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Alright, biztards. You shilled me this at 5k mcap, and I aped in. So what's now? How bad things really are?

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>5k mcap
How much could you have possibly aped in, $50? How bad could it be?

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Well, yeah. Still, don't wanna lose even that...

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Who knows, anon. The mcap is still low. The liquidity is fat, so...

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What chances this could be the next big thing?

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easy sendooor! Dev don't need no burger moneyzz!

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Can you find PornCat out there? Asking for a friend

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I think, it could easily make 20x from here

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Lol, It will never do 20x, retard

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We'll see anon, we'll see..

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Going to accumulate more blocklords gold and alts in the red whenever I see threads like these on biz lol
>How bad things really are?
Sir? Sir english course sir for free on internet website sir. Please do not post unless good english level ok?

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>50$ was all that I had...

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a loss is a loss, too bad most people here gatekeep newfags like you anon, pay no mind

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0% the only big thing here is my cock and btc

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not in a billion fucking years

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not like your english is any better fucking pajeet curry eater faggot.

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blocklords is useless ffs

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fucking lurk the board for like a week before posting your shill garbage here you stupid nigger fuck

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The ETF bubbled popped prematurely two weeks sbefore halving. That means plenty of trash like this flooding the board. I wouldn't mind another $PEPE situation though.