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Ignore the Fud
Ignore the media
Do not use leverage
Don't store it on exchanges
Take some profits
Buy the dips

it's literally so easy bros

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don't forget to suck some youtuber dick while you're at it

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gongo is my favorite youtuber that i can't watch

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Gongo up

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Thanks to Gongo I went from a NEET with 300 bucks on my account to being able to afford a 4090 PC tomorrow to expand my business. Selling most of my small amount of crypto, but gonna FOMO back in again on the 29th when I get paid.

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Are we all George? A man that looks like that and has made it so far must be a giga brain. He clearly isn't there because of his looks

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Extremely based. Chinese IQ with the benefit of being born in the West. Literally unstoppable.

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Get AI
Get BTC only on dip
Have no life

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Wait for the gigadip

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I only haven't a life

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I look like this am I gmi?

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exakry. dis why i cant watch gongo. zero value. time wasted. whale games. it's gongo back up. yah, he's right eeverytime. if you wait long enough

never forget the time though when he scammed his viewers with bepro

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This guy fudded VeChain.Fucking VeChain kek

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Chinas up

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Barely have some AGRS

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Thats not AI, thats sht

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gongo never wrong,I trust gongo

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>GF on id
Yes you will make it. Keep DCAing and HODLing

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Gongo is married with kids btw. Chad.

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That's beta bucks. The Chad is who his wife is fucking behind his back for no money and that is the true father of his children.

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Iss gongo... uh yeah iss gongo up.

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I'm currently DCA-ing my investments in DUA, PYTH, and VENOM, all listed on MEXC. Just being wise with my approach now.

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