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Anons, what are retarded ways you used AI to get out of complicated situations? Be it financially, work-related or something else
Aside from making essays and shit, i want to know WEIRD shit you managed to do.

On my case i don't have many interesting cases besides this:
one time i used dall-e to make a fake photo of a robber trying to enter my dorm cuz the fucking retards managing the building refused to change my lock and get better security (after an idiot tried to get in and ragequit leaving my lock unusable. i told them to change it and refused cuz they needed "proof that i didn't do it besides the lock itself, so i made up a new robber KEK)

And once i lied about being at the hospital for a dental checkup and I made image with baseai that i later photoshoped to get the "exit" text accurate and some other details to have a day off when i was feeling like crap after getting catfished by a tranny

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there was a college teacher that sexually assaulted me (a 19 year old dude)
accused him and nobody did anything about it cuz i was a dude
made an image where he was diddling a girl
24 hour expulsion speedrun

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How tf did that lock thing fly? the busted lock would've been more than enough evidence, and even if "you did it" or whatever, they should've replaced the lock or one day you would've ended up outside your apartment with no way to get inside besides kicking the door down

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>that i later photoshoped to get the "exit" text accurate
I get that feeling dude
its such a pain in the ass when you want to make something realistic and in the background there's the most retarded ways of spelling known to man, you'll see shit like "PizA" "fbUUUsd" or "brrrrrrrrrr"
I swear to got, the day they manage to fix that, AI will reign supreme and distinguishing shit will become impossible

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convinced my ex-girlfriend i saw her cheating at a party
For cotext: she did, i was there and saw her with a dude kissing and shit but my phone died so i needed to make something up quick.
So yeah, ruined her relationship with her parents and mutual friends. Felt pretty good

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Convinced my mom i was with my gf with an AI voice of a random woman while i was with my homies high AF

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Holy shit dude, i'm sorry to hear that
At least you got justice, did anybody console you or gave you a shoulder to cry? being a rape victim as a man is hard, we're here for you anon

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>with my homies high AF

you have no friends and you're probably a reddit user or a newfag

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i made up a fake instagram account of someone that didn't exist to see if my ex-gf would cheat on me
you can guess what happened

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didn't you know? landlords are assholes and leaches, despite making thousands per day they'll make any excuse to not improve your living conditions or problems
Oh your lightbulls are not working? BUY A NEW ONE
Oh there's cracks in the wall? YOU FIX IT


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