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I have a lot of Everest ID. How about you?

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No; it won't work without chainlink, though chainlink will work without it. For that reason i just buy Link

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That’s not even its main draw lol. Chainlink integration is just a small part (even though they need it for DECO so you’re wrong)

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i still have yet to see a ca for this scam

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Miss out then the moon isn’t dependent on you

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>ID isn't it's 'main draw' despite me referring to it as 'Everest ID' but you should defo still buy it
yeh right kek

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>still no ca

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whats ca?

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You don't know what you're talking about.

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Chainlink needs an Oracle Provider that is able to prove user Identity.

Sybil attacks are a form of Oracle attack that manipulate smart contracts by creating multiple or changing user on-chain Identity.

Chainlink doesn't have this at all on its own, their public staking program uses wallet timestamps and whales sybil attack the crap out of it.

Why do you think promised staking with individual Node Reputation is nowhere to be found 7 years later? Identity.

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Is 1 LINK = ID true? Everest will be 81,000 one day?

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It means link will be $0.30

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>Chainlink needs an Oracle Provider that is able to prove user Identity
what's deco then? also, there's been breadcrumbs to suggest deco could be with us very soon. would that fuck 'Everest ID' in the ass? it's just too risky a bet when i can buy Link and be certain of success in not just one but multiple theatres.

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>would that fuck 'Everest ID' in the ass?

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You need to think of DECO more as a delivery vehicle and not the actual identity itself. Chainlink is valuable because it is the connection and banks will plug in, but there are a whole separate set of regulatory concerns that go into compliance which currently costs the banks a lot of money and are a huge liability/hassle. Chainlink doesn't want to bother dealing with the risk. That's why a company like Everest is ahead of the curve, we are moving to a model where your actual identity (biometrics and related things that are much harder to fake than a gov document) will be needed to fit within financial risk profiles for an economy running on a blockchain. So there will be a separate identity layer run by an entity who assumes all the risk and turns compliance into a profitable thing for banks and corporations instead of a money sink.

It also allows the user to actually own their own data as well, but that's a separate topic.

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>what's deco then?
DECO delivers a person's Identification data on-chain. It does so flawlessly.

It however does not:
>Prove the person requesting Identification data is who they say they are
>Prove the user is Human & Unique on the network
>Prove the user has not changed ownership of a previously KYC'd wallet

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always was programmed to make it

only OG link holders research, these nufags are annoying

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lol it’s amazing how Everest holders are mostly Chainlink OGs who understand Chainlink better than most of the newfags in it these days do. Chainlink WILL NOT realize its full potential without something like Everest giving them an identity layer compliance solution. It doesn’t matter how well you bridge on chain and meat worlds if you’re not ready to comply with meat world rules for finance.

Not to mention the fact that Everest could probably 2x Chainlink’s revenue with CRDTs and tokenized assets.

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what's deco then? and what's meat world? is that big macs?

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>Not to mention the fact that Everest could probably 2x Chainlink’s revenue
Bob is begging for 100K on retarded game shows and hiring people like pic related as his marketing lead cmon now lmao

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Deco is basically a super encrypted delivery mechanism for identity information. It is not the identity information itself. And Chainlink doesn’t wanna touch that shit with a ten foot pole because of how expensive it is.

You’re fucking retarded and going to miss out on a super easy 100x, I don’t care if you’re falling for this project’s version of SIBOS toilet fud.

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All I said is factual, he hired that obese tiktok zoomer as a marketing lead a few months back and he went on a fucking gameshow to get 100K and game show publicity while also supposedly being the very best identity solution for the entirety of finance lmao

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It was also objectively true that you could hear the toilets flushing at SIBOS too. Keep talking about this fatty while we blow through ATH.

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SIBOS toilet fud is in no way comparable to this.

Imagine if Sergey went to TV game shows to beg for 100K grants instead of being at SIBOS. Imagine if Sergey hired a literal tiktok bleached hair obese zoomer as his marketing lead. And to do these things 3 years after ICO lmao

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>marketing lead

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Bob got invited on that show by the Maltese government. Again, have fun missing the easiest 100x of this run. It’s amazing how Everest filters out retards like you. Everyone who was buying this shit while /biz/ fudded is up 30x in 5 months.

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wrong, the government of Malta which sponsors that shark tank show reached out to Bob Reid and asked him to be on the show.

