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Shill us your top Base shitcoin picks, simple as. Try and be polite :)

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I like the elephant pepe personally

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>Not buying HOPIUM

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Cope. Original dev rugged in a day. Community took it over. It's four days old.

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This looks nice, but it is missing bit of pepe and food

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I like this art better than the cope one imo. Do they get confused a lot?

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Anons like pepe dunno about elephants tho

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OPN, will launch on base within 24h
Just rebranded from GET, will do a 3x by next week Wednesday, you are welcome fags

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BASEDPEPE, just launched a couple of hours ago

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Look at this stuff and tell me that this stuff is not on a whole different league than the rest of the coins shilled here.


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$BOOMER devs got pajeeted badly
Sell while you can

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Get the fuck in this right now
Fill that bag up... RIGHT NOW
SEXY on eth and base

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Not really, this one is only at 40K mcap and as an actual community behind it with an active dev. Major potential for a meme

www. dextools.io/app/en/base/pair-explorer/0x44688945b345eab83092b2a609b4227b8aadd1d3?t=1711743861864

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Kinda reminds me of the bluechip marketing, but more sophisticated. Shame bluechip rugged I like what they had going on

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Why are people buying $JOKER.
I'm monitoring some wallets that should know better and they are buying a token that doesn't pass basic checks and can be rugged at any moment.

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$TOBY is the SHIBA of Base.

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Why did I miss this LMAO, the art is great - one of the better blue-guys I’ve seen

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why tf did bchan die?
at least there's still elepe

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>Hidden owner

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why is everything on BASE currently rugging?

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Which COPE?

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I waited days for BasedPepe to launch and it gets clogged by the network, kek. At least I'm up 2x and its go momentum.

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not BASEDPEPE anon, dev posted hand pic/video, anti sniper contract

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BasedPepe is cool. Apparently the dev ran previousl successful projects, he also immediately had Calls Channels on board

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Whole chain is shitting itself apparently

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People getting rugged on base left right and centre. Meanwhile EarnFi holders just continue to sit back and earn!

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yea wtf is actually happening? some kind of giga fud and people are believing it

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is this from basedpepe on base?

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source? also cntrct renounced and pool locked brah

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Someone please shill me a winner bros lmao

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Dexscreener anon. It shows as mintable on both audits.

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My guess its because the holiday weekend, people tend to dump the markets

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ahahaha this is kino

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I just love elephants

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/biz/ missed $mfer while playing with total shitcoins

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I keep waiting for you to dump like every other coin on base rn but you won’t

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$BUCK - Dwight Schrute based shitcoin on solana

-MC 30k

Dev is actually trustworthy but seems like a fucking idiot - has no idea how to push a coin. I’m in from 10k last night but idk how much longer I’ll be here unless more people ape in.

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The Testarosa Club. Classy and aesthetic. Not a dog or frog. Renounced and locked. $100k mc. Launched today.

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For me, it's $cope

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shit could have doubled your money in the last half hour! think they are all going to $cope ?

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I'm betting on BASEDPEPE, for once I'm getting in early

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$COPE all the way dev rugged community take over!!!

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Legimately the only good meme on base

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$cope, community takeover and solid work ethic, should be a decent pick

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The only non-scam wif meme on Base. For Easter, it's BunnyWifCake.

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Lp too good, devs too based sorry

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Elephants in control, I repeat: Elephants in control.

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top kek meta meme

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Is this the floor? I wanted in cheaper…

I’m intrigued….

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bottoms in, 2 more cexes inc and devs are gonna pull a big marketing campaign

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Don't fade COPE lads. Honestly the best community i've found. Were taking this to 100m min

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We're going nowhere

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COPE and I just bought some Latina. Feel like that's gonna print.

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BasedPepe has the best ROI. Almost 30k liq with 50k MC, dev already has 3 calls channels onboard
>TG: basedpepebased

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$BULL is a 250x

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Check out the website at the very least it looks high effort

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Honestly degen is probably my favorite base coin, it moves slow, but I see it going far. People are actually using it as currency all over warpcast, and another dapp called Drakula. Basically an onchain reddit.

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Pic related LOBO is the easiest swing coin. Just buy .006 and dump .001. Rinse and repeat. Staking is going to be live soon. This has potential to go 5-10m mc. Worth buying a small bag IMO

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SEAM up bigly. Been shilling it since $4. First base coin to be listed on coinbase.

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Whats the likelihood that normie mainstreet is going to purchase ethereum let alone know how to use an L2.

Why I'm not buying into the dormant memecoin narrative on it, SOL is a different story.

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>Ctrl F
>0 results
I am circularly justed

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I saw this when it launched and didn't touch it because of the security issues.
I still won't touch it but seeing the number goes up is heart wrenching.

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And just like that, Circle will never be below 16$ ever again

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mfer is a total shitcoin, how to hell did we know that the market makers would choose to pump this particular shitcoin out of the hundreds that are the same

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>doubting the Circle
majin being retarded, a new squad of whale autists just bought tonight. The old crew of OG whales probably can't pull their stunts anymore, moon mission soon

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I need to pay Eth fees if I invest on base?

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Time to buy the dip bois

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Base Goddess seems legit. anyone in yet?

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>bagholding hopium
Time to COPE

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you bridge from eth to base to send some eth. The eth fees on base are less than a dollar

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I dropped it because it kept crabbing and there were some weirdos in the tg. They have good art and I could see it going close to TYBG market cap though.
Testarosa has better design than other memecoins. Hopefully it translates into the community vibe etc. as well.

