on your property for access to his. Some GIS maps have links to other information like basic building blueprints and site layouts that may give you an idea if there is an easement.

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God rural land owners truly are the biggest fags

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He probably has an easement. Which means you are legally obligated to let him use the road.

Like a dipshit jew or californian, you move in and think you're hot shit and you just shit all over everything.

Consider this: you're a rich retard and you still bleed just like everyone else.

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In my experience there isn't usually a certified easement agreement, because those cost money. Generally there have been verbal agreements between owners which OP has no obligation to honor.

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>buy rural property
>have corners on section lines
>nobody knows where are the corners
It’s that dumb shit

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>This should cost you around $10k for the survey and probably another $5k if it goes to county court.
a conversation man-to-man with your neighbor where you come to a reasonable solution is $15k cheaper and way less gay than your option

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There is normally a marker pounded into the ground made out of black pipe at each corner. It's probably covered by dirt and leaves. Use a metal detector to find it if you have one.

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that aint your land no more city boy

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relationships are the most valuable thing in the world, especially out in the country. OP might win the battle (prevent the neighbor from accessing his land) and lose the war (be ostracized by his immediate community)
we are entering into a period in history where established structures are quickly changing OP. IRL community and trust are two of the most valuable things in the world. by burning your neighbor (and ruining your reputation and turning all the neighbors against you) you will be marking yourself as an enemy in their midst. this would not turn out for you.
be a team player anon. talk to him man to man like a human instead of resorting to legal or law enforcement remedies. because you never know when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar.

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Unless OP has like 100 acres it won't cost 10k for a survey. I would bet OP has like 2 to 10 acres which would cost somewhere around 1k to 3k.

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I agree with you. >>58270167

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This. If Op hasn't yet had his property surveyed, he should. That way he would know about any existing easements. With the survey in hand, he should then approach his neighbor about the road. Consulting with a lawyer first wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Hire a real estate lawyer
But this guy is gonna hate your guts forever
Why did you buy this house without looking into this first?

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>my way of life is to take other peoples shit and not pay for it or respect laws.
ah yes gommunism