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yes all the worlds rich move their moeny to the kiked market in the nation with the worlds reserve currency that prints unlimited money for other kikes to pump up the numbers even higher while enslaving the masses of the peasant class weve known this for quite a while

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I'm going to laugh so hard when the US economy finally crashes while russia, china and europe thrive

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is it too late to short SXXP long SPX?

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proof the bubble is about to pop
>verification not required.

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why do you think the kikes are trying so hard to start war against russia and china? there wont be any thriving there because kikes still have control the worlds most powerful military and will use their thugs or wonderweapons to destroy the competition and reset the game. you still think covid came from a pangolin?

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>europe thrive
lel, europe will be canada tier in a decade

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What happened in 1980? Did dialup make the chart do that?

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high unemployment, high inflation, followed by the volcker shock sent the US in a rapid but short recession

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Cope more europoors. You will never recover from 2008.

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I’ve travelled around and nowhere in the world have i seen life quality as good as in Europe. Cope kike slave.

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How does this prove anything?

Take your seroquel

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Seroquel, now

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europoor cope lol. even GERM economy is capsizing as we speak. italy and germany are worse still.
eurozone has literally entered into it's own lost decade, and just like japan they are unlikely to ever get ahead. just accept your decline and be happy about all those turks, pakis, syrians, africans and algerians you've imported.

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Why is the Euro worth more than the dollar if Euro economy is trash?

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also, nice going shooting yourselves in foot with russia sanctions. dear lord. by doing this you litrally deprived yourself of any slimmering chance of economic recovery and gave US and China what little you had. absolute cuckolds who do everything against their own interests because the globohomo dictates them.

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Well said anon

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maybe because they print less dollarinos

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None of the shit you say is true, lol. DAX has seen several aths this year, Algerians in Germany? Try France.

And overall your post reeks of amerimutt.
>it's a well documented fact that the US has a higher immigration rate than Europe
>nooooo have fun with your rapefugees, europoors
>cope cope cope hahaha cope

That's what you sound like.

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What about Dax?

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>I’ve travelled around and nowhere in the world have i seen life quality as good as in Europe
dumbest thing i've read in a while

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has Europe tried putting all of it's remaining wealth into building the largest military on Earth and then just use that to make its numbers go up?

not saying its the meta for this board game or anything but it might be the meta for this board game.

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Then you aren’t very smart.

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>USA is at the end of a massive 70 year bull run
>I'm still poor

where is all this money going, bros?

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Fucking checked.

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>Take your seroquel

prove him wrong. faggot.

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EURUSD to 1.1111

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>Ligma variant
Lol gets me everytime

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>its not that europe is a business-hostile shithole with garbage anti-striver culture and burdensome regulations
>noooo its just that the US is in a bubble!
When does the cope stop brotherman

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Pffft. If we go down you idiots will be eating each other. China can’t even basic economy into a superpower, Russia can’t beat a bunch of vodka farmers that will hold a century long grudge against them and the EU is incompetent as fuck.
We are all going to die, but you will hit the ocean floor long before we do.

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>I’ve travelled around and nowhere in the world have i seen life quality as good as in Europe.
In some superficial ways, Europe is better than NA, and in some ways, it's worse.
You see... I'm a fucking amerimutt. Unlike the vast majority of amerimutt men, I'm not circumcised and I don't love jews and israel. So I don't really identify with the majority of my cutfag israel-loving brethren at all. Just saying

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did you post the wrong image? we already know europe is collapsing due to the EU's communist policies but your title talked about america

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>Giving workers rights and paying a fair wage is "business-hostile"

I hate mutts so fucking much

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yes making voluntary business contracts between consenting adults illegal and requiring employers to do the government's job of being caretakers and welfare providers is very business hostile

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American stock market keep crashing since 2008 and everybody keeps investing again
You retards are gonna get played again by the feds and you'll like it like the cucks you all are
Trade with Tradingview and Truflation at least

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Brown hands typed this post
I am sooo demoralized now

See you when we'll be mining Asteroids and exploit Mars while you still won't have drinkable tap water

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>yuropoors are pathetic therefore Earth's Market is a bubble
Stay salty, faggot

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>has a complete monopoly on AI
It's not a bubble you're witnessing the birth of the next industrial revolution

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90% of AI researchers are PRC citizens, including the """"""American"""""" AI researchers.

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Another day, another dawn. I just thank God for making me European, the cradle of every single thing the human race has created. There is more history in the neighborhood where I live than in the entire of North America. I just feel so lucky that sometimes I feel even sad for all those white Americans that will never experience being Europeans.

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They come here to build AI for American companies, using American hardware. When they come here to do that they are American

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But white Americans get to have the bonus of American history plus whichever country their family was from, like I get to have American + Mormon + English history

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My story with chainlink begins in 2004. Someone told me something on a phone dating Chatline. I feel God will show me a sign when it's time to share my story.

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>I’ve travelled around and nowhere in the world have i seen life quality as good as in Europe. Cope kike slave.

Europe often seems higher quality because of two significant reasons, Demographics and Infrastructure. Despite the mass immigration, Europe is still overwhelmingly white, especially outside of city centers in Germany and north/central Europe and UK. Secondly, most European countries heavily invested in infrastructure in the 90s and 2000s and 2010s. In most parts of Europe the highways seem brand new. The super walkable city centers all have massive underground parking garages that are concealed from view. Many cities have new subways and metro lines. This combined with better food standards and work/life balance makes Europe seem like an on average better place to live.

And if you are poor or what we would call lower middle class, then yeah Europe is great. You can live in Europe making 30-40k per year and have a pretty decent quality of life. You might not be able to own a car or a large home but everything you need is close by, the transit is good, and the crime is very low. In the USA if you make that low of a salary you are basically fucked almost everywhere and either have to live in a shithole neighborhood where you hear gunfire nightly or you have to live in a rural area or small town of some kind.

But on the flip side, being upper middle class or rich is way better in America. You can actually own large homes. You can have multiple cars and a boat or an RV that you use regularly. That kind of life just isn't possible in Europe unless you're closer to millionaire status. The taxes on wealth there are insane. The avg salary is like 28k per year in france and that's taxed at like 25%. If you manage to crack 6 figures and you make 100k youre taxed at like 42% It goes up to 60%

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. You can't really be rich there as easily as you can here. Someone making 400k in Texas takes home 274k after tax. Make 400k in France you'll only have 178k after tax. If you bring home a million a year, it's only like 400k after tax in France. And yeah that's good money, but you pay so much in taxes.

To me it seems like it's probably be better if you're low income there, but if you're really striving to be a successful business owner it would be total shit

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Yea all those people saying that are fucking tourists travelling around Europe, not euro's collecting shit euro salaries

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its even worse than you think.
In the netherlands you get taxed over income:

0-35k 10%
35k-50k 37%
50k+ 49%

and even worse is the tax on having money
for all money over 57k (euro) in investments you get taxed 30% over 6% of it.

There are plans to make this based on actual profit (lmao). So lets say you own 100k and you have 43k in btc and it goes up 20%.Then you have lets say 51k for simplicity sake, then with the upcoming plans you pay 51*0.2*0.3= 3.06k in tax over 8.6k profit (yes, really).

so if these plans go through you can never be rich here in the first place. Still life is all right here I would say.

t kankerlijer.

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It's because euro companies that aren't literally Stellantis or Ferrero are irrelevant in their industries.