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What was this guy's fucking problem anyway?

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Sorry guys I clogged the contract with my big presale dump

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South Africa is sending the best they have, please be kind

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contract clogged, survivors: none

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Giant south African log initiated a clog

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I'm from their tranny, don't buy guys. Dev clogged my anus, presaler gonna dump on you. Look at the warnings also there are like 5 redflags on the audit

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What is this shit so I don't accidentally buy?

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It's only the best memecoin on base, but we are a bit clogged right now, gonna have to come back after the dev gets the shit off his hands.

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the lesson here is every good opportunity, every good new product on the internet, has value theta decay, as more and more humans jump on the opportunity and clog the system

every time you think you find a new path to a new freedom, you are in a race to capitalize on it as much as possible before the other mice either clog the network, or shut it down as a result of people having too much freedom

search for early opportunities, and when they are found, relentlessly exploit them

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>white based SA dev
>low mcap
>clogged meme

Can't lose with this coin.

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Based and clogged pilled. I bought.

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It's a honeypot. Try to buy it and then try to sell.

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I bought and sold just fine. It just launched so things happen on the go, he burnt the liq on got some calls channels on board

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Fuck off, jeet. You are not gonna redeem today.

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I have sold this token without problems

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please bro the village is hungry pls buy bro wagmi bro waaaggggmmmmeeeeeeee

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None of that matters once contract is renounced. Go in the TG and monitor it. Pretty sure those token scanners are inaccurate as well because there's no 4% buy tax. You can try it for yourself with 5 bucks.

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>Contract renounced
Liq burned
Any other questions?

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>le bad token scanners are conspiring against our token
Dude, are you retarded or just a paid shill.

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I just posted onchain proof clearly showing they're wrong >>58194413
Maybe you're the one who's retarded.

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So early, even $100 will get you comfy 6 figure hell returns.

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it doesn't proof anything, retard

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Tg had 46 members?

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Check the function, it is transferring ownership to a dead address. This is how you renounce. Ask any actual dev before coming back here.

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And the reason for all of this was because it is an anti-sniper contract. Again, extremely based and not applicable because it's renounced. The dev is protecting you from getting sniped and dumped on
It has 122 now

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Alright boys. I'm aping in. This shit is about to rug as soon as I get in

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121 right now and growing

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Then the dev holds 60% of the supply.
You cannot even blame this on snipers because it is anti-sniper lmao.

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Yawn... Try harder

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Proof retard? Look it up on BaseScan. 20% is in the contract, 13% is burned in a dead address ( 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)

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Holy shit, you ARE retarded. That's the Dead address and the LP. Dev has 5%

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And I don't know what site this is, normal people use Etherscan/Basescan for that. Dev has 5%

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>we managed to spread this between multiple wallets, we are undetectable now
GTFO, jeets
>And I don't know what site this is
Try harder, jeet. It is literally dexscreener.

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How does staking work for this?

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Everything you claimed so far in this thread has been wrong. Meanwhile the dev is from SA, white and doxxed himself. I don't care if you don't invest, you don't deserve it for being a gigantic faggot

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>doxxed himself
Lol this is just a blatant lie.
He is literally a jeet.
Yeah, the scanners are le bad, you have already told this, faggot.

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Got a bag post cloggening, based dev

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Kek this is the best meme

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He got gaped by BSC (big sasquatch cock)

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6 weeks from now you will remember this post and you will see the uncontrollably.

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See the uncontrollably what?

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Just got banned from the Tele for asking if this was a jeet scam. Trust me bro, definitely not a rugpull.

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I am in tg, no one got banned. Nice fud. Show proof or fuck off.

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the issue isnt whether or not the dev will rugpull or not, even if he doesnt who in their right mind will buy this when they see this shit, he cant even say he renounced the contract because it has a hidden owner function aswell

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Ownership is renounced, i don't know why you fags rely on Dexscreener instead of just checking on Basescan directly.

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I was banned there too, bro.
I wrote that the based network had rejected the jeet dev when they were "clogging" lmao

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Go to the Trending section for Base on Dexscreener, virtually every token has some kind of alerts there and yet they are trading in the hundreds of millions.

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Those projects are literally pumped by whales.
Who is going to pump your little retarded project, mmm?

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How is that related to my point, idiot? To answer your question though, i dont expect it to actually reach that, but its at 55k MC and i can get some nice Xs with that. The dev also seems to have some connections, he already got multiple calls channels onboard. Thats more than what i saw at the other recent biz projects.

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Who the fuck threw $4k into this? Did they accidentally typo a decimal point or something? Can’t imagine anything more retarded

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there's a fine line between retard and genius

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You were right, fren. I'm already feeling the FOMO. How could I miss this life changing opportunity. Why didn't I buy it at the launch when it cost just... well actually the same.
Btw the chart looks extremely bullish.