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I live with my parents bros and i cannot stand the constant shitfits my mother throws over the smallest thing. Anything sets her off and she immediately gets drunk as fuck starts screaming about selling the house and moving away and talking to herself etc etc. This upsets me so much and ruins my day all the time. Did anyone else go through this insane shit? Im looking at a house for $30 right now i could buy and may ask the realtor to set up an appointment tom. Its a fucking shack out in whoville but it does have a nice yard. Ill probably move there and be even more alone and depressed as theres nothing around here. Only thing keeping me sane was my family and the garden im growing but thats done for it seems

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I'm going through something similar.
As long as the house ain't too far away from work, it should be fine for the time being.
Even if you can rent an apartment, do it. It's not worth being around that all the time.
I don't know you, but I do know that getting away from that will help you fix your depressing feelings. You'll make it

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Its 20 minutes or so from work and my gym down a dirt road. Not really ideal as im used to a 5 minute commute. I do wfh most days tho.

I do think this constant anxiety and helicoptering does cause me to be depressed. Havent had a single friend since i moved back here after college.

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Cut her loose, still talk to her and shit but get your own place as soon as possible.

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She's unhappy anon. Probably nothing you can do about it tho other than working on your own happiness. Sorry anon.

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Its not fair she takes it out on me tho. This shit sucks. My head hurts so fucking bad from the stress

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>only 20 minute commute

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>looking at a house for $30
You couldn't even get a doll house for that. Wtf?

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Even a shitshack I'm whoville for that price will have a host of problems, you better pay for an inspection.

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Is that supposed to be good?

Its a super simple build. Just a wooden box on cinderblocks in a field. Interior looks fine. Comes with all appliances and shit. Any issues i think i could fix myself. Im pretty handy

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I could also probably get it completely off grid (electricity/water) and paid off by the end of the year with a large garden