Learn history dumbfuck

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>the government of Malta which sponsors that shark tank show reached out to Bob Reid and asked him to be on the show
Ah yes that makes it good now, if Cayman Islands called Sergey to go on a game show to compete for 100K grants I'm sure that would also be a very good thing am i rite

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>comparing cayman island with the creators of MFSA & cutting edge MiCA regulation which governs the EU

Holy shit what a retard tier cope,
hfsp faggot

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Such a cutting edge government that they call CEOs to go on gameshows to compete for 100K fucking LMAO

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Everest is probably going to get a multimillion dollar deal out of that show due to networking backstage. Keep coping lmao.

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Wow multimillion deal, incredible. Meanwhile absolute vaporware gets 10x that every single day through various investment rounds.

Imagine if Sergey went on a gameshow 3 years after ICO to beg for a million or two lmao

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vary organic thread sers, good job wagmi marketing or whoever is behind this

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You are still going to be talking about this when it’s at a billion dollar market cap and that’s honestly pretty funny to me.

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>Chainlink doesn’t wanna touch that shit with a ten foot pole because of how expensive it is
so where are everest getting this identity data, and how much does it cost? all sounds a bit unlikely but go on..

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I’m not going to effortpost to answer questions with answers you could obviously figure out yourself by looking over their website and doing a little research.

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Through their wallet design.
The private keys are an encrypted liveness scan of the user's biometrics.
>Proves the user is who they say they are onchain
>Proves the user is human & unique
>Proves the user cannot transfer ownership of the wallet

Their Identity Oracle takes that datapoint and puts it onchain.

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What is Everest $ID: It's the next Chainlink. If you scoff at this statement, congrats, you've just gatekept yourself.

>Did you know about Everest $ID at $.030 and didn't buy?
That's up to you.

>Have people already knocked on Everest's door and asked "Is this company for sale? How does $10 million sound? $50 million? No?"

Yes. And Bob has said no to them BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S BUILDING.

>Giant fuck off mining conglomerate putting two hundred and fifty million dollars of assets into custody to be tokenised as a mere trial run for a billion plus dollars of assets, they also purchased twenty million dollars of tokens at 10c above spot price and this only just the beginning since no other token has the licences to do this that take years to acquire. Not only that but it's the only tech stack that will make dexes MICA compliant when they are forced to do so very soon. /biz/ deserves to stay broke and poor retards for fading at 38m mcap. This is LITERALLY the next link.


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Didn't they already land a multimillion dollar contract from it?

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>How do I buy Everest $ID?
There are a few ways to do it, but two pathways are here:
1. Make a Metamask wallet or other wallet you control, buy ETH, send it to your wallet, and SWAP it to $ID (you may need to look for the official $ID token contact- search for it if it doesn't come up and plug it in. We are early yet).

2. or, create a new EverWallet at everest.org and sign up with a computer and camera, and transfer ETH to that address, then SWAP to $ID. I haven't done this but apparently the fees are lower than other chains.

>What about Fideum?
Fideum does not possess a VFA https://everestdotorg.medium.com/everest-granted-additional-rights-by-mfsa-5ef7cc3c27b

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>Isn't MiCA just with the European Union?
Since crypto is defacto based on transacting with unknown and unverifiable addresses, MiCA applies to every single part of defi unless the devs want to run the risk of getting assrammed and tornado cashed by the EU. Protip, they don't. Tell me, does your scam have a product that integrates into defi to make dexes and protocols MiCA compliant? Because Everest $ID does.

>Is this a $LINK competitor or is it synergetic?
Synergetic. $ID was made to solve the identity problem. First, they run an Identity Oracle. Every user who creates an Everwallet to purchase RWAs is also creating an Human/Unique Identity available to Query in Smart Contracts.

Their RWA tokenization platform CRDT is able to create contextual Smart Contracts that react to external data from sources such as other Chainlink Nodes.

>Isn't it normally a faux pas for institutional projects to talk about the price of their token?
If you’re talking about this part, is was meant to demonstrate that the giant fuck-off mining conglomerate paid at least 5x above OTC. The deal went through around December - January when it was less than 5 cents. Those tokens are locked and not for sale- they're just so the conglomerate can use the API.

Everest solves the identity problem user side it doesn’t compete with CCIP at all https://medium.com/about-everest-updates-and-news/everest-will-integrate-chainlink-price-feeds-and-launch-a-chainlink-node-for-id-services-1283b7c48c7

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>Everest solves the identity problem user side it doesn’t compete with CCIP at all

On the topic, this community dev built a CCIP adapter for Everest's Oracle, can bring Identity + KYC verification to any chain. CCID.

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>f you scoff at this statement, congrats, you've just gatekept yourself.
i'm not scoffing. No one answered my quesitons which was: so where are everest getting this identity data, and how much does it cost?

