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They really give a bunch of millions to some random guy? For real?

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You're probably 1,000,000X more likely to get a 1000X on a dexscreener shitcoin than you're to ever win the jackpot on a lotery

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Doesn't need to be a scam because the house always wins.
The only not-gay ways to play games like this:
In most countries info about scratch card prizes still in the game has to be public. So you can "count cards". And IN THEORY scenarios where buying all the cards will not generate a loss do happen.

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Is like a memecoin, a lot of ppl put money, one take it. Thats a scam?

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Based, get BTC or alts

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Tau/AGRS is the best alt anon

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AI sht scks since Nvidia announcements

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You re crazy anon

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It's not a scam in the sense that people don't win it. The wins are legit but it's the chances of winning that give people a feeling it is a scam.

>They really give a bunch of millions to some random guy?
Yes. Think about how much millions the state/govt get from taxes. You pay around $400m-ish in taxes on a payout of $900m, probably more in some states. Granted, that's still 'fuck you' money but (((they))) pocket millions of dollars from basically having to do nothing. They also want you to believe that a lot of the money goes into the education system but, outside of some made up excel sheets that they put together to show proof of that, I fail to believe it. Schools are falling apart and the staff are all underpaid. It's all fucked

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Epstein won it like 3 times yes it’s a scam

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I have wasted over $1,000 on powerball tickets and never won so

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Lottery is a scam because the longer term Expected Value (EV) is negative.

If you don't understand what -EV mean then you shouldn't be gambling.

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That's a retarded take.

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My dad used to try to do this Kek
Miss ya pops