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Jannies just can't keep it down bros, LOBO really won

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How do they keep winning?

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Prob my favorite low cap base coin but its been bleeding SO hard and volume is drying up. You guys need to find a good catalyst or I'll prob ditch this

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there's some big stuff coming up in the next couple weeks

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that chart doesn't look like winning to me

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please buy an ad to brag about how you bought an ad.

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It's still the early stages, most of the swinging whales have burned out

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a good example of biz toxicity and "intelligence" not working in the world of memecoins
there were biztards spewing racism ("jeets") and cynical commentary about the price action ("let's spam it to normies so we can dump on them") all through the telegram non-stop
the sad thing is that the dev is actually doing something and appeared to get captured by this kind of talk too
looks dead now

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>there were biztards spewing racism ("jeets")
Literally no one likes Indians man, you guys literally shit up everywhere you go.