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How are you closing the week?
I get 4 figs, so... good for me.
Predictions for the next week?

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Bad af

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I dont loose, thats always welcome

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Get AGRS is on 4 now, always is between 11 and 6... Its and AI coin, cant fail.

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im up like 5k so im happy enough

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Last week linu fks me so..

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What are you holding anon?

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Idk a sht about AI, buy Ill see

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Is safeway fucked up again today?dd

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Ha, same as me

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Literally up 20k.

QANX holding down the fort

LTC surprised me

Doge surprised me as well

ETH doing shit

BTC holding steady

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most gains are from radix, been holding it for a while, recently went from .04 to .08
nothing like its ATH long ago of .65 last bullrun but i see good potential

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I close with Superverse in the red just like Bittensor. Superverse just partnered with fucking INJECTIVE PROTOCOL and got funding from some investment firm I never heard of but still it was like 100 million dollariroos so I don't understand.

Thanks for asking, asshole.

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>waa im doing bad waa waa look at me
do better and get good or dont post.

im mogging you with my ltc btw.

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>Effirium releases an update that fixes their biggest problem which is gas fees making them much cheaper
>This should finally kill MATIC and SOLANA
>MATIC and SOL both poomp, ethereum continues to remain stagnant
clown market for a clown world designed by clowns for clowns.

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impressive how doge continues to do good. at this point its hype should have already died down it never lasts this long. what is going on...?

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BasedPepe on Base for me lads

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its a blockchain afaik.... but I still dont get why and who and fo what

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5k weekly its a godsend, what you holding anon and how much did you start with?

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>It's an AI coin
No, chud, using api calls to an stablished ai service does not magically turn your shitcoin into a blockchain ai project. It's a bunch of buzzwords that retards now are good mixed together with no rhyme or reason.

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>injective protocol

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its all rigged anon just give up

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>mogging you with my ltc
thats what you get for doing defi gaming

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It's not surprising. It's literally an accessible shit coin for normies. Same with shib.

My fucking wife's grandmother came up to me and showed me that she owns some shib.

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AI or not, the buzzwords create hype. And it seems like hype matters more than fundamentals when it comes to making money in this irrational clown crypto market. Deep down, you know this is true.