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users onboard using their own biometrics. The value in it is paid by institutions and companies that use the tokenized network. Hope this helps

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There's a $LINK x $ID partnership so they are going to work together https://everestdotorg.medium.com/everest-is-now-a-data-provider-on-the-chainlink-network-bringing-novel-identity-data-to-377039492189

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I also own a lot of Everest (ticker: ID)

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>pausable contract
>ownership not renounced
>liquidity unlocked
>most of the tokens are already held by owner

oof no wonder you didnt post the CA. mega scam

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Keep posting this stuff when it blows past 1bn market cap, it will be really funny.

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What the fuck is this true?

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fuck your village pradeep, they will not redeem


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Holy shit must be a WAGMI marketing scam

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That's the best you got? A low score on tokensniffer.com because the devs retain ecosystem wallets? Fuck off lmao

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You didn’t refute the other points

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Keep trading meme coins and consulting token sniffer for the entirety of your research ranjesh, maybe one of these days you'll accumulate 1% of my portfolio.

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Wring your hands and whine some more.

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I don't need to refute a thing with the likes of you. Goodbye.

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You didn’t refute the other points

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I have zero responsibility to do your research for you. Good luck and goodbye.

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Honestly, worldcoin is better but you are not prepared for this conversation

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>worldcoin is better

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I had a bad deja vu and omens about this guys like someone sitting on the board is truly pure evil and has only bad intentions for the world and wants to further enslave and trap us in this klown world hellscape but permanently thru horrible blood libel magic trickery. it sounds like this is just one horrifying dystopian capeshit movie coming to pass after another

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yeah bro go back to /x/
im sure you are here because making the world a better place and stuff. YEAH RIGHT

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your Identity is already owned by bigdata companies like Facebook/Google/Microsoft, the ability to aggregate who you are and sell your data is how they make trillions.

This is giving you control of your Identity, so you can use it as you choose.

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checked, but you must turn to the light brother. Why not be on top when the dystopian future comes? This is the only freedom. Generational wealth will be thine. Not financial advice.

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Don't trust the everest niggers. They haven't been lurking for the past several years. Only after the pump from 1 cent to 30 do they start spamming their shitty ripoff LINK inspired memes. LINK NEVER had paid shilling on /biz/ but the current everest shilling is clearly paid shilling from pajeets. Do not trust these bastards trying to larp as OG linkies.

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Not only have I been in LINK since the ico, but I also made most of the Chainlink memes up to 2020
Don't believe me? Don't care

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feel free to kys anytime

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Oh yeah so you made it off LINK and now you are going to help new fags make it off Everest? Go fuck yourself. You dirty pajeets are paid advertising for Bob reid who is a glow in the dark nigger.

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Oh my god this post made me realise how fucking dumb I was for not buying a shitload of this at 1c

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What the hell was it doing 2022-2024?
Also it's only got 15% circulating supply..

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that was the big brain accumulation period

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NO one, I just hold AGRS

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That a scam, dont waist time

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Tau is doing the same since 2017 anon, hast not future

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Is not scam, just scks

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It gives me 30x, since Jan, so idk wtf is doing and dont care if it gives me profits

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Everests is tokenizing stocks, which is huge. But isn't the DTCC working toward that with chainlink? How do these two things overlap or differ?

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Why do jannies not ban this thread for advertising but ban my rune/ordinal discussion thread?

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DTCC is doing experimental PoC trials with Chainlink.
Everest is directly connecting their APIs to DTCC with a fully licensed, Identity, compliance stack backing it.

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>just upload your biometrics, bro it's totally kosher though this is v0.001
>also, buy this token bc everyone is just fighting to be 1st in line to give their biometrics away to big corp inc
>also, i know we said chainlink can't afford to do this and then went on to say that institutions will pay for it but just ignore that
what could possibly go wrong kek

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Are 5k IDs enough to make it?

>> No.58202811

If you are poor it will be a nice gain but maybe buy 5k more

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how would DTCC / Chainlink success effect Everest? Also what is up with the supply? What's the suicide stack? I have 30k id's

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None of those animals are going higher than mountaineers and Sherpas on Everest. Pretty stupid chart.

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fuck you bloody
madarchode benchode

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not financial advise but if you can try to sell your personal belongings, your sperm, take loans and buy more if you want to make it quickly

you gotta risk it to change your shit life and become part of the new financial world elite class

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>he doesn't know about the ufos on top of everest

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I have seen many ways to waste money but this is without a doubt the stupidest, it makes me believe that I can actually make it if I create my own memecoin on satoshisync.

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can you make your own licensing and identity and get banks to actually accept it and integrate it with oracle financials?

good fucking luck;
have fun stay stupid

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Thanks for the scam