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why isn't /biz/ traffic higher? Isn't it a bull market

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>Isn't it a bull market
yes it is anon!, keep buying!

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we're literally months early. this is the pre-exposure part of the bull year

fuck off bobo kike

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>we're literally months early. this is the pre-exposure part of the bull year

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>why isn't /biz/ traffic higher? Isn't it a bull market
apparent;y it isn't

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it literally happens each cycle retard

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>people will just keep buying!!!
lol sure

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you're braindead. zoom out and bitcoin has always only ever gone up. literally long bull position just rapes long bear. you keep posting these because you're mad you missed out. seethe harder, nigger

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Board is utter shit that's why

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zoom out

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mods are too good at filtering EVERYBODY(except the obvious rugpulls)!

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>Adding a gigantic purple cope band called "Bitcoin is dead" happens every cycle

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in other words, massive time-cost-ratio cheapies for slurping. If you bought then you'd be up over 4x right now...

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Absolutely pathetic bobo. If we were near the orange band then maybe you could scare me but we're like 4 color bands away from that. Try again near the end of the year.

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mumus are so cringe

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I completely forgot about this gay chart, will be funny to see the copes at EOY.
Retail is never coming back
The great
Shut up, Satan.

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The problem with this is that so many know about it now, they're front running it. This will lead to premature exhaustion, and probable sell the news with the halving. Imagine all the boomer ETF'ers saying 'whoa, my financial advisor said bitcoin number go up and it's stagnant and sliding downward...imma sellin'.
I hope I'm wrong because bitcoin is anonymous, private, end-the-fed, superfast way to trade money, but I could be wrong.

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Not yet. Relief rally in a bear market. Fakeout. Real bull market comes after halving. How do people not realise this yet?

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I get that sentiment, I really do; but even if we repeat like last cycle we will have another opportunity for quarter cost cheapies. But imo that idea is just fud. investers who accumulated the last two years in building for ETFs aren't going to let it be a fizzle. they want to take profits. not to mention all the ETFs insitutitonal investors don't even account for more than ~2% of all BTC. price action affect from them will be minimal