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I did doordash today and saw some funny shit.

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I stopped doing doordash, though.

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i did doordash once and it was delivered by a fat black mother and her fat loser son, trying to scrape a dime together
it made me despair so hard I will never do it again

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I've done it a lot. The garbage that people eat blows my mind.

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as a doordash customer, what?

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that would make quit on the spot for real, from cuck waggie to full neet, maybe do only fans or gamefi on superverse or whatever, anything but delivering shit on dash. soul crushing job.

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It's not like it's your problem the monetary situation of your clients.

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what you can expect from a nigger den

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and what the fuck did you see then op?

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poor people doing poor ppl shit?

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superverse its even profitable?

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well its token is growiing in value every week, thay the reach peak numbers you can easy set a few 3x or 5x or something like that. At least they wont crash for sure, to many games support that one.

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Doordash around me is filled with people who dont speak english and are probably illegal. Shits retarded anbd I hate that they cant follow simple instructions

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if they were nigger they were putting an act to shame you into paying their delivery. That's what niggers do over here.

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I used to deliver pizza
sometimes this fat diabetic 40 yr old living with mom would order a large ultimate pizza (13 toppings). He would ask for it cooked the least amount as legally possible.
he was missing fingers and a foot.
I know he eats it all himself because I delivered another pizza later the same night once. His mom was so embarrassed her son wouldn’t share a large pizza. Probably better that way, she wouldn’t have liked semi raw pizza.

both of these people died during my stint as a pizza boy

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a coworker at the pizza place was a legit schizophrenic. He was on hardcore meds. he decided to stop talking them one day.
so this guy is out on a delivery and calls back
>uhhh hi, i can finish the delivery
>im pulled over on the highway
>whats wrong? car broke down?
>no, no. car is fine. its just Mitzo the Clown got in my car and wont leave me alone
>I locked him car with the pizza
>hes in there with the pizza i cant do anything
boss went and picked him and up and the pizza. Schizo disappeared for a little while then came back. A new employee asked him if he needed help doing laundry cuz he smelled so bad sometimes. He got so offended he quit.

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OP don’t abandon you’re thread, tell us what you saw!

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>inviting strangers and niggers to where you live unironically for any reason.

there a girl in my GC with crazy anxiety who cant even close her eyes in the shower other wise shell get panic attacks, and she talks about using doordash and the like every other day. the cognitive dissonance is insane in that one. it's like she doesnt even think about what could happen.
most dont untill it does i guess...

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you kinda have my attention

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yeah the profitability reduced down to a third of what it was when thousands of (probably illegals) got shipped to my area

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i did Uber and Lyft for 2 years when I became a crypto cuck, i had the best and worst times of my life driving around all day or night, i met some insane people and some chill ones.

its worse than retail, at least there youre safe, I remember all the crackheads and people who reeked of weed to the point they left a lingering smell that lasted days.

i hated the job so much and they pay you less and less the more you drive. I made like $40/hr starting and now barely $11/hr

they've been losing drivers this year the shareholders have been dipping into driver's pay, its down to like 40% of what it used to be. Theres strikes all over the country, most rides only pay you $3-5 its insane

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what pisses me off the most is I used to do mainly Airport rides which were like 1-2hours long and they would pay around $50 plus tip but this year they only pay $19-22. Most riders complain about how they used to pay around $80-100 for the ride and now they pay $130-160.
i seriously pray the CEO of both of these companies meet a gruesome end

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My boomer dad decided to do uber and lyft during 2016-2018.
He made a killing but yeah his experience was the same as yours. Decreasing pay, clients not respecting his vehicle or belongings, big wear and tear on his car.
I foresee Uber and Lyft fucking dying and travel all together ending as an industry as no one has any fucking money any more, not even these huge corporations.

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Awww carl is pal'n around with his doggo

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tonight... (you)...

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anon, just fucking tells
you posted this 15 hours ago and didn't tell what you saw
so i doubt it's that funny
for comparison some days ago i made ai images of women with baseai and tricked a retard i hated into going to a blind date wearing a diaper
so it BETTER be fucking hilarious

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just fucking tell us

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I don't speak americanese, is "doing doordash" supposed to be ordering food or delivering food?

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"i did doordash" implies he did a shift, i.e. worked for doordash
obviously he meant ordered though