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What is the greatest status symbol? And which one helps your in your life? Designer clothes? Cars? Watches?

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All that

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Look, cars aren't a status symbol, they are a retarded loser symbol. If you can't even afford to drive a recent model of a nice car you shouldn't even exist. Don't come at me telling me how you're hot shit because you drive a bugatti. The fact that you drive a bugatti means you are barely competent enough to deserve to exist. There's no physical possibility that a car could ever convey status. What it does convey is if you have at least two digits in your IQ.

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your job title

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Show your MUMUs, btches get crazy anon

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if you have high status
you would not need to wear clothes
or wear watches
and have to go anywhere

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A hot milf wife.

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You couldn't define the greatest status symbol without it becoming so idiosyncratic it's only a status symbol, not something people with status could universally hold.

But I'll try:
>You and your wife out with your three to five kids who are actually being wrangled by one or two nannies
>+1 if you're flying
>+2 if you're flying F/J and the kids/nanny are in coach
>+5 if you're all getting on a private jet
>+20 if it's your jet
>+10 if you're going overseas
>+50 if you're going to your other residence overseas on your jet

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having things, doesn't change who you are
they are externalities

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Looks AKA genes

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Not having any sort of blingy shit while clearly being accomplished.

There's this horrible ghetto street trash that's extremely black or black like that has some enormous need to flex and it's immediately telling they're not the right sort of person.

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Kanye tol me iss only da broke millionaires who be wearin chains n shit. If u rich u take dem chains off nigga. Erry sunday DAS my chik'fil'a

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here is an example
you do not mean to communicate an idea
you want submission
you want structure = status
be it doesn't exit
white people are in matrix structure not pyramid

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Blonde children

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The greatest status symbol is when you can buy time. Specifically, others time

It's when you have a personal henchman/butler/secretary available for you and follows you 24/7.

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Free time aka retirement.

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My muscles (and I'm not a gym guy)and my penis, send a pic of my penis to a girl and they want fuck, even if i wear shorts a tanktop and sandals
So fuck fancy car, clothes, watch

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golden dildo

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being good looking is the ultimate one

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This. Being good looking, having a full head of hair, strong, athletic frame 6+ feet and being healthy/fit mogs literally anything that money can buy unless a person with money also fulfills these criteria.
If we exclude looks then not having to work beyond what you want to is the greatest status symbol. You can make millions and still need the money, so youre just a wage dog with a fancier collar.
Being free from money is the true gem, the amount of money you have doesnt really matter as long as youre comfortable and can live out your hobbies and feel secure.

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a private jet, it means you're busy, wealthy and known

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Very high iq post, I agree 100%

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Watches are a good choice. You could be wearing $10 clothes but throw on a half decent watch and people will treat you with respect anyways. The look and style of it could negatively impact you though. For example I've found gold watches make people more jealous and bitchy toward me while something classy and more subtle gives the desired result.

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"Time" is not a status symbol you idiots.

>Designer clothes? Cars? Watches?
Out of those, watches is the smartest one. Buy a good Rolex and when you sell it you won't lose money.

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Long lasting life (baby blood)

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> personal henchman

I call them "executive assistants"