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Do you niggers know anything about FIFO work in Australia or Canada? Can i really make $120k a year working 12 hours a day 14 days on 14 off? Anyone done this? Sounds kino. My office job really isnt cutting it. I want to get out in the world, work with MEN, and make some serious money.

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oil platforms

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Majority of people who work those jobs just end up hating their life and start spending all their money to try make it feel like its worth doing that job

Very few actually autistically save/invest and make it

Not to mention the businesses around those mining operations know youre all being paid a lot so they charge a shit ton

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Yea just found out their days are 3:45 am -6:45pm because of commute and shit. What a joke LMAO! How do they even get enough time to sleep? I think ill stay at my comfy wfh job

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In Australia it's about $200-250k but as >>58237743 said the job can be absolutely brutal especially if you get a bad schedule. I've seen a few guys whose relationships fell apart due to the badly fucked up sleep.

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I dont have any relationships so that part wouldnt be an issue. The complete lack of sleep though would fuck me up badly tho. 3:45 am - 6:45 pm aint right

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yes the money is really good. you save a lot of it because no expenses at camp, however, work camps are fucking awful. they are all usually dry camps now and have drug dogs being handled by wannabe cops who failed the entry exam so they are dumb and hold a lot of power.
Camps have insane rules sometimes.
security was called on me because i packed a salad from the salad bar in my lunch. This is not allowed because there is a separate room with items to take to lunch. I was able to run away and get on my bus to site.
the camp I stayed at was 1800 men abouts. i stayed for about 4 months straight.
2 people had heart attacks in the cafeteria line and died (they were huge fat truck drivers) .the place barely skipped a beat. (no pun intended)
Camp was the same exact layout as the temporary prisons they build in northern canada.
this was my experience in fort Mac. this camp was 2 hours north of Fort Mac

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Were you able to sleep enough?