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This is the last day we'll be under 0.006

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interesting cope

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Seeing old wallets exiting is bullish, and all before the final audit score / skybridge release / arcade platform, at that. I only wish that more of the top wallets would off load some as well but it is what it is. I'm looking forward to the day I can finally retire

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Looking good waiting for the audit score

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Does nothing new

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Your time is almost up

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I see light at the end of a tunnel

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>doesn't provide alternatives
I wonder why

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Just look at the shitcoins that bridged there already.

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>still can't answer
You didn't have to switch ids to post that

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it is now april 1st in the american states. is this the early spring still?

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Silly , you meant over.

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AXL. How are you in crypto?

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>”does nothing new”
Yet can’t provide one project that does what skybridge will do. Next!

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I just did. AXL. And better, across other chains.

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I'm actually really impressed how fucking retarded you are.

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You shouldn't be so upset that your shitcoin isn't as unique as you thought it would be. Maybe you can still get a 2x.

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Not even the same thing. Reset your ID and try again

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Nevermind, I missed it >>58227251

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AI can give you more than that

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Tau is the best one anon

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Wtf is that?

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AGRS is a sht dont waist time

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If they were the exact same thing maybe AVI could pump. But it's just an inferior version that is only one one chain. That's why they're pivoting to an "arcade" lel

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Is today the audit released? Or another two weeks my bastards?

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come back in 4 weeks

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2 times 2 weeks, plus another 2 and another 2 at the end of each 2 weeks.

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Surely they can call hacken and expedite the results? Stixil needs to be more aggressive to the hacken people. How long can it take to check some code ? Every day this crabs, Brian jung weeps

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Weeping tears of soi.

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>stixil needs to rush the audit firm that’s responsible for checking the code for security risks
Smart idea, anon.

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it feels like it will dump a lot..

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taking a dump right now on your post

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I bought but it's not the project I'm depending on. Kinda been tempted to just cash it out since it did already nicely surpass what I put in. Yet part of me says to wait and see since it's not the project the portfolio is depending on.

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Anon this shit is crashing to 0, notice how the devs are silent imminent from the score release with no marketing. Maybe they know something ?

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because this shit is driving me insane. 1 whole month of no movement and no real marketing by the team. I don’t care what they say community ama’s and the cryptoempress shit isn’t marketing. Look at Twitter and see who’s talking about this. Migration tool tweets, even though it didn’t really work, are getting like 5x the interaction than aviator. It’s just incompetent. I don’t understand why there is no real fucking marketing being done right now imminent from the audit score. I have never in my life seen something like this where there is just silence. They won’t give straight answers when asked just, “well we have been marketing” yeah that’s why no one knows about it still right? I don’t get it but I can’t wait around forever while they get their shit together.

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I'll look into that further then, thanks.

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>devs are silent
as of what, 20 minutes ago?
at least try

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Please also look into the shocking abuse levelled at Jimmy / Matthew Red by the AVI community. Both have been relentlessly bullied into exiting their positions early, just for asking questions. The community is toxic. My advice? Sell immediately and invest in a reputable project with a real use case, such as 404 Bakery.

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Being in a reputable project is part of why I'm willing to wait and see, but I wouldn't be unhappy cashing out and getting some supplies that I want a little sooner.

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avigods which YSE tickers are we rockin<div class="xa24desu"></div>

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I sold and am gonna rebuy sub 5
If there were good news they would have told us already. The fact that they are so quiet means that something is up.

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im scared

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i hope you rotated into gme, anon
>tfw entered 6 fig hell

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running a gme/gachi split
theyre still too low

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Based advice

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One more day until audit results (just had a four day weekend)

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>two more weeks.

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Kek it'll be there tomorrow or latest Wednesday. AVI is pretty cheap today so you may as well load up now before AM in EU time.

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im fucking walking to estonia myself to figure this out

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It's Easter Monday over there, and last Friday was Good Friday. It should be out tomorrow in Estonia time.

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yeah and then its easter tuesday then easter wednesday, they just have to fucking hit publish and the score will be there, ill do it myself since they cant

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>Easter Monday.
Anon, that's just another work day.

Also Jesus was crucified on Thursday, not Friday, so Catholics ar3 dumb.

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monday isnt even a day off for them

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Holy shit you people are insufferably impatient. Monday was never even claimed to be an official date, it was just Friday or early this week. They already submitted it early when they gave them the new material on Wednesday morning and you can't help but move the goalposts and act like a toddler screaming how he wants his toy NOW

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It was posted in another thread that it would be Monday.

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Two more weeks- the coin

>muh bridge and arcade!!

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by who?

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by who and how would they even know?

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why would i listen to FUD from a poorfag $YTSBlet

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cant wait to play the furfag arcade in my new apt bought with avi

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Some random who in another thread.