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>solar eclipse on 8th of april
>nobody on /biz/ talking about it

it's like you retards hate making money

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the moon is hollow

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Every single token talking about the Chinese New Year tanked. Why do you think an eclipse token is going to take off? It's not going to work. The only things that take off are whale-insider garbage.

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I have $7k at the eom every month to put in. I'm unironically waiting till April 9th to put this money dump in.

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i think hes implying that the markets follow regular celestial events like moon phases

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No one talking cos it sucks anon

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No one talks about MAGA and it did a 100x last week

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If it follows solar eclipses, then Bitcoin is going to have a flash crash on the 8th. But I seriously doubt that's going to happen.

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Rly, I have some, tnx to remember me

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Buy circle.

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Thats scks to

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Nocoiners will not survive the eclipse.

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retard not only solar eclipse
CERN is unironically firing up the Large Hadron Collider on the exact same day at the exact same time

shit is about to hit the fucking fan financially speaking

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The earth is flat

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Imma screencap this shit

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the earth is hallow and full of Shib

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What timeline do you think we will end up?
>World Government
>World War
>Crypto Moon
>End of the World

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its directly after a new moon. not bullish. exit markets on the 7th

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how does the moon or eclipse impact money

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astrology. but its saturn that has the most effect, not the moon

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we get it, OP. you're broke, just stop riding the dick that hard and get into something that chills ur ass. Try blocklords, do some farming, learn some things kek