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COPE is the one. Best community and narrative out there. Core team is working non stop in the background to build this to 100m and beyond. This is not another pump and dump. Lots of bullish news coming tomorrow too. Wagmi

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Come join the Testarosa tg and bring the club vibe with you. We'll bring the drinks.

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Typical lobo investor teaching you how to buy high sell low

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Sniped mo dat Burnin CIRCLE yo
U evuh see dat single digit CIRCLE again best baggem up like Funyuns, flamin hot!

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I have made my decision

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>Just buy .006
>dump .001
You can't make this shit up. Btw, I back LOBO till 10kk mcap.

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Build with us or $cope with our dev

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basefun.house, stealth launch soon, dev is cooking few eth lp

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Presale bros, are we still going to make it?

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Join or $COPE for life

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Kek Baggies Token just launched a few hours ago, currently sitting comfy at $32K market cap. This is a transparent and fairly-launched token, 95% of the supply went straight into the liquidity pool with no presales or secret dev wallets. I'm shilling it on /biz/ first because it seems like it has potential to really take off. Kek baggies

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KEKBGS (Kek baggies)

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BASEDPEPE unironically has the best chance for a huge X of anything on here.

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I'm in this and cope. Memes and community are God tier.

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this is the only real meme right now, rest just are not natural

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I'm going to be making a discord this weekend, I prefer discord to telegram

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Top holder wallets dumped their scam coins sat and sat empty for few days and now only hold kek. Eat shit dirty jeet. Can't even slap a telegram together before your shit coin because you like discord? Lmao fuck you, get your shit together before coming here shillin your trash. Who makes a coin but couldn't be bothered to create tel/discord first? I hope your village suffers for your redeeeming

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>Top holder wallets dumped their scam coins sat and sat empty for few days and now only hold kek.
>few days
This sentence is so incoherent that I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at, but the uniswap pool was just created 5 hours ago. Where are you getting "few days" from? 95% of the tokens went into the liquidity pool, and 5% went to the dev wallet. All of this is verifiable on basescan.
As for the rest of what you said, u mad? This is the shitcoin shilling thread, not the discord shilling thread

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This wallet holds half of the supply and is constantly dumping:

No way I'd ever consider buying until its gone.

>> No.58200150

nvm its just the LP address that dexscreener tagged as holder for some reason

>> No.58200175

Just snipers holding the majority of your indiacoin coin right? Dev (u) will be gone but top holder wallets become community driven. Whine like a jeet because you can't do the bare minimum of putting together anything beside a copy contract then squirm when people see. Shitcoin dosent mean liquidity for a disgusting 3rd wordler. You're incapable of setting up a proper starting line for your jeetcoin and your wallets are garbage. Shame raj slipped off the train that day maybe his coin would do better than yours if he wasn't laying in a field.

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It's crazy how many scams you can see in in real time on dexscreener.
I go to newpairs, <1hour. I watch them all.
Always looking for a good entry.
99% are shit.
No verified contract. No website.
I just saw one that had an 80/100 score on sniffer, website, everything and got rugged for $7k.
Who is putting money in this shit?
Are they retarded?
Is it just automated money losers?
Absolutely brutal watching the tnx's and people lose everything in less than 15 seconds.
On top of that tokens like MFER that could rug pump to a 2 hundo milly. (I know contract is renounced now, etc. it wasn't like that when it launched or up to $100+ mc)
Nothing make sense.
Shit is fawkked buddy.

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Yeah, u mad

>> No.58200238

Going to airdrop those Marvin coins or just queuing up a few "jeetcoins" to exit on rapidly? Disgusting cow shit bathing 3rd worlder

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sports car on base
lowest common denominator meme
twitter is fun
sub 20k MC
LP burned

ape before btc pumps and meme market opens up again


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Thanks for recommending these coins.

>> No.58200337

usually fridays/saturdays have one or two good weekend coins for a weekend pump.
There is not action to be had on base right now, unless you just dump money on a random coin.
There's no logic to this, thus it's mostly red.

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>unironically bought cope and hopium

>> No.58200355

No, I actually bought them ironically.

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Please don't hesitate to contact Kek Baggies Token Technical Support if you have any further questions about our dev's race and nationality.

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>shitcoin casino gambling instead of investing in real alts

lol, ur poor. You are aware only devs and close friends make money on shitcoin scams right. Thanks for making them rich instead of putting money into the projects legitimizing crypto that would make us all make money down the line

>> No.58200408

>utility coins
lol fuck off queer
we here for a quick 2000x a lil bit

>> No.58200424

Caste system dosent exist bro. Just buy my jeetcoin bro. Look "white skin" so just buy bro. Ask other baggies they'll agree bro. No one believes you Kumar. What white man uses the back of a sheet of paper like some call center rookie? Your wallets are easy to trace you dumb shit

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I suggest you take your meds

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cope is gonna be a winner, i guarantee it. if only you knew...

>> No.58200478

cope and elepepe will print, just don’t be a weak handed beta bitch faggot

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BASE DOGS erc20 that is also at the same time erc721
coingecko & CMC soon, dev is creator of ERC404 standard, liquidity locked 20yrs, still 3mil mcap

Imagine NFTs but with deep liquidity like memecoins.. well you have BASE DOG
fNFT's retain their IDs as trading goes and theres rarity(imagine bored apes but a coin)

You trade this memeshit on uniswap like any other coin but you also get assigned fNFT to your >1 whole tokens


>> No.58200488

elepepe dev has a long sordid past..............
you can check the archives,
The guy has a rotten gourd.
I would AVOID his tokens at all costs