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I miss the sunday night crashes

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Get used to this, nigger.

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kys moontranny
we're about to enter a depression

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Pink and red ids, bobo bros...

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Dude, seriously, we're mooning all April until the halving. Don't counter trade the market.

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They've been moved to Mondays.

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welcome to Bitcoin with institutional money in, it's going to be very boring from here on out, think Gold.

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Now we get Sunday night pumps.
You'll get your crash in 2025 just be patient you stupid bobo.

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After the election, they won't let the economy implode until Trump takes office.

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I think it will spike to almost 90k after the halving and then correct to around 75k and hang around there for a few weeks and slow build till the real peak (which always happens 18 months after the halving, so september or october of next year) I do think we might see it break 100k this year which would cause another correction. No 80% crash until 2025. Q3 or Q4 (Sept or October) and I feel like this time, Bitcoin will take the rest of the market with it. Or the rest of the market will take Bitcoin with it.

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Im feelin this

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>we're about to enter a depression
and what do you think this will do for btc
if we enter a recession they will print such ungodly amounts of money, the government is already adding 1 trillion to the national debt every quarter today in the 'good' times
guess where all the hot liquidity will flow too

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you don't trade
you never bought a Put option in your entire life

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Trump is not going to win