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There will be those who look back at this time period and wonder how they didn't spot the market top.

Enjoy the next 4 years bag holding.

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In my country right now nobody talk about crypto not even in the economy news

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Cats are the new meta. Where you been OP?

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retail isn't even in though

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It's not fair bros. The market top signals happened before actual crypto pumped. Nobody cares anymore about the dream.

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The last 6 months was an Echo Bubble bull trap.

It's the same market particpants circle jerking on Bitcoin ETF and going to Crypto Conferences.

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fuck this market, im so tired of these insider shitcoins, shit pumps from nothing to 100mil on the most random bullshit, there has to be a way to know which devs or doing what. its so annoying that the most retarded shitcoins are pumping, and ones you think have a good meme just dump that would normally pump

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QRD on this black guy?
Who's behind him?

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You must be living under a rock.

Ansem is Solana's #1 influencer on Twitter. He's behind the WIF Dog wWth Hat and putting WIF on the Sphere in Las Vegas.

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Kek, if they're on SOL they should've gone with 1intro instead, why didn't they

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I thought Arthur was behind WIF?

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We are still early lmao 99% of people think crypto is a scam that can never go back up despite the reality of btc at ath again

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IMO my hidden gem is one that's been increasing in value without blinking adding AAA game to its roster, that's $super, silently giving me a hot 4x.... :) I dont need millions, just a few hundred k to make it...

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can't blame yourself over not buying garbage on solana really.
>hurmmmm le copiummmmm
whatever, eat my fucking ass scammers.

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Couldn't give less of a fucking putrid shit about celebrities specially entitled, weird crypto "celebrities" and that big pointless ball in Las Vegas represents everything wrong with society right now.

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Sick, that cat's in the dogs world coin got airdropped into my wallet

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I still cant believe ppl still treat some crypto traders as celebrities.

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It's even worse when they take whatever shit they say as holy law

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cuz ppl like to be ignorant, they believe they already know it all, they want to be kings in their small mountain of selfishness

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the dream being...???

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cuz nobody talks about it.

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complaining wont get you anywhere, but a change of attitude will

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The top of GME was in the news nonstop for a week.
Not little updates about crypto here or there, it was the only thing on the news even as nigger riots were happening.