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>45k poorfolio

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>higher mean wealth than every continent
I still feel poor

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probably after the 1 millionth time this thread was posted.
lets count how many times you post again in this thread.

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Holy mother of all copes. $1M is literally nothing, you can't even buy a decent house with that.
You need at least $10M to have "a lot of money".

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median is a better indicator of the average excluding the ultra wealthy
truth is if you have 6 figures in assets, you're doing better than most people

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>tl. burger who lives in san francisco or equally shit city

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>you have to buy a house with cash
ok dave ramsey

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Literally this. And $2 million is the new $1 million.

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Fucking poorfag everyone know 25 million is the minimum make it money

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more like 10 million is the new 1 million

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why is europe so damn poor compared to america

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They like to be coddled by the government and taxes to hell it’s a trade off I guess

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You shouldn't compare yourself to normies. If you live in a first world country you have the obligation to be a millionaire if you have an IQ above 110.

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Eastern Europe, including shitholes like Ukraine, people are pretty poor there.

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1 million is not a lot of money. 10+ million maybe

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Those numbers include a large number of low income 18-25 year olds that have recently joined the workforce and therefore have a very low net worth. A much more indicative figure would be median and mean wealth of adults that have *at least* an undergrad degree, and that have been in the full time, non-minimum-wage workforce for at least a decade. That's a relevant "average" networth.

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Taking into account purchasing power doesn't this mean the median Chinese adult is wealthier than the average europoor?

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In crypto for 6 years. It’s fucking over. A networth of 300k is literally fucking nothing

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you have my shield, brother

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My NW is at $2 mil and that doesn't feel like enough. I'm just now beginning to think about working only part time. I would feel comfortable retiring if I had $5 mil.

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Because half of Europe was communist, you retarded american nigger

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2 million with 3% interest is 60K a

You could get a $30 meal 3 times a day for the entire year, tip your server 100%, and you still wouldn’t reach your passive interest

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the usa is astoundingly gifted for a nation, having everybody speak the same language and not be involved in two insane wars is a pretty good headstart

this set the stage for immigration from the world's brightest into silicon valley, which then sells the product back to the world

it's like the most perfect economic flywheel which is now getting slowed down by Equality, Inclusion and Diversity idiots.

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In other words, america is a giant leech

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This. Third worlders need their own internet, this is getting ridiculous.

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after i made it after 4 months of extensive and attentive trades, having loaf cat as my final piece and having my dead who was legally considered dead for 15 years come back with the milk

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Once you accept most people don't matter and are only technically human then you can reach transcendence.

Of PeopleWhoMatter, obesity is 5%, the average male is 6'2", 98% have a college degree (the other 2% are billionaire genius entrepreneurs who dropped out of Harvard and also spoiled children who say they work at their family office) and 95% of those degrees are at top 10 universities (the other 5% are held by trophy wives and Senators who went to state universities to further strengthen their "local" ties). Pretty much everyone not born into wealth went to college and then went into finance or went to HBS/Wharton/GSB and then someplace or to YLS/HLS/SLS and into biglaw or started their own business and basically all were making $300k+ before they turned 30, with plenty pulling $1mm+ and eventually topping $10MM a year salary or just taking a big ass payout of $20-$100MM+++ selling a company.

Of PeopleWhoMatter, $1mm is a pretty minimal sum that hardly pays for the nanny in perpetuity. It is not some grant of persistent luxurious indulgence like it might have been in 1920.

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It's funny how the people who say that $1 million is not enough always talk about spending the $1 million instead of investing it and collecting income

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Whoooooah 60k a year off my 1 million !!!!!! Fucking brown

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And your principal keeps growing

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Criminal this has no (You)s, truest shit I ever read. Thanks for the wake up call.

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When I realized I need 2 million dollars to be able to buy a nice land with a nice house together with 2 utility cars, 1 luxury car and 1 sports car, plus all the farm animals and equipment, as well as buy a young wife, and still have money to invest and generate passive income, enough for me to live comfortably
You'd think life is hard, but it's not that hard

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As a europoor I kneel

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when i hit 1M and realized that I can buy a multi unit house almost outright in a fairly nice place, have 3 units pay for costs while i live in the 4th
but its also nothing as i sit in one of my dads many houses, this being the 2nd most expensive one, worth ~4.5-5 million

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I hate this mentality a lot because it just shows the human mind is incapable of anything but greed.

A fisherman that disciplines themselves will say three fish a day from a small pond is enough. They don't need to grab more than they need to. A corrupt taxman will say they need all the fish in the pond everyday as they need to have a banqurt everyday.

People that think "Oh 1m is nothing you need 10m" Will also say the same thing to people with 10m, claiming 100m

It'll never stop.

For me my make it amount is when I have a paid off property in the city I grew up in. A way to provide for my wife and kids if I can no longer work. And a sizable inheritance so they can study a trade or STEM degree.

I don't need anymore than that. I don't want to travel the world and fuck third world prostitutes. I don't need depreciating cars that I can only drive in the summer on clean european roads.

Not everyone will have the same make it amount. Anyone who judges you for your amount is looking for attention. To whomever reads this, I hope you get to you make it amount and remain happy. I hope greed does not steer you to being desperate for more.

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>For me my make it amount is when I have a paid off property in the city I grew up in. A way to provide for my wife and kids if I can no longer work
Yeah that’s 10 million dollars minimum you fucking dunce

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I got a 3bd, 2br recently refinished home for $200k in a decent midwest city. Not everybody lives on the coasts where the same home goes for $800k. $1M isn't make it money for the majority of the US but it's a whole lot of money that can drastically change someone's life.

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Africa is impressively poor

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When I lost my job and had to live on 20k a year, something I managed with no problem. You'd have to be an absolute retard with money if you couldn't make one million last the rest of your life.

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human greed, modern social media shilling and this phenomenon >>58178604 right here are the reason why

at the 17/18 bullrun I thought about six figures as life changing money in Europe (it actually is)
nowdays I reached it and it is not enough for me unironically
meanwhile I worked as engineer in Switzerland and even there they perceived a six figure NW in your 20s as a lot of money

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If you’re measuring your wealth in USD clown bucks you’re ngmi.

>inb4 I can use USD everywhere
Yeah, that’s why you’re poor

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It has always been a big money. I just need 1k so I can subscribe for hydro online plus where I can Monetize my website and earn revenue