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I went in hard on this one because it appears that the liquidity is locked and it has been steadily holding after a community effort to rise from the dead. Honestly, it’s a big gamble for me, but at 140k market cap I’m willing to keep taking this gamble. I saw a lot of people discussing it in biz and thought that I’d roll the dice. My hope is that it will go to the millions like Apu, Lina, etc. Let’s see how it goes!

Tg is squidwardeth

Let’s hope we make it Squid frens.

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Everyone always looking for free alpha well here it is. The squid game will commence.

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Watch it closely this coming week. In another thread an anon shilling it said they were going for a big push starting Monday.

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every shitcoin has a trillion pajeet dupilicates listed. whats the ca for the real one?

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my biggest hold rn is your mum titty in my left hand

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Anon, MUMU is the meme, squid? rly? thats a scam

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It scks

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Shtiest shtcoin ever

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Just type in "squidward coin" in dextools, it's the first one on ETH that comes up. It came out 11 months ago.

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Just mumu remains

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This is the CA for the one that everyone on biz is talking about: 0xa1a92f15c24ad358c3a4d0a8ba4f7db18fbfab2f

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How can you not buy this handsome gentleman?